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Key West Florida, gateway to the Florida Keys and the Caribbean Sea, is a paradise of the USA. This article discusses where cannabis seeds can be purchased, cannabis history, and some of the best strains available. 

What are Cannabis Seeds?

With the adoption of medical cannabis in Florida, medical consumers are permitted several ways to obtain cannabis, from flower to pre-rolls, and while currently, home grows are not legally permitted, it doesn’t mean that seeds cannot be obtained for future legislative changes or for the simple sake of collection and preservation or for those with medical marijuana cards. While the strains of cannabis are limited, there are many effective and popular strains available for the medical marijuana patient. 

Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Key West

Due to the legal status of cannabis in Monroe County, the county governing Key West, residents can purchase legal cannabis products from dispensaries, including those from local seed banks that offer high-quality legal cannabis products if they possess a medical marijuana card. While the legality is up to legislative action, residents do have the option to buy cannabis seeds from local seed banks and online seed banks or other homegrown options for individuals who prefer a wider variety of seeds.

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Everything to know about buying cannabis seeds in Key West.
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History of Cannabis Seeds in Key West

Key West has had a complex history on the subject of cannabis, whether from the pre-prohibition era to the post. Regardless, history is integral to the area and imparts a rather significant local historical significance to the current era.

Pre-Prohibition Cannabis Use in Key West

Pre-prohibition cannabis use was an era that required crafty thinking and action, commonly referred to as smuggling. Key West was always an area of cultural significance, being so close to the Carrieban, as well as historical significance in the black market cannabis trade. In years past, it was one of the major ports of entry along the East Coast for recreational cannabis traveling North from the Caribbean and South America, a stronghold in the 60’s and 70’s where cannabis was imported by the ton.

Post-Prohibition Legality of Cannabis Use in Key West

Post-prohibition legality in Key West has significantly changed cannabis use in Monroe County. The current legal use of cannabis in Monore County is limited to medical use after the passage of the Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act in 2014, legalizing medical marijuana in Florida for patients with certain medical qualifying criteria and a medical marijuana card. Recreational cannabis still remains largely prohibited, with the possession of 20 grams or less punishable by a civil citation and a fine of $100, according to NOMRL.

Current Legal Status of Cannabis in Monroe County

Current cannabis laws in Monroe County restrict cannabis use to medical marijuana – not recreational weed. Current possession limits restrict physicians from prescribing a 35-day supply of combustible cannabis to 2.5 ounces. Possession limits vary by the type of cannabis; qualified physicians cannot prescribe more than three 70 days’ supplies of cannabis, or six 35-day supply limits, at no more than 2.5 ounces per 35 days, or in the form of edibles; possession limits are restricted to 4200mg of cannabis per 70 day supply. Recreational cannabis users will be subject to a civil citation so long as the possession is under 20 grams.

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Everything to know about buying cannabis seeds in Key West.
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Types of Cannabis Seeds Available in Key West

While home cultivation is still not permitted under Florida law and only applies to licensed medical centers to grow and cultivate cannabis plants, there are a few nuances to be aware of, particularly with seeds and differences in marijuana plants.

Feminized Seeds

Feminized marijuana seeds are highly coveted by outdoor growers due to the unique characteristics that set them apart from autoflowering strains. One primary benefit of feminized seeds is that they primarily produce female plants so that outdoor growers can avoid male plants. Due to the unique natural geographic conditions, these are seeds for outdoor cultivation. Due to this characteristic, female plants are bred specifically to ensure a higher yield of buds for outdoor growers. Some common cannabis strains suitable for outdoor cultivation in Florida include Ringo’s Gift CBD, Harle-Tsu CBD, Suzy Q CBD, Valentine X CBD, and Avidekel CBD.

High-Quality Seeds

There are a few seed banks in Key West that offer high-quality seeds for sale that sell seeds for successful cannabis cultivation, including Growers Choice Seeds. Growers Choice Seeds offers a wide selection of high-quality seeds and strains with superior genetics. While there are many pros and cons to ordering high-quality seeds, Growers Choices Seeds is a company that offers discretion in shipping, purchasing options that include secure online transactions or purchasing over the phone, and reliable customer support.

