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What are Cannabis Seeds?

Cannabis seeds are the genetic blueprint for all of the wide range of cannabis flower and products available on the market. Every edible you ingest, vape you puff on, and joint you smoke started out as a cannabis seed. 

Measuring about the size of a small bean, cannabis seeds are produced as the result of pollination of a female cannabis plant by a male cannabis plant. When grown by a cultivator under the right conditions, these marijuana seeds will bloom flowers that are eventually harvested, dried, and cured into the spectacular weed that we are all so very familiar with.

Interestingly enough, most preferred cannabis flower that people enjoy consuming the most does not contain any seeds themselves. These female plants are also sometimes referred to as sinsemilla, and contain a bounty of terpene and cannabinoid variety. 

What is Dania Beach Like?

Drive along the coast on US-1 and you’re in beautiful Dania Beach, Florida. Located by the Atlantic Ocean in sunny Broward County, Dania Beach–much like neighboring Fort Lauderdale and Hallandale Beach–is a clear blue oasis of sand and sunshine ideal for relaxation and fun.

Residents of Dania Beach like to enjoy fantastic attractions such as:

  • Dania Beach Pointe, a modern-day hub for gourmet food, shopping, and events. 
  • A day at the Mizell-Eula Johnson State Park to picnic and enjoy the coastal scenery.
  • Dania Beach Fishing Pier to reel in a variety of exotic tropical fish.
  • The excitement of poker tables and slot machines found at The Casino at Dania Beach.
  • A quick drive just a few short miles south to the North Miami Beach area for even more exciting recreational options. Go a little further down to South Beach Miami for the nightlife. 

Cannabis Seed Availability in Dania Beach

Fun in the sun is aplenty in Dania Beach and anywhere along the Palm Coast really. However, it must be noted that no actual seed banks are located here!

For those living in the Dania Beach–Fort Lauderdale area, or even travelers planning to visit anywhere else in the Broward County region, be sure to get the facts straight on the legalities of everything seed and cannabis-related.

Beach side road along the coast
Find your way to cannabis seeds in Florida.
Source: Lance Asper unsplash

Current Cannabis Laws & Recreational Weed in Florida

Florida law currently prohibits legal weed including adult-use cannabis for those aged 21 and over, but there is an extensive program full of licensed dispensaries in the state for medical marijuana patients with a valid medical marijuana card. 

High-quality medical cannabis is currently legal for all qualified patients at any of the many medical marijuana dispensaries located in the state. Here qualifying patients can choose from a wide variety of medical cannabis products that include flower bud, pre-rolls, concentrates, edibles, tinctures, vapes, and so many other perfect choices for those in need.

However, home or any other cultivation of medical marijuana plants for anyone is still illegal across the board in Florida.

There are currently initiatives by voter and advocacy groups promoting the legal homegrow of medical marijuana plants and recreational cannabis not only in the Broward County-Fort Lauderdale area but in the entire state as a whole. 

Ungerminated Marijuana Seeds are Legal to Buy

U.S. law does not prohibit the purchase or possession of ungerminated marijuana seeds for sale. According to the DEA, marijuana seeds are legal everywhere in the U.S. and shall be considered legal hemp according to the 2018 Farm Bill. So whether they’re purchased as “novelty items” or seeds to grow, know that it doesn’t matter according to the powers that be!

What Types of Cannabis Seeds Exist?

There are several different varieties of quality marijuana seeds available for cultivators to grow either indoors or outdoors (depending on season & region). Each one has its own unique characteristics on which growers and experienced cannabists base their decisions to grow.

Grow Regular & Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Cannabis is grown as regular or feminized seeds. Regular seeds are used to cross-breed and produce cannabis seed stocks. Regular seeds can be male or female plants, with males utilizing their pollen to fertilize female cannabis plants to then produce those seeds.

Feminized seeds don’t require any pollination like their regular seed counterparts and are used to produce larger, more potent seedless sinsemilla.

Purple, green, and pink cannabis flower bud
Beautiful autoflowering plants you can grow too.
Source: Esteban López unsplash

Choose Autoflower & Photoperiod Seeds

Photoperiod seeds allow more control over factors such as light, airflow, watering, and temperature. These marijuana seeds are distinguished by their specific 18 hours on/6 hours off light schedule during their developmental vegetative stage.

Once the plant has fully developed a strong, mature structure, the light schedule then switches to a 12 on/12 off schedule to start flowering the cannabis buds we all enjoy. 

