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When you’re ready to visit Deltona, don’t pack your favorite cannabis strains because recreational marijuana is illegal in Florida. On the other hand, patients can legally purchase and consume medical marijuana products for numerous health conditions. With an interesting marijuana history, it’s important to take a closer look at what’s going on with weed in Florida! 

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What you should know about marijuana in Florida
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Marijuana in Deltona, Florida

Part of the Deltona-Daytona Beach metro area, there’s always plenty to do and see in Deltona, Florida. From the beautiful beaches to the sunny weather just fit for outdoor activities, there’s no shortage of fun things to do. However, marijuana enthusiasts can’t enjoy their favorite recreational marijuana strains since Florida doesn’t allow it. While you can’t indulge in your favorite weed for fun, you can purchase and consume medical cannabis products for various health conditions.

Florida has a long and storied history with marijuana, dating back to its prohibition in the 1930s. Since that time, lawmakers and advocates have tried on several occasions to legalize marijuana. Unfortunately, they haven’t been successful for recreational marijuana, but the law for medical cannabis passed a few years ago.

In this article, we’ll cover the current status of marijuana in Florida and the different types of seeds available for novelty purposes. Plus, we’re going to let you know the best place to purchase some premium cannabis seeds!

Marijuana Laws in Deltona

The purchase, possession, and consumption of marijuana are illegal in Deltona, Daytona Beach, and throughout the great state of Florida. As it stands now, over the past several years, individual cities and counties have decriminalized the possession of small amounts of marijuana. These include Miami-Dade County, Broward County, Palm Beach County, Volusia County, which includes Deltona, Osceola County, and more. Instead of going to jail, those caught in possession will face civil citations, and in some cases, drug education classes and community service.

Under Florida’s current cannabis laws, people possessing less than 20 grams can expect a misdemeanor, resulting in one year behind bars and a maximum fine of up to $1,000. Between 20 grams and 25 pounds can have you ending up with a big, scary felony. If that’s the case, you can spend up to five years in the Big House. 

Cultivating is also a big deal in the Sunshine State. If you have 25 marijuana plants or less, that’s a felony with a possible five-year sentence. You can face the same stiff sentence if you sell less than 25 pounds of weed. Keep in mind that you can face legal trouble for paraphernalia like rolling papers and more. It’s a misdemeanor with a one-year sentence possible and a fine of up to $1,000.

What to Know About Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana patients were first allowed to consume high-CBD, low-THC cannabis oils in 2014. However, that same year, voters didn’t pass a full-scale medical marijuana bill. There was a change in 2016 when voters overwhelmingly passed the Florida Amendment 2, which allowed patients with a wide array of debilitating conditions like glaucoma, and more to access various marijuana products. 

To qualify for a medical cannabis card, an individual must first meet with a physician to be diagnosed as having a qualifying medical condition. Qualified patients can then apply to receive their medical cannabis card. Patients must visit licensed medical cannabis dispensaries to purchase their choice of high-quality medicinal THC products. They can choose from products that can be smoked, vaped, sprayed, or taken in pill form. Beginning in 2020, cannabis edibles were legalized for patients.

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Benefits of high-yielding marijuana strains
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Types of Marijuana Seeds

With cannabis seeds legal in Deltona for novelty purposes, adults can purchase them as long as they don’t cultivate them into cannabis plants. Whether you’re a newbie to the marijuana world or a veteran, you know there is a range of cannabis seeds to choose from to grow into some pretty incredible strains. Three of the most popular choices are regular, feminized, and autoflowering marijuana seeds.

Regular Seeds

What if you want to create your own incredible strain? The choice is easy: regular cannabis seeds! With these seeds, you get the advantage that they haven’t been bred in any special way. For you, it means they have the ability to yield both male and female plants. Both genders mean you can cross them to create a one-of-a-kind strain. Choose your favorite two strains and take a male and female from each. Cross them, and you have a new strain to control the potency, taste, size, and cannabinoids.

