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What to do in North Lauderdale, Florida

North Lauderdale is a quaint city in Broward County, Florida. Here you can take the family to the Galaxy Skateway for fun, or a moment of reverence at the Star of David Memorial Gardens Cemetery. Looking for some action? Visit the nearby Isle Casino Racing at Pompano Park.

Is cannabis legal in North Lauderdale?

Medical cannabis has been legal in Florida cities like North Lauderdale since 2015 when the state passed their CBD-specific laws, with an allowance for THC-rich strains for terminally ill patients, so long as they receive a prescription for those strains from their physician.

Cannabis seeds for sale in North Lauderdale

Ruderalis is a cannabis strain that adapted to successfully reach flowering stage despite being native to an area that sees nearly 24 hours of light during the grow season. Intrepid cannabis horticulturalists recognized the value of this trait, and have cross bred indica and sativa strains with ruderalis, making it possible for even the most novice cannabis gardeners can grow MJ at home without having to worry about changing the daylight hours.

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What are auto-flowering cannabis seeds?

When it comes to cannabis, most people have heard about indica and sativa, CBD and THC rich strains that are prized by both recreational and medical cannabis users alike. You might not have heard of cannabis ruderalis, although this particular strain is a silent player in the cannabis game.

Can auto-flowering cannabis strains be medical?

The auto-flowering property of your cannabis strain doesn’t affect the levels of THC or CBD in a particular cannabis plant. In fact, when this trait is bread into popular strains it opens up a whole new world of cannabis to indoor gardeners.

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At Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds, we carry a wide range of auto-flowering cannabis strains, including Afghan and Cheese. North Lauderdale cannabis seed shoppers should check out our page, and for those worried their cannabis seeds might not make it from Canada across the border to their Florida address, we offer discreet packaging. Your peace of mind is our top priority.

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