Autoflower seeds differ from their photoperiod contemporaries because of how they can grow under basically any light conditions and can go right into the flowering phase from the veg phase with no changes to their 18/6 daily light schedule. They also feature a shorter structure and height that results in less quantitative yields compared to photoperiods.

Cultivate Indica, Hybrid, and Sativa Weed Seeds 

Cannabis varieties and their psychoactive effects are usually classified into 3 categories: Indica, Hybrid, and Sativa. 

Indica seeds

The narcotic type of effect that is most efficient at helping to relieve pain and provide deep relaxation is associated with indica varieties of marijuana seeds.

Differing levels of effects can be found across the board in many indica seeds, but typically the same chilled-out, zonked-out effect is related to these varieties. Some indica seeds that provide amazing genetics and effects include:

  • Face Off OG Feminized Seeds – with OG Kush as one of its proud parents, Face Off OG is grown by countless home cultivators due to its heavy body sedation that has amazing potential for addressing a variety of medical conditions.
  • Hell’s OG Feminized Seeds: another 80/20 indica, this bushy grower features big yields full of multiple shades of green buds and frosty trichomes.

Sativa seeds

For consumers looking for a more focused, heady, or energizing type of experience/effect, sativa seeds are known to produce buds that do just that. When cultivated these seeds tend to grow taller and for a longer period of time. The end result is a perfect strain to use during the daytime. Some good daytime sativa seeds include:

  • Bruce Banner #3 Autoflowering Seeds – combining Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush, this sativa-dominant powerhouse thrills is a preferred strain for sativa enthusiasts due to its uplifting effects.
  • NYC Diesel Feminized Seeds – as one of the most well-known sativa cannabis seeds, NYC Diesel features a longer-than-usual flowering time that is well worth it due to its super potent, uplifting effects.

Hybrid seeds

Many of today’s modern varieties of marijuana seeds and strains are what’s called a hybrid. These contain characteristics or effects found in both indica and sativa seeds. Hybrid seeds feature balanced effects that are great for almost any time of day and are usually very vigorous growers. 

Thin Mint GSC Autoflowering Seeds boast a flavor and aroma profile up there with the best of anyone’s current favorite strains, Thin Mint GSC usually takes about 9-10 weeks to flower and is a great pick for anyone interested in cultivating autoflowering strains.

How to Best Store Cannabis Seeds

Storing your cannabis seeds the right way can keep them viable for years to come. There are a few methods to keep your seeds ready to germinate (please click on our germination guide below) until you’re ready depending on the timeframe:

Short-Term Seed Storage 

For short-term storage (up to 100 days or so), a cabinet or drawer is okay to keep seeds in so long they’re in a sealed package and away from heat sources and light. Keeping them in a cooler or dry container in the basement is a good idea to keep away from the dangers of heat, light, and moisture.

Medium-Term Storage

When storing marijuana seeds up to about 1-2 years max, it’s wise to use a dedicated refrigerator just for seed storage. This will ensure an ideal temperature at or below 40°F that will preserve seeds most optimally. Just be sure to make sure all seed packages are sealed. labeled, and not handled often.

Long-Term Seed Storage

Freezers work wonders for breeders and home growers who wish to store their seeds for even up to 10 years! However, it’s very important not to handle your seeds once placed into a dedicated freezer not used for any other purposes. Marijuana seeds are very delicate in this state and can crack relatively easily.

Choose a Reputable Seed Bank to Start Your Own Cannabis Garden

There are so many different seed banks available online these days, that it can be hard to tell them apart. Besides carrying many of the same strains, it can be confusing to understand the difference between each specific seed bank’s products–especially for first-time growers!

That’s why choosing a trusted seed bank like Growers Choice, with their decades of experience makes all the difference.

Start your seeds successfully with our Germination Guide.
Read our germination guide for the best growing success. 
Source: Jen Theodore unsplash

Grow Confidently with the Growers Choice Germination Guarantee

Growers Choice seed bank sets itself apart by offering proven, high-quality genetics coupled with thoughtful service, detailed product descriptions, and reviews for the home grower to compare. They also offer a one-of-a-kind germination guarantee that ensures first-time growers and savvy veterans are completely satisfied.

Satisfied customers in different locations from coast to coast like to utilize our super-informative, step-by-step Germination Guide

Any of the seed types mentioned are well-stocked and ready for germination. If you’re looking for a wide array of indica, sativa, hybrid, regular, feminized, or autoflower premium cannabis seeds available at reasonable prices that won’t break the bank–it’s time to check out Growers Choice!

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