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If you end up in Daytona Beach, Florida and you’re a patient, you can access cannabis products thanks to the medical marijuana bill, though recreational cannabis allowance is limited. Adults can also legally purchase weed seeds in the Sunshine State for non-germination purposes.

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Marijuana in Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach is always one of the places that’s jumping and buzzing with activities since it’s home to the world-famous Speedway Blvd where the Daytona Beach International Speedway is located. Fast cars, gorgeous weather, and sunshiny skies, what more could you want? Perhaps marijuana for some, but that’s off the table since recreational weed is not allowed in the state. Marijuana for recreational purposes has been banned for decades. 

On the other hand, medical marijuana is legal, and medical marijuana patients can get their hands on a wide array of products. Even though that’s the case, patients have to ensure they are following the law. Since Florida can be a tricky place when it comes to weed, we should take a look at the most current cannabis laws in the state and the different types of cannabis seeds available, including their advantages and top characteristics. As a bonus, we’ll even let you know the best place to purchase your seeds!

Florida Marijuana Laws

Although marijuana supporters have tried on various occasions to get legislators to legalize recreational marijuana — no dice! Due to this, there are some strict laws that residents must abide by to stay on the right side of the law. If you possess 20 grams or less of marijuana, that’s a misdemeanor that can put you in jail for up to one year. Additionally, you can face a maximum fine of up to $1,000. From 20 grams up to 25 pounds is a felony that can cause a person to spend up to five years in prison. Also, you can end up with a maximum fine of $5,000.

Additionally, cultivating marijuana plants is an automatic felony. Less than 25 plants can mean five years in prison and a $5,000 fine. Selling 25 grams or less of marijuana is a felony charge with a possible five-year sentence. Selling within close proximity to a school or anywhere children congregate only ups the ante. 

Medical Marijuana

In 2016, voters overwhelmingly passed the medical marijuana bill that made marijuana seeds legal for patients suffering from a range of conditions. Some of these include chronic pain, ALS, multiple sclerosis, terminal illnesses, and more. Once a patient is diagnosed with one of these qualifying conditions by a physician, they can obtain a medical marijuana card, which can be used at the patient’s nearest medical cannabis dispensary. At these dispensaries, they will have numerous choices, including strains they can smoke or vape. Further, patients can buy products in pill, spray, or cream form.

If a patient can’t access a nearby dispensary, they can rely on delivery services to get their products. Patients have rules they should follow, such as not smoking in public, especially near children. These individuals also can’t provide others with their marijuana, including fellow medical marijuana patients. And, as tempting as it might be, you can’t cultivate your own medical marijuana plants!

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Check out the best ganja seeds you can buy
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Types of Cannabis Seeds Available

If you’re into purchasing cannabis seeds, it’s great to know that there is a wide range of choices. Whether you’re a newbie or a vet, feeling adventurous, or want something straightforward, or looking for specific effects, there’s something for you! Of all the fantastic seeds available, some of the top options are regular, feminized, autoflowering, and hybrid cannabis seeds.

Regular Seeds

Veteran cultivators who love to create their own strains often choose the well-regarded regular seeds. These 100% all-natural marijuana seeds produce male and female plants, ensuring you can use both genders for cross-breeding. You can pick your two favorite strains, use a female from one and a male from the other, cross them, and let them do their thing! Thus, you’ve created your own strain! With this new strain, you can determine its potency, including increasing THC levels for a bigger punch of effects. You can also impact CBD, the terpene profile, and other cannabinoids.

Many growers love regular seeds since they are more resistant to an assortment of plant diseases and pests. That means they have a higher likelihood of making it to harvest. Cultivators also appreciate how grass clippings root fast and grow rapidly to develop into clones with consistent genetics.

Feminized Seeds in Daytona Beach

Growers who only want female plants can choose feminized cannabis seeds because that’s what they’ve been trained to do! Breeders have cultivated these seeds by removing all traces of male DNA to get only those beautiful female plants. Why? Female plants produce the smokable buds that marijuana consumers love to indulge in! These buds are also of the highest quality to provide outstanding smoking sessions and tend to have higher levels of THC for more potency. By growing only female plants, purchasing feminized seeds is just plain ol’ economical!

