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Buy cannabis seeds in Miami Beach, Florida

When you are ready to purchase Miami Beach cannabis seeds, Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds has got you covered. We carry a selection of world-class auto-flowering and feminized cannabis seeds to take the guess work out of starting your cannabis growing project. Our seeds are carefully cultivated by an experienced team of horticulturalists, only the best of the best will be delivered to your door.

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You’ll need more than a day in Miami Beach, Florida

Located on natural and man-made barrier islands between the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay, You could say that Miami Beach, Florida is famous, and you’d be right! There’s so much to this eclectic city, from the infamous South Beach district (and Ocean Drive) to Lincoln Road and the world renowned Art Deco District, featuring the largest collection of Art Deco artchitecture in the world. What will you do?

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What is CBC cannabis?

If you know a little bit about MJ, you’ll have heard the terms THC and CBD tossed around. This is just short form for the two most commonly known cannabinoids found in the potent plant, and those that produce the most dramatic effects when cannabis is ingested.

You’re going to want to get to know about cannabichromene (CBC), now, too, as this lesser known but highly-prevalent compound is beginning to garner attention from the scientific community as well. Non-psychoactive, recent studies have delved deeper into the efficacy of CBC in treating relatively mild conditions.

Why does Miami Beach specify non-psychoactive cannabis use?

Although cannabis has been used through the ages by homoeopathic physicians, it’s only been in the last few decades that conventional medicine has begun to invest time and money into researching the efficacy of the all natural and plant based therapeutic properties that cannabis brings to the table. We now understand much about the medical benefits of cannabis, but the negative stigma of the “pot-head” and “stoner” remains.

The medical community can prescribe CBD cannabis – non-psychoactive strains – as a therapeutic treatment in cities like Miami Beach, Florida, but legality is on a state-by-state basis. Cannabis is still considered a controlled substance by the government of USA.

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Awesome seeds, awesome company! I’m growing the Super Silver Haze and the Critical Purple from Growers Choice right now, can’t wait to see the kind of bud I’ll get off these plants. They’re nice and strong, good size, it looks like I’ll be getting a decent yield! I have a pretty hefty light set up though. I’m already thinking about what seeds I’m going to try next!

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