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In Edgewater, Florida, since recreational marijuana is illegal, adults can’t enjoy their favorite strains. But, under the law, they can purchase a wide range of cannabis seeds since they count as novelty items. The caveat is they can’t cultivate the seeds into viable cannabis plants. Although Florida is strict regarding recreational weed, patients with a variety of medical conditions can legally purchase and consume medical marijuana.

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Marijuana laws in Clearwater, Florida
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Marijuana in Edgewater

Part of thriving Volusia County, Edgewater, Florida, is one of those towns that’s small and hospitable. That’s not surprising when you consider its nickname is “The Hospitality City.” In Edgewater, you’ll find any number of boating and water activities, and while you may be tempted to light up your favorite marijuana, you’re out of luck. That’s because since the 1930s, recreational marijuana has been illegal in the Sunshine State. Over the past few years, there’s been a change in attitudes and more people have become accepting.

However, it hasn’t been enough, and despite several attempts, recreational weed is still off-limits. At the same time, voters passed a comprehensive medical marijuana bill. Because of this, patients can now enjoy all the wonders of marijuana. When it comes to marijuana in Florida, there’s a lot to unpack–let’s get into it!

Marijuana Laws in Florida

Recreational cannabis first gained a bad rap in the 1930s when it was unfairly linked to a heinous crime. Since that time, it’s been an uphill battle to make marijuana legal in the state given its steep cannabis laws. Even possessing less than 20 grams of marijuana is a misdemeanor. Violators can end up behind bars for a maximum of one year and face a fine of up to $1,000. From there, things get steeper and steeper. If law enforcement catches you with between 20 grams and 25 pounds, that’s a felony. In these situations, you can get up to five years in the slammer and a maximum $5,000 fine.

The sale of less than 20 grams of marijuana is a misdemeanor, and you can face the same punishment as you can for possession. Selling more than 25 pounds of weed is a felony that can cause you to lose your freedom for up to five years. Additionally, a $5,000 fine is possible. 

Back in 2021, two different groups tried to get recreational weed on the ballot. Both times, the court struck down the initiatives. As of 2023, another initiative is hoping to make it in front of voters. If things go right, the Adult Personal Use of Marijuana initiative might find itself on the November 2024 ballot. Cannabis enthusiasts have their fingers crossed! 

Medical Marijuana

Realizing the potential, anecdotal benefits to people suffering from a wide range of ailments and illnesses, the then-governor of Florida passed a bill in 2014 allowing people with ALS to access low-THC, high-CBD oil. Voters got a chance to vote on medical cannabis in 2014, but the initiative ultimately failed. Two years later, the same governor signed a law allowing people with a terminal illness to access medical marijuana.

Later in 2016, residents finally gave the state the right to legalize medical cannabis. Before accessing medical marijuana products, patients must first visit their physician to receive a diagnosis of one of more than a dozen qualifying conditions. Some of these include terminal conditions, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and more.

Afterward, patients are entered into the Medical Marijuana Use Registry by their physician. They’ll then apply for a medical marijuana card, which they can use at various medical cannabis dispensaries in their area. There, they can choose from a wide selection of medical marijuana products, such as smokable flower, pills, vapes, oils, creams, and other topicals. 

When a patient doesn’t live close to a brick-and-mortar dispensary, they can turn to online delivery. They must follow the same rules as the physical stores, including having a valid medical marijuana card. While patients can purchase medical marijuana seeds, they can’t grow them into marijuana plants because any type of cultivation is illegal in Florida.

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Top advantages of autoflowering seeds
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Types of Available Cannabis Seeds

With the purchase and storage of ungerminated cannabis seeds being legal in Florida, there is a wide variety to choose from. However, before you start looking at seeds for sale, it’s critical to understand the benefits of each type to make sure you purchase the right ones. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced grower, the marijuana seeds you should be looking at are regular, feminized, and autoflowering. 