Beginners love these marijuana seeds since they are easier to grow with only one gender present. You know exactly what to expect even before your plants grow since your cannabis crops have a 99% chance of only growing female plants. Plus, accidental cross-pollination is a thing of the past!

Autoflowering Seeds

Perhaps the easiest of all the seeds to grow are the autoflowering strains because they have been cultivated in a specialized way to automatically flower. That means no extra work for you! Instead of having to change the lighting cycle and trying to determine how many hours of darkness or light they need, autoflowering seeds will automatically transition from a state of vegetation to one of flowering. The growing process becomes more streamlined, making these seeds perfect for beginning drawers. You’ll also love how auto-flowering cannabis strains are more resistant to weather fluctuations, diseases, and pests.

Additionally, auto seeds get you to harvest time much quicker than other types of seeds. In many cases, growers can expect their auto-flowering marijuana strains to be ready in as few as 8-10 weeks. Another advantage is that you can get multiple harvests in a single growing session.

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Hybrid Strains

Another type of premium cannabis seed is hybrid, making it an ideal choice since it is a combination of sativa and indica strains. Consequently, you get the best that each of these strains has to offer. Sativa strains provide upliftment, euphoria, and energetic properties. They are fantastic for daytime use, especially for a little wake-and-bake to get your day kicked off on the right foot!

Indica has the distinctive nickname of “in da couch” because of how it will put you on the couch and make you not want to get up! It sedates, helps you chill, and makes you sleep. Now, just imagine how great it is when you combine both types.

The great thing about hybrid strains is there is such a wide selection to choose from. When you’re more in the mood for sativa, you can go for a sativa-dominant strain like Amnesia, which has a high THC content. It provides outstanding euphoric effects and often relaxes the body. A great indica-dominant option is Wedding Cake, which will leave you with a great stimulating high that gives way to some heavy sedation and relaxation.

At other times, you may not want to choose a strain that’s more dominated by one over the other. Instead, you might be looking for something that’s more well-balanced. You can choose well-rounded hybrid strains that are 50/50. One of the great options is Blue Dream, which is a perfect balance of the two. You’ll get complete relaxation throughout your body with gentle and uplifting euphoria. Additionally, there are plenty of strains that slightly lean more toward sativa or indica to give you just the right amount of effects from your favorite strain!

Top-Ranked Seed Bank

At this time, you’re probably ready to purchase some premium marijuana seeds. Although there are plenty of places to choose from, they are not all created equally. As a result, you need to take some time and do your research. As you look, one name that will pop up over and over again as a top-rated online seed bank is Growers Choice. Just like our name implies, we are growers’ favorite choice, with brand new strains every couple of months (or even quicker)!

We offer an extensive selection of some of the finest ungerminated marijuana seeds you’ll find anywhere, combined with amazing customer service and express seeds delivery. That’s why we’re proud to offer a germination guarantee since we’re so confident about our fresh, mature seeds that are ready to go when you are! Another bonus to choosing Growers Choice is we offer affordable prices to ensure we fit into every grower’s budget. With a wide variety of payment methods including credit card, you’re all set!

With a wide array of shipping options, you’re sure to find one that works for you, including international shipping. Once your goodies get to you, you’ll notice how discreetly your package appears to keep prying eyes away. After choosing Growers Choice, there’s no other choice for you!

Popular Strains in Daytona Beach

  1. Triangle Kush Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds – an indica-dominant hybrid that uplifts and boosts the mood, named from the tri-cities from which it’s derived: Tampa, Jacksonville, and Miami
  2. Hindu Skunk Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds – 100% all-natural indica that originates from the mountains between Afghanistan and Pakistan that’s easy to grow with a mind and body high
  3. Blackberry Kush Feminized Seeds – indica-dominant strain well-known for its sweet and delicious fruity taste that’s also easy for beginner growers since it flowers quickly and is a big yielder
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Popular Cannabis Seeds in Daytona Beach

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