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In Pembroke Pines, and all over Florida, the cannabis reform journey has been slow and fraught with ups and downs. Despite dogged determination from marijuana enthusiasts, recreational marijuana remains illegal in Pembroke Pines. There has been some good news because medical cannabis is legal for patients with a valid medical marijuana card. Before you visit anywhere in Florida, know what’s going on to stay on the right side of the law!

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The latest on marijuana in Florida
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Marijuana in Pembroke Pines

A suburb of Miami, Pembroke Pines is right in the midst of all the excitement while retaining its own vibe. Near some of the best beaches around, residents and visitors can enjoy time in the water and chilling on the sand. While it might seem natural to chill with your favorite marijuana strain, Pembroke Pines isn’t that sort of place! It has a lot to do with the fact that marijuana for recreational purposes is illegal in the state.

Despite all the ups and downs, medicinal cannabis is legal, which means that patients can get their hands on a wide assortment of strains. It’s also important to note that although marijuana cultivation is illegal, adults can still purchase weed seeds as novelty items. The key is not to plant them! With so much going on in Florida regarding marijuana, it’s best to know what to expect ahead of time, including the various types of seeds available, where to purchase them, and differentiating between sativa and indica strains.

Recreational Marijuana

The pathway to prohibiting marijuana throughout Florida has an interesting beginning. It all started with an infamous murder case of all things! In 1931, a young man used an axe to kill his entire family. From there, the media and law enforcement jumped on the bandwagon that marijuana was behind the heinousness. While it certainly wasn’t true, and instead, there were serious mental health issues at play, it didn’t stop all the hoopla regarding scaring citizens from using marijuana. By that point, marijuana in all forms was prohibited.

While cannabis advocates have fought tirelessly to make marijuana legal, that has been far from the case. In 2021, there was an initiative to get it on the ballot, but the Florida Supreme Court struck it down. The path to making cannabis legal faced yet an additional roadblock. A few months later, there was another initiative to get weed in front of the voters, but that was also challenged by the attorney general and ultimately struck down by Florida’s highest court. Advocates didn’t stop and another initiative was brought forth in 2023. Once again, it’s facing pushback from the attorney general.

Although residents still can’t enjoy their favorite marijuana strains in the state, individual cities and counties have decriminalized small amounts of marijuana. Miami-Dade, Broward County, Tampa, Orlando, and Key West are among some of the places that have made possession a low priority. Instead of jail time, residents of these places who are caught with cannabis in their possession face fines and/or community service.

Medical Marijuana

The medical cannabis community banded together in 2013 to get a measure on the 2014 ballot. While it made it in front of the voters, they didn’t agree and voted in opposition to it. Good news was on the horizon! Under the Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act in 2014, the then-governor signed the bill, allowing patients to access cannabis oil with high CBD and low THC.

Two years later, the breakthrough came, and the use of cannabis by patients with terminally ill diseases was approved. That same year, an upgraded amendment to legalize medicinal cannabis was approved by the voters. Patients with various medical conditions like glaucoma and more can legally access various medical marijuana products.

Once they are diagnosed with a qualifying condition by a doctor, they can apply for a medical marijuana card. It can be used at licensed medical marijuana dispensaries, where patients can purchase their favorite strains. Medical consumers of cannabis can purchase an array of products like edibles, vapes, sprays, oils, and pills.

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Important facts about feminized seeds
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Types of Cannabis Seeds

Although you can’t cultivate plants in Pembroke Pines, FL, you can purchase your favorite cannabis seeds. If you’re an experienced grower, you might have a good idea of which type you prefer. If not, that’s okay because we can help with that! There are several kinds of seeds you should familiarize yourself with to make the right decision. 


Regular seeds allow growers to come up with their own strains since they are all-natural. By being in their pure state, these seeds yield both male and female plants, so with both available, you can cross them to create a new strain. Grow your favorite strains, and cross one gender from each to develop something novel and tantalizing! You’ll love how you can control all the characteristics of your new concoction!


Feminized cannabis seeds are ideal for cultivators who only want to grow female plants, and don’t want to bother with those sometimes useless male plants! Breeders have cultivated these seeds in a way to remove all traces of male genetics. As a result, growers have a 99.9% chance of only growing feminine plants. Without male plants, there’s no worrying about accidental cross-pollination or having to remove half your crop.

Growers love feminized seeds since they allow you to smoke your product since females are the ones who produce smokable buds! Not only can you smoke the buds, but they are sought-after for their potency thanks to high levels of CBD. Smokers also appreciate how these seeds produce high yields, which gives them more of their top strains to consume!


Another favorite seed choice among growers is autoflowering. Just as its name implies, these seeds automatically flower due to their special breeding. That means they can go from vegetation to flowering without you having to change their light cycle. As non-photoperiod weed seeds, they don’t have to be in the light for a particular amount of hours or the darkness for a certain time. That makes auto seeds a great choice for a simplified process better suited for beginner growers.

One of the greatest advantages of auto-flowering seeds is how quickly they flower, which means you can potentially start to harvest them in around 7-8 weeks on average.

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How to distinguish between sativa and indica strains
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Sativa Strains

Sativa strains are chosen by users who want a cerebral high rather than body sensations. They can expect uplifting and energetic properties, along with an enhanced ability to focus. In some cases, smokers can expect greater creativity. Since it’s more of an upper, many smokers love to use these strains for their wake-and-bake effects to get them through the day.

These plants do well in hot, dry climates that receive plenty of sunshine and grow quite tall, so make sure you have plenty of room for them. Compared to indicas, they can take longer to flower, so keep that in mind when choosing your strain.

Indica Strains

Indica strains are great options for those who want to feel strong body effects. As a result, they can expect to feel relaxed and sleepy. With really strong indicas, you can get a serious case of couch-lock, where you’ll be so sedated, that you won’t want to get off the couch! Because of this, indica is best reserved for nighttime use.

These plants are sturdy and can withstand harsh, dry climates and extreme fluctuations. Also, they are short and stocky and don’t grow very tall. Unlike sativas, indicas grow a lot faster, so harvest time arrives a lot sooner!

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Top Three Strains in Pembroke Pines

  1. Bruce Banner Feminized Seeds – strong and extremely potent, this is for those who want big-time effects. The sativa-dominant is a big yielder at around 900 grams per plant when grown outside.
  2. Sunset Sherbet Feminized Seeds – sweet and tasty with fruity notes, this sativa-dominant gives you energy and focus at small doses and can sedate and make you sleepy at higher quantities.
  3. Mazar Feminized Seeds – an 80% indica-dominant hybrid that delivers big on providing physical effects, including sedation, but the sativa kicks in and provides a heady buzz to relieve stress
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Fantastic seed company! I think they might be a new company, but they have a good mission, and they only send out good seeds. You don’t even have to pay extra for express shipping. I bought 30 seeds and they all germinated, all female plants.

Alister P., Pembroke Pines, FL

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