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Why does cannabis make me hungry?

Here’s an age old question that stoners probably never asked, but you may be curious about. What’s with the munchies when you smoke cannabis? Well, a new study out of Yale University sought to discover the answer, and did!

Cannabinoid receptors react with specific neurons in the hypothalamus known as pro-opiomelancortin (or POMC neurons), and these neurons control appetite stimulation (as well as other instincts like arousal and alertness). POMC neurons are also responsible for sending a chemical signal to the brain that signals you to stop eating. The study correlated that when cannabis is introduced to the system, a receptor inside the POMC neuron is activated, causing a switch from “you’re full!” to creating endorphins, which can increase appetite. Fascinating stuff!


Will smoking cannabis make me gain weight?

You may think that the case of the munchies you catch when you smoke cannabis might be the cause for some serious weight gain, but there’s good news. A study out of the University of Montreal suggests that although in some cases people who smoke cannabis may gain weight over time, other factors, including gender, and frequency of use, play a huge role. Smoking cannabis every now and then won’t cause any significant damage to your diet.

How can I get cannabis seeds in Coral Springs?

When you want to purchase Coral Springs cannabis seeds, we say make your first stop Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds. Our virtual shelves are lined with world-class seeds, ideal for medical purposes. In Coral Springs, patients participating in the medical cannabis program can use cannabis to help treat qualifying medical conditions.

Choose from our selection of potent auto-flowering and feminized seeds, like CBD Moby Dick and Northern Lights auto-flowering. We ship our seeds worldwide, and provide discreet shipping upon request.

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I bought OG Kush seeds. I was worried they wouldn’t make it here to Florida so I opted for the discreet shipping. It worked! Seeds arrived within five days. I was expecting something more elaborate since I’ve heard some funny stories, but it was really simple, and they made it here which is all that matters. My seeds are still germinating so I can’t say if the cannabis is good but so far I’m impressed.

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