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Can I use cannabis as an elderly patient?

Did you know that the fastest growing demographic of cannabis users is people over 50? Not exactly the age group the media might be suggesting, is it?

As the scientific community delves deeper into the medical benefits of cannabis compounds like CBD and THC, it should come as no surprise that older generations have started to take an interest in alternative therapies to bolster their healthy lifestyles.

CBD-rich cannabis in particular has shown great efficacy in treating conditions like insomnia, glaucoma, anxiety, and chronic pain, all conditions that are common in advanced years.

Is it easy to grow cannabis indoors?

Growing a few medical cannabis plants in the comfort of your own home is easier than it might seem, though you’ll need a few specialized pieces of equipment and a little patience. For small spaces, consider a sea of green or screen of green growing technique, which focuses on the height of the plant, as opposed to the width.

One of the most important factors to a healthy indoor harvest is light, and you can read more about that in this article on setting up your indoor grow room.

Buy cannabis seeds in Greenacres, Florida

In 2015, Florida passed their CBD-specific medical cannabis laws that allow patients suffering from cancer, multiple sclerosis and seizures to use cannabis as a treatment. They made an allowance for terminally ill patients to use THC-rich strains, which are psychoactive, to find relief, as long as they get a prescription from their doctor.

When you’re ready to start your cannabis garden, get your Greenacres cannabis seeds from Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds. We carry a wide selection of both indica and sativa cannabis strains, and a few popular and potent CBD-rich cannabis strains (CBD Blueberry and CBD Critical Mass being two of our customers top faves).

Cannabis seeds for sale in Greenacres

We know some Florida customers are concerned about their pot seeds showing up at their US home address, but our discreet shipping option should bring you the peace of mind you deserve.

What to do in Greenacres, Florida

Located in Palm Beaches, Greenacres is a relaxing little city in Florida, and some of the best things to do here aren’t right in the city. Check out Okeeheelee Park or the Flagler Museum. The Lake Worth Street Painting Festival is always a good time, or just hop on board a paddleboard with the Paddleboard Connection.

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Great customer service, in my opinion. Growers Choice has always responded to my enquiries quickly. I love their selection, and the shipping is always timely. Fresh seeds, I’ve got no complaints in that department and I’ve had no troubles with germination. They’ve got one loyal fan here in Greenacres, that’s for sure!

Bradley C., Greenacres, FL