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Fort Walton Beach and Marijuana Laws

Florida is home to some of the prettiest cities that are nestled on the coast, however, the marijuana laws are a little less ideal. Let’s dive into the city of Fort Walton Beach and the cannabis laws that its residents are subject to. 

The City of Fort Walton Beach

Fort Walton Beach is a serene and stunning city on Florida’s Emerald Coast. The area is known for its luscious sandy beaches and green waters that beg to be snorkeled in. Located along the Gulf of Mexico, the city is overcome with scenic views and a plethora of outdoor activities to indulge in. 

Fort Walton Beach has come quite a long way from its origins, as it was initially known an as agriculture and fishing village. Nowadays, the city is regarded for its booming tourist industry, laid-back retiree vibe, myriad retail boutiques, endless natural attractions, and military presence, thanks to the nearby Eglin Air Force Base. Most of the current 21,000 residents are either retirees, families, or outdoor lovers who are drawn in by the tempting beach activities, trails, and water sports that Fort Walton Beach has to offer. 

The area is also famed for the Okaloosa Island Pier and the Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park, where tourists and locals can get their fill of various marine life. For those who enjoy stunning photo ops and frolicking in nature, Choctawhatchee Bay, Gulf Islands National Seashore, and Liza Jackson Park offer insane beauty and an invitation to get lost in nature for days. The community in Fort Walton Beach is also committed to preserving its history, with the Indian Temple Mound Museum being a cherished relic in the city. This site is home to a prehistoric earthwork mound created by the area’s original inhabitants, also offering a peek into the Native American way of life through artifacts that date back to 14,000 years.

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How to grow marijuana outdoors in Florida’s climate.
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Cannabis Laws in Florida

While recreational cannabis remains illegal in Florida, the state has enacted a comprehensive medical marijuana program for qualified patients to take advantage of. The legalization of medical cannabis has been a godsend for many Florida residents, but the majority of the population is hoping to see the legalization of recreational weed in the upcoming 2024 elections. If the initiative were to pass, Florida residents would be permitted to cultivate recreational marijuana from the comfort of their homes, which we would love to see!

To qualify as a medical marijuana patient in Florida, individuals must be diagnosed with specific medical conditions by a state-certified physician. The qualifying conditions are a little more debilitating than your standard headache, but that’s not to say patients shouldn’t consult their physician anyway! If approved, patients are permitted to purchase medical cannabis products within the state. The process to obtain a medical marijuana card is as follows:

  • The patient must be diagnosed with a qualifying condition by a state-certified physician.
  • Once diagnosed, the patient needs to be entered into the Florida Medical Marijuana Use Registry by their doctor.
  • After registration, the patient must apply for a Registry Identification Card, which requires the patient to provide proof of residency and state identification.
  • Once approved and the patient has received their medical card, they can purchase marijuana from licensed medical marijuana dispensaries.
  • Keep in mind that the state regulates the amount of marijuana a patient can possess and purchase, usually allowing a 70-day supply at a time, with the specific dosage being decided by the patient’s physician.

Types of Marijuana Seeds and Strains 

With the impending legalization of recreational marijuana in the state of Florida, many residents are looking ahead with the hopes that they will soon be permitted to cultivate their own cannabis gardens. We suggest that aspiring cannabis growers in Florida get a head start on learning everything there is to know about nurturing a healthy marijuana garden! Let’s start with cannabis seed types. 

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Everything you need to know about auto-flowering cannabis seeds.
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Regular Cannabis Seeds

Regular cannabis seeds and the original seeds that were used by all cannabis growers initially. While they serve a purpose, they are not necessarily ideal for most cultivators because they produce both male and female plants. Regular seeds have not been genetically modified or feminized and are in their natural state. Today, regular seeds are primarily used by breeders, as they allow for the natural genetic variation of cannabis plants and the creation of new strains.

Regular seeds are also often preferred by traditionalists who value the natural process of cultivation. The cons to using regular seeds include the uncertainty of plant sex and the necessity of removing the male plants. Growers have to invest time and resources without knowing whether the plants will be male (THC and CBD-rich buds) or female. While these seeds are necessary for breeders, they are a bit of a crux for growers who are only in it for the harvest of consumable buds. 

Feminized Cannabis Seeds 

Most online seed banks only offer feminized seeds because of the reasons mentioned above. Feminized marijuana seeds, in contrast to regular seeds, are highly reliable and efficient. These seeds have been carefully bred to almost entirely remove the risk of producing male plants, allowing growers to utilize their effort and resources in more effective ways since they no longer have to worry about weeding out the males. 

Feminized strains are photoperiodic, which means that their flowering cycle is triggered by changes in light cycles. The flowering time of each strain is different, with indicas like Presidential OG having a quick flowering stage of just 7-9 weeks and certain sativas such as Super Sour Diesel requiring approximately 9-11 weeks to flower. The photoperiod trait allows growers to have some control over the growth of their cannabis plants when cultivating indoors.  

Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds

Auto-flowering feminized seeds eliminates the need for growers to monitor a light schedule, as they are not photoperiod, due to the addition of ruderalis to the genetics. Ruderalis is a hardy and resilient cannabis subspecies native to regions with short growing seasons, such as Eastern Europe and Central Asia, so auto strains can handle climates that are unpredictable and harsh. When bred with indica or sativa strains, ruderalis imparts the auto-flowering trait to the resulting hybrids.

Auto-flowering marijuana seeds thrive in a variety of conditions and offer a quicker turnaround from seed to harvest than feminized strains. This feature can be ideal for growers who are looking to harvest multiple yields in a season. They are also more compact and can be ideal for discreet indoor cultivation where space might be limited.

Benefits of auto-flowering plants include their ability to go from seed to harvest in a short amount of time, with strains like Gorilla Glue Auto having a flowering time of about 7-9 weeks and some strains flowering even quicker! Their extreme resilience to humidity and harsh climates makes auto strains like Cataract Kush Auto and Golden Ticket Auto a perfect choice for outdoor gardens in Florida.

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All about the online seed banks, Growers Choice Seeds.
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Purchasing Cannabis Seeds in Florida

The majority of cannabis cultivators likely resort to purchasing cannabis seeds online because many online seed banks, like our company Growers Choice Seeds, offer too many benefits to pass up on. One of the benefits of purchasing from online seed banks like Growers Choice Seeds includes access to hundreds of cannabis strains, including feminized, auto-flowering, and high-CBD strains. This extensive selection allows growers to choose the strains that will meet their needs perfectly.

Growers Choice Seeds also offers discreet shipping and delivery, which ensures that customers’ seeds arrive safely, without drawing attention from law enforcement or nosey neighbors who’ll rat them out. Of course, one of the most important qualities of a successful business is the staff they employ. Growers Choice Seeds provides exceptional customer service by employing a staff who enjoys assisting customers with strain selection, cultivation tips, and any questions or concerns they may have. Last, but definitely not least, our company offers an exceptional germination guarantee that promises 90% of customers’ seeds will germinate, or the company will replace the dud seeds.

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