Different Strains and Their Effects

Different strains of cannabis provide different effects based on the chemical combinations of THC and other cannabinoids, such as CBD and terpenes. This synergistic combination is known as the entourage effect, referring to the notion that all of these various compounds work harmoniously to promote a more well-rounded experience when consuming cannabis. Depending on the exact ratio of cannabinoids, terpenes can modulate the various effects for a more balanced experience. In Key West, some common, rich strains are available, such as Pie Gal Feminized Seeds, Tooth Decay Autoflower, Animal Mint Auto-Flowering, and Pink Panther Feminized Fast Version.

Marijuana Plants vs. Mature Plants

Marijuana plants go through various growth stages with different appearances. These stages can be defined as the seedling stage, followed by the vegetative stage, and finally, the flowering stage, where they can be considered mature plants. The vegetative stage is the portion when the marijuana plants will put on leafy growth and then begin to bud into the flowering stage. During the flowering stage, the plants will begin to produce buds rich in cannabinoids and terpenes. During cultivation, the flowering stage will require more nitrogen, and during the flowering stage, plants will need more phosphorous.

Benefits of Purchasing Cannabis Seeds from a Local Seed Bank or Dispensary

Purchasing cannabis seeds from a local seed bank or a medical cannabis dispensary offers many benefits. On one end of the spectrum, this ensures stringent quality assurance and testing procedures have been followed, and on a personal note, it also cultivates the experience with knowledgeable staff and personalized assistance.

Quality Assurance & Testing Procedures

Growers Choice Seeds, while located online, is one of the most reputable retailers on the internet with the utmost standards for quality assurance. Growers Choice Seeds has a state-of-the-art facility that invokes stringent testing procedures to ensure a 90 % germination guarantee, leading to successful cannabis cultivation, but they are free of harmful chemicals that other seed banks do not necessarily screen for and are free from during their growing process. Qualifying medical conditions in Florida, include ALS, chronic nonmalignant pain, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, Seizures, or a terminal illness. Medical Marijuana Patients should be able to order premium cannabis seeds from Growers Choice Seeds.

Knowledgeable Staff & Personalized Assistance

Growers Choice Seeds is staffed by highly knowledgeable staff who are ready and willing to provide personal assistance based on the customer’s needs and requests. They can assist first-time growers as easily as veteran growers. While the expert staff at Growers Choice will help guide consumers to select the right seeds, with their deep breadth of knowledge, they will also assist individuals by providing their expertise on the perfect strains and effects of seeds from the wide array that is offered online or on the phone with secure and discrete credit card transactions.

Online Seed Banks & Homegrown Options for Purchasing Cannabis Seeds in Key West

Growers Choice Seeds is one of the premier online seed banks for purchasing cannabis seeds online and delivering them to Key West. Online seed banks, particularly in the case of a medicinal market or for first-time growers, offer an advent of benefits for consumers, mostly with convenience, negating the need for an in-store visit and having a quality assurance that the package reliably delivered to a Florida address will grow into healthy home-grown options, for legal homegrows, and for those who prefer to cultivate their own cannabis.

5 Popular Strains in Key West

Mandarin Sunset: An Indica dominant strain that is relaxing and not overpowering that clears the mind and relaxes the body.

Ice Cream: An indica-dominant hybrid, this strain imparts a blissful cerebral state that is mood-boosting, ripe with sweet vanilla flavors and aromas.  

Gelato: This balanced hybrid, rich with an earthy citrus aroma, and sweet berry flavor will provide mentally energizing effects and a mellow body high.

Birthday Cake Kush: An indica-dominant hybrid, this strain is sedative while also boosting an uplifting head high, and is dripping with buttery nutty vanilla aromas, and a creamy fruity flavor.

Orange Kush: This balanced hybrid provides mental euphoria and body relaxation. It is noted for its heavy notes of fresh oranges and a spicy creamy orange flavor.

AK-47: A sativa dominant hybrid, this strain has a spicy wood aroma with additional notes of pine and skunk, with flavors of spice and citrus. This strain boosts deep mental relaxation.  

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Everything to know about buying cannabis seeds in Key West.
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