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There is a fair amount of anecdotal reports that suggest marijuana may provide certain individuals therapeutic benefits, which contributed to Florida legalizing medicinal marijuana for these potential benefits. However, the same can’t be said for recreational marijuana. That’s why if you find yourself in Hollywood or any other city in the Sunshine State, it’s hands-off smoking weed for non-medicinal purposes. On a bright note, marijuana seeds are legal for you to purchase and possess as long as you don’t grow them!

Marijuana Seeds in Hollywood, Florida

It may not be the first Hollywood you think about, but Hollywood, Florida is just as glamorous as its namesake in California. As a suburb of Miami, lucky residents and enthusiastic visitors love its splendiferous beaches with its soft sand and clear, beautiful water. On top of that, the weather is spectacular to allow daily activities year-round. There’s always plenty to do in Hollywood!

One thing you can’t do is smoke marijuana, at least that is, recreationally. If you have a medical marijuana card, you can purchase and possess medical cannabis. While patients can benefit now, that hasn’t always been the case. By taking a closer look, you’ll discover that Florida has had a wild history with marijuana. Come on, let’s see what’s happened in the past and what’s going on now!

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More about the legality of cannabis in Florida
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History of Cannabis in Hollywood

It’s safe to say that cannabis hasn’t always been respected in Florida. After an infamous murder case in the 1930s, lawmakers and the media rushed to judgment and blamed marijuana use, even though that was far from the truth. As a result, the acceptance of cannabis plummeted, and there was a massive backlash to its consumption. Despite supporters speaking up, recreational marijuana continued to be prohibited throughout the state.

On the medical front, there was higher acceptance, with a growing amount of anecdotal evidence supporting the idea that cannabis may be beneficial for certain medical patients. Medical marijuana’s legalization was a little slow, but it all started with CBD oil in 2014. At that time, the then-governor signed a bill allowing people with certain illnesses to use high-CBD, low-THC oil for its medicinal benefits.

During the same period, there was a constitutional amendment to fully legalize medical marijuana, but voters didn’t pass it. Two years later, the governor signed another bill into law, allowing patients with terminal diseases to utilize medical cannabis. Finally, voters fully understood the benefits of cannabis and overwhelmingly approved the Amendment 2 initiative in 2016. 

Under the new law, patients with qualifying conditions more can visit their doctor to receive a prescription. Then, they will apply for a medical marijuana card, which they will use at licensed dispensaries to purchase their cannabis products. It’s important to note that patients can purchase cannabis flowers, pills, sprays, and oils. In 2020, the state allowed patients to purchase edibles for the first time.

Recreational users didn’t want to be left behind and have been pushing to make all forms of cannabis legal. An initiative to legalize was ruled unconstitutional and wasn’t allowed to appear on the 2022 ballot. Supporters didn’t give up and tried again, but it was struck down a few months after the first one. By June 2023, a pro-marijuana group gathered enough signatures to get marijuana back on the ballot in 2024. Right now, it’s being challenged, so voters have to wait to see what will happen next.

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How to purchase marijuana seeds in the U.S.
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Types of Cannabis Seeds

Although cultivation is illegal in Hollywood, you can still purchase cannabis seeds legally from a seed bank since they are classified as adult novelty items. The key is not to germinate them! Before you purchase anything, take some time to learn about the variety of seeds available to you. While there are plenty of strains to choose from, you need to understand the different categories of seeds first to ensure your purchase is on par with your wants and needs. 

Regular Seeds

Have you ever thought about creating your own strain? Well, it’s probably not as hard as you thought, and it all starts with regular seeds. Since they have an equal chance of yielding both genders, pick your favorite strains and combine a female and male, and, voila, you have a new strain! By cultivating your own strain, you have the power to control things like THC levels, CBD, cannabinoid profiles, terpenes, and more. Whether you want a strain with higher or lower potency or want something delightfully pungent, regular seeds are the way to go!

Many growers turn to regular seeds because of their ability to acclimate to all types of environments. These are some strong plants that can withstand climate fluctuations. Also, they are resistant to many types of molds, diseases, and pests.

Feminized Seeds

Are you interested in only growing smokable buds? In that case, you need to go ahead and pick up some feminized marijuana seeds. You get plenty of deliciously potent, high-quality buds since these seeds only yield female plants. The beauty of feminized marijuana seeds is they have been bred to remove all traces of male DNA, resulting in them having a 99.9% chance of only producing female plants.

Growers also love how feminized marijuana seeds are known to produce large yields to give you even more of your favorite marijuana strain. If you’re concerned about being economical, fem seeds are great since you can utilize all of them by enjoying their buds. Happy smoking!

Autoflower Seeds

Do you have little to no experience in growing your own marijuana? No problem because autoflower seeds are here to help you get your feet wet! Breeders specially cultivate them to automatically flower. As far as the specifics go, they are not photoperiod, so they will transition on their own from vegetation to flowering without having to change their lighting cycle. As a benefit for growers, they don’t have to worry about how many hours of light their growing plants need or how many hours of darkness. Additionally, these seeds flower extremely fast.

Since autoflowering marijuana is so fast-growing, you can expect harvest time quicker than with other seeds. Sometimes, you can have your marijuana in merely 7-8 weeks. As an added benefit, you can expect several harvests during the growing season. More marijuana for you!

Hybrid Seeds

How about times when you can’t choose between indica or sativa? During these times, reach for your hybrid seeds. They are a great mixture of both strains, where you can get the effects of indica’s sedation and relaxation properties and sativa’s energy boost and mood elevation. Hybrid strains are perfect for this very reason!

Even better is there are plenty of choices in the hybrid world. You can go for an indica-dominant or sativa-dominant strain if you prefer one over the other. Sometimes, you might opt for one that’s leaning slightly more way than the other. And, if you ever want a well-rounded, balanced hybrid strain, you can choose that as well! Anyway it goes, count on having some great options!

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Helpful advice on how to grow marijuana at home
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Growth Stages of Cannabis Plants

Before you start growing your very own marijuana, it’s critical to understand the beginning stages, so you know what to expect. During germination, keep your seeds damp to stimulate growth. The most common form of germination is the paper towel method or simply putting seeds in a cup of water. The seeds will produce a single root, which will let you know that your seeds are ready to plant.

Young and fragile plants will develop during the seedling phase, along with a small root system. At this time, the classic leaves will take form. However, they will have less than the traditional number of fingers on the leaves that mature marijuana is known for.

From there, your plants will move through the vegetative, pre-flowering, and flowering stages until it’s time for everybody’s favorite — harvest time! Remember to be patient and allow your plants to grow at their own pace.

Choose a Reputable Seed Bank

Regardless of what you’re looking for, you need to start with a reputable seed bank. To ensure you get the best experience possible, Growers Choice is always a great choice. We offer an extensive inventory, including medical-grade, low-THC, high-THC strains, and more.

Once you choose your favorite strain or strains, we offer some of the best prices from a seed bank you’ve ever seen. Additionally, not only do we offer fast, discreet shipping, but we also ship internationally. What are you waiting for? Visit our site, and learn why Growers Choice is any grower’s friend!

Top Three Strains in Hollywood

  1. Blue Cookies Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds – a potent, punchy, and delicious, this is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that features the world-class genetics of Blueberry and Girl Scout Cookies
  2. Triangle Kush Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds – an indica-dominant hybrid strain that’s known for providing huge psychoactive effects to provide euphoria and lift the mood
  3. Middlefork Feminized Seeds – with a high THC content, this one isn’t for newbies since this indica-dominant hybrid is known to provide a powerful, long-lasting buzz
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