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While residents of the Sunshine State are not currently permitted to consume or grow recreational cannabis, laws and attitudes continue to evolve throughout the country. The future of cannabis remains to be seen in Florida, but in the meantime, Growers Choice makes it a priority to provide an educational glimpse into cannabis laws, attitudes, and general facts about the cannabis plant. Keep reading to learn more about the cannabis experience in Coconut Creek!

Qualified Patients and Accessibility to Medical Cannabis

Cannabis is not legal in the state of Florida and accessibility of cannabis products is quite limited. However, the state’s medical marijuana program does help provide relief to licensed cardholders with a number of medical conditions. Once qualified, individuals are provided access to low-THC cannabis through a medical cannabis dispensary. More information can be found here.

The Future of Cannabis in the Sunshine State and Coconut Creek

While cannabis sales, recreational weed, and home growing are currently illegal in the Sunshine State, voters may have the opportunity to vote on cannabis legalization next year. The 2024 Florida marijuana legalization initiative, also known as “Adult Personal Use of Marijuana,” has received a notable amount of support. By collecting over 890,000 signatures, it qualified to appear on the state’s November 2024 ballot. If approved, this initiative would allow for legal weed and permit cannabis consumption for adults 21 years and older. More information can be found here.

Why Growers Choice is a Resource in More Ways than One

Growers Choice Seeds is known for providing a wide variety of premium cannabis seeds from expert breeders.  We are also proud to provide the best germination guarantee in the industry, thoughtful service, reasonable prices, seed packs with seasonal flavors, and delivery options such as stealth shipping. As an established leader in the industry, we feel it’s important to offer a wealth of information for cannabis enthusiasts who are simply looking to sharpen their knowledge.

Even though you’re not allowed to consume or grow marijuana in Coconut Creek, the world of cannabis can be quite an intriguing topic to research. In fact, there are hundreds of different strains in existence—each with its own unique blend of effects, scents, and characteristics. In short, the world of cannabis knowledge is vast, and we prioritize providing bite-size bits of knowledge in addition to premium seeds.  Below, we’ll cover how to differentiate between some of the most important categories of marijuana within the cannabis community.

The Effects of Cannabinoids

Tetrahydrocannabinol, more commonly referred to as “THC,” is one of the main cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant and, for many, one of the most appealing components. This chemical is responsible for a large number of weed’s psychoactive properties. These include more vivid sights and sounds as well as reduced inhibitions. Cannabidiol, also known as “CBD,” is the second most common cannabinoid found in cannabis. It is said to provide mental focus and clear-headedness without mind-altering effects. Strains high in CBD have a variety of applications. Many find it helps to alleviate stress and boost the mood, while in general, high-CBD and low-THC cannabis plants are fantastic strains for those who want to feel both lucid and soothed.

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Learn more about the Blue Dream feminized strain
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Strain Spotlight: Blue Dream Feminized Seeds

This sativa-dominant hybrid evokes notes of berries, earth, and herbs. Somewhat intriguingly named, it is actually more conducive to energy than promoting slumber or “blue dreams.” Rather, we like to think its moniker is a nod to its creativity-boosting effects. Many consumers of this strain feel a simultaneous mixture of calm and verve. If you are seeking enhanced motivation, this strain may just transport you to an imaginative, sugar-dusted afternoon.

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What are cannabis terpenes?
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Aromatic Profiles

Cannabis strains don’t just have different effects. They also have different scents! In fact, every cannabis seed strain has its own aroma and taste profile. These features are influenced by chemical compounds known as terpenes. What’s more, terpenes don’t just influence the bold flavors across our product variety, they’re responsible for various therapeutic properties and can influence us both physically and mentally. Should you ever find yourself in an area where cannabis use is legal, it may be good to keep the following info on terpenes in mind.

