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Medical marijuana is legal in the state of Florida, and provides much-needed care to residents of this picturesque city. Unfortunately, recreational cannabis is still illegal, but that has not stopped Melbourne’s population from indulging! This article gives a little insight into the city of Melbourne, where the local cultivators are purchasing cannabis seeds, and what types of strains are thriving in its subtropical climate. 

Melbourne, Florida, and Marijuana 

Melbourne has an interesting history and an intriguing future! The city continues to progress throughout the years, and hopefully, marijuana laws in the area will follow suit.  

Melbourne Beach in Florida.
Learn how to cultivate marijuana outdoors in Florida.
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City of Melbourne

The city of Melbourne has an interesting history, having been founded in 1867 by former enslaved people, who originally called it “Crane Creek.” It was later renamed Melbourne in honor of Melbourne, Australia. The city’s early growth was driven by the arrival of the Florida East Coast Railway in the late 19th century, which connected it to the rest of the state.

Melbourne experienced a lot of growth during World War II when it began erecting military installations, including Naval Air Station Melbourne. It’s not surprising that Melbourne is still known today for its aerospace industry, with companies like Northrop Grumman and Harris Corporation having prominence in the area. It also offers a thriving tech sector and is home to the Florida Institute of Technology. The tech field has brought and still is bringing, a good amount of wealth and transplants to the area, which has subsequently contributed to an increased cost of living. Melbourne currently has about 83,000 people who call this coastal city home.

Interesting Facts:

  • Melbourne is known for its annual Melbourne Art Festival, showcasing local and national artists.
  • It’s a popular destination for birdwatching due to its proximity to wildlife-rich areas like the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge.
  • Melbourne is part of Florida’s Space Coast and has witnessed numerous rocket launches from nearby Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and Kennedy Space Center.

Marijuana Laws in Florida

Florida legalized medical marijuana in 2016, which granted qualified patients, with specific medical conditions, the ability to obtain a medical marijuana card. Medical marijuana patients are granted the opportunity to purchase medical cannabis from a licensed dispensary, although the amount permitted is limited. Recreational use of marijuana is still illegal in Florida, and efforts to legalize weed for recreational purposes have been continuously proposed and continuously shot down. Florida law also does not allow individuals to cultivate their own cannabis plants, so it is a good idea to obtain medical marijuana from licensed dispensaries, if possible. 

As for penalties regarding possession, fewer than 20 grams of marijuana is typically considered a misdemeanor, with fines and potential jail time of less than a year. Possession of more significant amounts, over 20 grams, can lead to felony charges, probation, longer jail sentences, and heavier fines. Large-scale possession may fall under trafficking laws, resulting in mandatory state prison sentences and substantial fines. Either steer clear of marijuana, get a medicinal cannabis card, or get really good at hiding your stash! 

Types of Marijuana Seeds and Strains

To have a successful cultivation process and harvest, it’s important for growers to choose quality seeds that fit their experience and goals. There are a range of cannabis seed types to choose from, and below we define the most popular types.

A marijuana plant in front of a neon sign that reads "Weed".
Discover some of the best strains for Florida’s climate. 
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Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds are bred to only produce female plants, unlike regular seeds. Regular seeds can produce a mix of male and female plants, which can add a good amount of work for the cultivator, as they have to remove the male plants (male plants do not produce THC and CBD-rich buds). Cultivating feminized seeds involves a relatively straightforward process that includes germination, planting, lighting, nutrients, temperature and humidity, and harvesting.

Auto-Flowering Seeds

Auto-flowering weed seeds are another option for cannabis cultivation that have been crossbred with a subspecies called Cannabis ruderalis. This genetic modification allows the plants to automatically transition from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage based on age. Unlike feminized seeds, auto-flowering seeds are not photoperiod and do not rely on light schedules to switch to the flowering stage. Auto seeds are an excellent choice for many growers, as they tend to be more resilient, easy to cultivate, and ideal for smaller, discreet grows. Auto-flowering strains are also loved for their quick growth and ability to produce multiple harvests in a single growing season.

