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Can my elderly parents use cannabis?

In the last few decades, the medical community has made an effort to understand cannabis and the healing properties contained within. You might even be surprised to know that the fastest growing demographic of cannabis users is the over 50 crowd. There’s no single reason why, but it might have to do with a generation more aware of what’s going into their bodies seeking more natural alternatives to conventional medicine. You might question whether cannabis is safe for your aging parents but research and host of anecdotal evidence should put your mind to rest. Cannabis grown from high-quality seeds, like those available online at Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds, is safe, all natural, and potent.

What are some common reasons elderly people use pot?

Besides to have a good time – because older folks like a little recreation too – a lot of older patients have been turning to cannabis for help with things like insomnia, glaucoma, relief from pain and even as a treatment for certain kinds of cancer.

Buy cannabis seeds in Edgewater

In Edgewater, patients have been able to take advantage of medical cannabis since 2015 when they state of Florida passed their CBD specific cannabis laws. CBD is a cannabinoid that works with the body’s own endocannabinoid system to produce highly beneficial therapeutic effects without the psychoactive high. Patients with a terminal illness, however, are able to use THC strains if they have a prescription from their doctor.

Cannabis seeds for sale in Edgewater, Florida

Why not buy high quality cannabis seeds and start your own garden instead of waiting for a prescription for something that might make you feel worse? You can find world-class Edgewater cannabis seed strains when you shop online with Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds. Our seeds are cultivated and inspected by our team of expert MJ gardeners. Your purchase, which comes backed by our 90% germination guarantee, is carefully packaged in medical grade vials and shipped to your US address from our facility in Canada.

For those customers worried that their seeds might be confiscated as they make their way across the border, we offer a stealth packaging option, simply speak with one of our friendly customer service representatives either via online chat or email.

A few things to see in Edgewater, Florida

Nicknamed “The Hospitality City”, Edgewater in Volusia County, Florida sits along the Indian River, adjacent to the Mosquito Lagoon. Here, there are a number of beautiful, open green spaces and parks to visit, but make sure you check out Turtle Mound, a historic archaeological site, and Lake Ashby Park, featuring a boardwalk over the water and excellent camping.

Happy customers in Edgewater have good things to say

Hello, from Edgewater! I’m so happy with my seeds, I just wanted to write and say I think you guys are doing a great job. The prices were good, and so was the selection. I asked for stealth shipping because I was worried my seeds wouldn’t get here. I chose Blueberry and CBD Moby Dick, for something new. The seeds arrived in excellent condition, and they all germinated. I’m very happy with the final product, and I’m planning on placing a new order soon. Thank you!

Jennifer B., Edgewater, FL

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