  • Beta-caryophyllene: Found in rosemary, basil, cloves, broccoli, and more, beta-caryophyllene is known for its bold flavors and ability to reduce stress. This terpene is also found in allspice and black pepper. One of the single most abundant types of terpene found in the cannabis plant, its aroma evokes notes of wood, pepper, and spice.
  • Pinene: This terpene can help improve lucidity and memory and has a distinctive aroma reminiscent of pine trees, rosemary, and coniferous forests.
  • Myrcene: Forest-like, earthy, and with hints of citrus, myrcene has a distinct scent and is found in mangoes, basil, thyme, bay leaves, and lemongrass. It is known for its delicate sedative properties, soothing effects, and ability to help promote sleep.
  • Limonene: Another abundant terpene in cannabis, limonene is distinctly citrus-like and bright. It is found in fruits such as oranges, lemons, and grapefruits, as well as peppermint, spearmint, and juniper.

Strain Spotlight: Venom OG Kush

Also known as “Venom OG Kush,” this strain is the offspring of Poison OG and Rare Dankness #1. As an evenly balanced hybrid, it is known to both unwind the mind and physically soothe. For these reasons, it’s favored amongst those looking to de-stress. This strain’s 23% THC levels also contribute to the heavily euphoric effects, while its earthy, pine-like aroma rounds out out the experience as a whole.

Feminized Seeds

Unlike regular seeds, feminized weed seeds are bred so that each seed produces a female cannabis plant. Normally, when plants are pollinated by males, they will produce both seeds and resin-covered flowers. However, they will also prioritize seed production, which results in buds with reduced potency.

Feminized marijuana seeds eliminate this issue entirely. Rather, they produce only female marijuana plants and therefore eliminate the possibility of pollination or seed production. In turn, the plants are able to allocate their energy towards resin production. The buds of a female plant that has not been pollinated tend to be particularly potent, which can result in greater amounts of weed. Given this feature, they are a popular choice for those looking to produce more resinous cannabis flowers. 

Strain Spotlight: Atomic Northern Lights Feminized Seeds

This indica-leaning hybrid strain uplifts both physically and mentally. The offspring of popular marijuana strains Northern Lights, Thai, Haze, and Afghani, these aromatic plants contain an indica-to-sativa ratio of 60:40 and a THC level clocking in at 22%.

Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds

Unlike regular cannabis seeds, autoflowering seeds produce plants that can stand up to a fair bit of mishandling and harsh conditions. Thanks to their ruderalis genetics, they’re some of the most weather and pest-resistant cannabis seed strains in existence. They also have a shorter flowering period and are much lower maintenance than other strains. While feminized seeds require lighting adjustments, autoflower cannabis seeds will simply flower on their own. As such, they tend to be a good choice for inexperienced home growers or those who are seeking low-maintenance seeds for sale. Explore our premium auto-flowering quality marijuana seeds here.

Strain Spotlight: Ice Cream Cake Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds

With its sugary cream flavor and euphoric effects, this strain is a decadent treat for the tastebuds and the mind. The result of Wedding Cake and Gelato #33 seeds, Ice Cream Cake seeds grow into remarkably, distinctive strains with enduring popularity and comforting effects. In fact, this indica-leaning hybrid was recognized as Leafly’s Strain of the Year in 2019.

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Educational information and guides from Growers Choice
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The Imaginative World of Home Growing in Coconut Creek

While conducting your own legal homegrow isn’t a possibility in Florida right now, residents of Coconut Creek can still research, imagine, and seek out inspiration should the option of a cannabis homegrow ever become available. DIY cultivation is enjoyed by both hobbyists and diligent experts. What’s more, as cannabis businesses and cannabis culture continue to flourish throughout the country, more educational resources on home growing are becoming available. Not only is at-home cultivation an affordable way to produce your own incredible strains with high-potency buds but there is also a wide range of ways you can actually use your cannabis crops. In addition to serving as smokable flowers, you can transform your plants into cannabis edibles, concentrates, and more. Growers Choice has a number of helpful guides and how-tos you can explore here.

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