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Is pot legal in Jacksonville Beach?

Florida passed their medical CBD laws back in 2015, which allow patients with cancer, muscle spasms, and seizures to use CBD-rich cannabis products (like CBD Moby Dick) as a treatment for their conditions. In addition, terminally ill patients are able to use THC-rich strains as long as they have a prescription from their physician.

Cannabis seeds for sale in Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Are you ready to join the thousands of other US residents taking their health into their hands and cultivating their own medical gardens at home? Start with purchasing high-quality Jacksonville Beach cannabis seeds online from Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds. Peruse our selection of world-class strains, hand-picked and inspected to ensure quality.

Buy Jacksonville Beach Cannabis Seeds in Florida

Buy cannabis seeds in Jacksonville Beach

Our seeds are carefully packaged in medical-grade vials before being shipped from our facility in Canada to your US home address. We happily offer a 90% germination guarantee, and stealth packaging options for customers worried their seeds will be confiscated en route.

What’s the best way to consume cannabis?

Thanks to the medical community finally getting on board, cannabis use has begun to become more mainstream and more individuals are turning to this potent plant for its powerful healing properties. There are many ways to consume cannabis, the most commonly known being smoking and vaping. People who aren’t interested in inhaling smoke or vapor may prefer cannabis edibles like brownies, cookies or candies. There are also concentrated cannabis oils and topical creams and lotions. When it comes to cannabis, the possibilities are endless! Purchase cannabis seeds for your kitchen creations from our website Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds.

Can I make cannabis edibles at home?

Making potent cannabis edibles at home is relatively easy, once you get the hang of it! Start by converting your cannabis into either cannabis butter or cannabis oil. You do this by infusing cannabis plant material into a carrier like butter or oil.

Combine a pound of unsalted butter, a cup or water and an ounce of ground cannabis flower in a crockpot and let simmer for eight to 24 hours – slow and steady wins the race! When the time is up, strain the mixture through a sieve of cheesecloth to remove any plant material. Cover and let rest in the fridge over night. When cooled, you can remove the butter from the top of the water. Store in the fridge and keep at room temperature until you’re ready to use it.

Top things to do in Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Considered a coastal resort city in Duval County, Florida, Jacksonville Beach is nestled on the states east coast. What to do when you’re visiting? Check out the Castaway Island Preserve and Oceanfront Park, or the Beaches Museum and History Park, a restored 19th century location used by the Florida East Coast Railroad Section Foreman. North of the city along the A1, visit the Mayport Lighthouse or take the St. Johns River Ferry.

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I got my seeds here in Florida with no problem, and only one of the seeds out of the 8 packs I ordered didn’t germinate. I think that’s a pretty high success rate. I’ll be shopping with Growers Choice again soon, I’m ready to try something else, maybe the White Widow or a medical strain.

Guy H., Jacksonville Beach, FL

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