Are you ready to cultivate a strain that’s unique to you? If so, regular seeds are the way to go because they are in their most natural state. Since these seeds haven’t been manipulated in any kind of way, they can produce both genders. That allows growers to cross a male and female from each of their favorite strains to create something new and adventurous. For example, you might want to cross two different kinds of Kush strains for a new twist!

One of the best parts of cross-breeding is the input you have in deciding the characteristics of your new strain. You can customize the potency by joining together two high-THC strains. If you want something more moderate with a bit of a punch, you might mix a lower THC strain with a higher one. The same thing goes for CBD, especially when growing medical marijuana strains.


Feminized cannabis seeds, unlike regular seeds, are specially cultivated to give growers the ability to grow only female plants! What’s the appeal of these plants? The mighty female plant is the one that produces buds that cannabis lovers can smoke. Not only are these buds smokable, but they are highly potent since they tend to be higher in THC. You get a good blast of effects so you can really experience all that the strain has to offer. Additionally, feminized seeds are loved for providing growers with high yields, which means you get plenty of your favorite marijuana.

Beginner growers often choose feminized seeds since they make the entire growing process easier. Since male genetics have been removed, you don’t have to worry about male plants growing. There’s a couple of bonuses with that. First of all, you know what type of plant to expect before it even grows. Secondly, growers don’t have to worry about accidental cross-pollination. Thirdly, it’s a lot more economical since you’ll utilize and enjoy your entire crop! 


Autoflowering cannabis seeds are similar to feminized ones since they have been cultivated for a special purpose. Autoflowers tend to flower quicker than other types of seeds. You can expect many autoflowering strains to flower in as few as 8-9 weeks. That means you’ll have some premium marijuana crops in no time at all. While autoflowering seeds aren’t huge yielders, you can count on multiple harvests in a single growing season. Additionally, these seeds usually grow shorter in height, which means they are easier to manage and maintain. 

One of the hallmarks of autoflower seeds is how they are non-photoperiod and grow regardless of their lighting schedule. As a result, these plants grow based on their age and not on how many hours of light or darkness they are exposed to compared to photoperiod seeds. Additionally, autoflower plants are known for being rugged to withstand harsher environments, including temperature fluctuations. Beyond that, these plants are generally more resilient against pests, diseases, mold, etc.

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Top germination methods for marijuana seeds
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The first step to marijuana cultivation involves germination. While there are several methods of germination, there’s one that sticks out because of its particular ease: the paper towel method! Just like its name suggests, it involves your seeds, paper towels, and water. With this germination method, start by soaking your seeds in a glass of water. You can use lukewarm tap, spring, or distilled water. Drain the water from the glass and ensure your seeds are not oversaturated. Next, place your seeds on a moist piece of paper towel.

Put another damp piece of paper towel on top of the seeds. Afterward, you’ll need to put the seeds and paper towels in a dark, warm place like a drawer or an airtight container. During the germination phase, you’ll want to ensure that your seeds remain damp. It usually takes a few days for your viable cannabis seeds to germinate but can take as long as two weeks. 

Pick Your Seed Bank

Are you ready to pick your new favorite seed bank to get some premium cannabis seeds? Although there are plenty to choose from, Growers Choice is the one exceptional name in all things marijuana seeds that you need to know. Not only can you count on the highest quality seeds, but we offer a germination guarantee to ensure all your seeds are ready for cultivation. For unbeatable prices, exceptional customer service, and a wide array of strains, Growers Choice is your top choice!

Popular Strains in Florida

  1. Blue Haze Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds – an indica-dominant hybrid strain that provides cannabis smokers with a euphoric sensation for a chill, relaxing night along with a sweet and earthy taste profile with hints of blueberry
  2. Chocolope Feminized Seeds – a classic and beloved sativa-dominant hybrid strain that makes it great for daytime use. As one of the most energetic strains around, it provides a great start to your day with a delicious chocolate taste.
  3. Feminized Ghost Train Haze Seeds – a highly potent sativa-dominant hybrid strain that will make you feel euphoric and blissful. As one of the highest-quality flower strains, you’ll love its pungency and zesty, citrusy notes.


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