Feminized Seeds

Do you desire only female plants? You’re not alone! Cultivators go for feminized marijuana seeds to accomplish this goal. These plants produce smokable flower that consumers of cannabis can indulge in until their heart’s content. Smokers get premium buds that are high in THC to give them a big blast of potency. If that’s not enough, feminized marijuana seeds produce buds with the ideal levels of your favorite cannabinoids like CBD.

These seeds are also a preferred choice since they are known to produce high yields, meaning you get even more of your favorite strains. The growing process is straightforward since you’re only getting one gender and don’t have to waste time removing male plants. You also don’t have to worry about cross-pollination.

Autoflowering Seeds

Is high-grade cannabis in your future? In that case, you need to reach for the auto-flowering weed seeds. They are a preferred choice because they automatically flower since these seeds have been specially cultivated. Because of that, they go from the vegetation to the flowering stage without a grower having to switch the lighting cycle. This means that the growing plants don’t require a certain amount of time in the light or the dark.

Since autoflowering marijuana seeds flower so quickly, you can expect harvest time to occur in around 9-10 weeks. In addition, you can expect several harvests in one growing season, which will give you plenty of your favorite marijuana strain to enjoy. 

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Choosing between sativa and indica strains
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Types of Strains to Know About

Just like there are various types of seeds to choose from, there’s an incredible variety of strains that cannabis consumers can select. With such a cornucopia, the best way to figure out your most favorable option is to divide the strains into a few categories. You can go for a sativa, indica, or hybrid, with each type having its own advantages.


Sativa has its roots in hot, dry areas of the world like Africa and Asia, making it perfect to grow in a sunny place Deltona. Sativa plants grow tall and thin and can reach as high as six feet tall, so they need a lot of good vertical space to grow. As far as smoking goes, you can count on a good cerebral buzz where you will feel uplifted and energetic. Many consumers feel more creative and focused, making it perfect to get work done. Sativa is great for recreational smoking since it has relatively high levels of THC and lower levels of CBD.


Indica is basically the opposite of sativa. It has its beginnings in India, Turkey, and Afghanistan and is acclimated to dry, harsh weather that’s quite unpredictable. These plants grow short and thick with wide, broad leaves, so they need a lot of horizontal space to grow properly. Smokers will experience bodily sensations and will feel relaxed and mellow. In some cases, you can feel extremely sedated and not want to get off the couch!


When you don’t want to choose between a sativa and an indica, there’s a wonderful solution: hybrids! There are tons of choices, depending on your preferences. Smokers who love more sativa can go for a sativa-dominant hybrid. On the flip side, if you want more indica effects, choose indica-dominant hybrids. At other times, you might feel like something that slightly leans more to one side than the other. And, if you can’t decide which one you like the most, you can always pick up a well-balanced hybrid that is 50/50 sativa and indica!

Purchasing From a Seed Bank

With all this great information, you might be wondering where to pick up some premium seeds. There are so many seed banks to choose from that it can seem almost impossible to pick the right one. We’re going to take out the guesswork and lead you in the direction of Growers Choice Seeds! Our extensive collection of seeds will easily win over any grower.

On top of that, we offer unbeatable prices to ensure regardless of your budget, you can have great seeds. Additionally, we offer various shipping options to get your seeds faster than ever before. You’ll also love how your goodies come to you discreetly, so nobody will ever know what’s inside. Browse our site and find out why Growers Choice is your best choice!

Top Three Strains in Deltona

  1. Power Plant Feminized Seeds – potent, energizing, and punchy, this sativa-dominant strain is an 80/20 hybrid that’s perfect for daytime use for some wake-and-bake action
  2. Blue Amnesia Auto-flowering Feminized Seeds – rare and highly unique, this indica-leaning hybrid elevates your mood while making you feel calm and relaxed
  3. Haze XL Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds – a sativa-dominant hybrid that’s uplifting and a great choice for beginner growers since it geminates fast and provides a straightforward process
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Any questions I had were easily answered via online chat. I ordered my seeds (Power Plant and the AK auto-flowering) and they were shipped quickly, about 5 days. They are all healthy looking, and were well protected. I’ll be ordering from Growers Choice the next time I need seeds.

Jason W., Deltona, FL

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