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Due to the current cannabis legislation in Florida, you can’t partake in your favorite recreational cannabis strains in Palm Coast. Despite the cannabis community banding together numerous times to try and get recreational weed passed, it hasn’t happened. Despite setbacks in legalizing recreational cannabis, medicinal marijuana is allowed for patients suffering from several conditions. With so much going on, there’s plenty to know about marijuana in Florida.

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The latest happenings of marijuana in Florida
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Marijuana in Palm Coast

It’s not surprising that Palm Coast, Florida, has experienced tremendous growth over the past 20 years. Part of the thriving Deltona-Daytona Beach metro area, you already know there are great beaches and fantastic weather to enjoy. While it’s great to chill at the beach, enjoying some top-grade weed only makes it better. However, be warned, you’ll get in trouble if you do it in Palm Coast or anywhere else in Florida. That’s right, recreational users can’t enjoy their favorite strains.

However, patients can enjoy exclusive strains since medical cannabis is legal in the Sunshine State. It can be used by people with numerous conditions to improve their health. Besides weed for medical purposes, adult residents can purchase weed seeds legally but can’t germinate and grow them. With so much to know about marijuana in Florida, it’s important to understand the current laws, types of cannabis seeds for sale, and helpful tips during the germination process. Plus, we have all the details on the best seed bank with a range of high-quality cannabis seeds for sale.

Status of Marijuana in Florida

For all intents and purposes, marijuana for recreational users has been prohibited since the 1930s. Despite marijuana having a bad rap in the state, that hasn’t stopped the cannabis community from coming together to get it legalized. For example, there were two initiatives in 2022 alone to get marijuana into the hands of recreational users. Despite having much support, enthusiasts were challenged by Florida’s attorney general, so the initiatives never made it onto the ballot.

However, recreational users didn’t give up and the Smart & Safe Florida group gathered more than 960,000 signatures to get the issue on the 2024 ballot. As of now, it’s being challenged once again by the state’s attorney general, but many are hopeful that things will be different this time.

As far as medical marijuana goes, patients were first allowed access to low-THC CBD oil in 2014 for its healing properties. While the issue made it to the ballot that same year, voters didn’t agree, and it failed to pass. However, in 2016, medical marijuana was expanded to encompass more patients. Later that year, voters approved a medical marijuana bill that made it the law of the land.

Once doctors diagnose a patient with one of a wide range of conditions, including glaucoma, and more, they can apply for a medical marijuana card. With the card, patients can visit their closest dispensary to purchase one of many exceptional strains to alleviate their symptoms. Although patients can legally access seeds for sale, they can’t legally cultivate these ungerminated marijuana seeds, as growers can face serious legal consequences for cultivating cannabis plants. 

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Best types of marijuana seeds for beginner growers
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Types of Cannabis Seeds Available

There is a wide variety of high-quality seeds to choose from when you’re in the market. Despite not being able to cultivate ungerminated marijuana seeds in Florida, it never hurts to get your hands on some. But before you do, make sure you have a good understanding of the different types of seeds that are available, which are regular, feminized, and autoflowering marijuana seeds. 

Regular Seeds

Regular seeds are exactly what you need if you’re an experienced grower interested in creating a strain you can call all your own. These seeds haven’t been altered in any way, so they are in a 100% natural state. As such, they have the ability to yield male and female plants. With both genders available, you can cross different strains to create something new and exciting. One of the top advantages of developing a strain is you can control the potency by adjusting THC levels. Additionally, you have power over CBD and other cannabinoids for a strain that’s distinctly you!

Feminized Seeds

Many growers opt for feminized marijuana seeds since they exclusively produce female plants. With only one gender present, you don’t have to anticipate what’s going to grow with feminized seeds, and you don’t have to worry about accidental cross-pollination occurring. It makes the growing process more streamlined with feminized seeds since there’s no time wasted removing part of your crop. Because of all these great advantages, feminized cannabis seeds are a great choice for beginner growers.

Since feminized seeds only yield female plants, you get cannabis flowers that you can smoke and enjoy. Male marijuana plants don’t do that! Since you can smoke the buds on the female plants, it makes feminized seeds more economical in the long run.

Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflower cannabis seeds are also straightforward and provide a streamlined process for first-time growers. These marijuana seeds have been specially cultivated for them to seamlessly transition from the vegetation to the flowering stage. That means these auto-flowering seeds don’t have special requirements for how much sunlight or darkness they need, like photoperiod marijuana seeds. As a grower, that’s one less thing on your plate.

Another plus of autoflower cannabis seeds is they flower fast, like, really fast! In many cases, you can expect harvest time anywhere from 7-9 weeks. This means you could potentially get multiple harvests in one season!

Popular Types of Strains

With such a broad range of strains available, it can be difficult to choose among all the different types of exclusive strains.

Banana OG is another type of premium cannabis that’s high in THC to give seasoned users a nice, big punch of potency. Even though it has a sweet banana taste, it also has a funky aroma that’s enticing. Save this one as a nighttime strain to relieve all the stress of the day!

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Different types of germination methods
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Germination Process

Germination is the first step to getting your seeds on the road to becoming top-notch cannabis strains! One of the most popular methods is the paper towel method. You can use purified water to dampen your cannabis seeds. Additionally, you’ll dampen a paper towel and lay your seeds on top. Take another sheet of damp paper towel and put it on top of the seeds. Ensure you don’t use excess water because you don’t want to drown your seeds! Place the paper towels and seeds in a dark, dry place. It generally takes a couple of days for high-quality cannabis seeds to germinate. 

Where to Purchase Seeds

While the cultivation of cannabis is a no-go in Florida, you can still purchase a broad range of high-quality seeds like auto-flowering, regular, hybrid, and female seeds. And the best place to go is the Growers Choice online seed bank! Here, you will find a huge selection of ungerminated marijuana seeds. We are so confident that our seeds are fresh and mature that we offer a germination guarantee. As a cutting-edge, premium seed bank, we want to ensure that our satisfied customers get only the best.

As a top online seed bank, not only do we offer detailed product descriptions so you know exactly what you’re getting ahead of time, but we also provide exceptional customer service in case you have any questions. And, of course, Growers Choice offers discreet shipping options, including worldwide shipping. After all, it’s nobody’s business what goodies you have in store! By now, you know we’re the only online seed bank you need, so give Growers Choice a chance today!

Three Popular Strains in Palm Coast

  1. Tropicana Cookies Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds – a sativa-dominant hybrid strain with citrus aromas, including tangerines and oranges, along with earthy notes. This strain is relaxing and uplifting, making it great for recreational and medicinal use.
  2. True OG Feminized Seeds – an award-winning strain that’s heavily indica to give you a true sense of the couch-lock feeling. This euphoric strain makes users relaxed and focused, ensuring it’s perfect to use any time of day or night.
  3. Pot of Gold Feminized Seeds – a heavily indica-dominant strain that will make any user feel golden with its euphoric and relaxation effects. Once that wears off, you’ll get the munchies, feel sleepy, and most likely experience a serious case of couch-lock!
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