Strains for Melbourne

Melbourne has a subtropical climate that can be quite humid and warm at times. The city can also experience bouts of rain. Each strain requires different growing conditions, so cultivators should be well aware of what their strains need to grow into healthy plants. Four strains that could potentially thrive in Melbourne’s climate include:

  1. Blueberry Kush (Indica-Dominant Hybrid):

    • THC: Typically around 19%
    • CBD: Low
    • Effects: Relaxing, euphoric, and induces happiness 
    • Terpene Profile: Dominated by myrcene, it produces a sweet and berry-like aroma and flavor. 
    • Flowering Time: Approximately 7-9 weeks
    • Yield: Up to 600 grams per plant when grown outdoors
  2. Green Crack (Sativa-Dominant Hybrid):

    • THC: Around 18%
    • CBD: Low
    • Effects: Energetic, mood-boosting, and inspires creativity
    • Terpene Profile: Prominent citrus and tropical fruit aromas and flavors.
    • Flowering Time: Approximately 7-9 weeks
    • Yield: An outdoor yield of up to 650 grams per plant
  3. OG Kush (Sativa-Dominant Hybrid):

    • THC: A high THC content of around 27%
    • CBD: Low
    • Effects: Relaxing, euphoric, and mood-enhancing
    • Terpene Profile: Earthy and woody flavors with hints of lemon and pine.
    • Flowering Time: Approximately 8-9 weeks
    • Yield: Around 600 grams per plant when grown outdoors
  4. Durban Poison (Sativa):

    • THC: Up to 20%
    • CBD: Low
    • Effects: Uplifting, focused, and provides a boost of energy 
    • Terpene Profile: Sweet and spicy flavors with an earthy undertone.
    • Flowering Time: Approximately 8-9 weeks
    • Yield: An outdoor yield of around 600 grams per plant

These predominantly hybrid strains are cherished within the cannabis community and would be a great addition to any Melbourne garden.

Where to Purchase Seeds In Melbourne 

To ensure an abundant and healthy harvest, growers should purchase high-quality cannabis seeds from reputable seed banks. Since cannabis cultivation is illegal in the state of Florida, online seed banks are growers’ best and safest bet. 

A person planting seeds.
The right way to germinate cannabis seeds.
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Online Seed Banks

Ordering cannabis seeds from online seed banks, such as Growers Choice Seeds, offers several benefits for cultivators in Melbourne, including:

  1. Variety: Online seed banks provide huge seed collections from which customers can choose nearly any type of cannabis strain. This variety allows cultivators to choose exactly the right fit for their needs.

  2. Germination Guarantee: Reputable online seed banks often offer germination guarantees, such as the one offered by Growers Choice Seeds. This ensures that a certain percentage of the seeds will successfully germinate, or customers will be refunded.

  3. Detailed Strain Descriptions: Online seed banks typically provide detailed descriptions of each strain they offer. This information includes the strain’s genetics, effects, aroma, flowering time, and optimal growing conditions. 

  4. Discreet Shipping: Many online seed banks offer discreet packaging and shipping, which is indispensable in areas where weed cultivation is illegal.

  5. Convenience: Ordering online is convenient and quick, and allows cultivators to access a wide range of strains from the comfort of their sofa.

One of the primary benefits of purchasing from online seed banks is the detailed strain descriptions that are provided on the websites. These play a vital role in helping cultivators choose the right seeds for their needs and are often not provided when purchasing from local seed banks. These descriptions often include:

  • Genetics: Information about the strain’s lineage and whether it’s Indica, Sativa, or a hybrid.

  • Effects: Descriptions of the high or therapeutic effects produced by the strain, such as relaxation, creativity, or a boost in mood.

  • Aroma and Flavor: Details about the strain’s terpene profile, which influences its scent and taste.

  • Growing Difficulty: An indication of whether the strain is a good choice for novice or experienced growers.

  • Flowering Time: The estimated time it takes for the plant to transition from vegetative growth to flowering.

  • Yield Size: The amount of grams that can estimated to be harvested from the cannabis plant. 

Having access to such information helps cultivators make calculated decisions that will result in the perfect end product. Best of luck on your cultivation journey, and don’t forget to enjoy the ride!

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