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A few things to know about Casselberry, Florida

Located just north of Orlando, Casselberry, Florida, part of Seminole County, features more than two dozen lakes, the largest of which include Lake Howell and the Triplet Chain of Lakes. There are also a number of beautiful parks in the area, including Lake Concord and Plumosa Oaks, and creativity is encouraged at the Casselberry Art House.

Buy cannabis seeds in Casselberry, Florida

If you’re interested in cooking with cannabis, we suggest harvesting your supply from your own cannabis garden. Get high quality Casselberry cannabis seeds for your kitchen creations from Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds. We carry popular and world-class cannabis strains, ideal for experimentation.

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What’s the best way to use CBD cannabis?

There are so many ways to consume cannabis, the question isn’t which is best, but what do you prefer? There’s a good number of people who steer clear of pot because they assume the only way to consume it is to smoke or vape it. We understand why you might be hesitant in that case, but did you know you can cook with cannabis and eat it? Rub it on your skin? Even juice it? That’s right, you can juice your cannabis! Of course, we’re talking about juicing the raw cannabis plant, preferably sourced from your own home-grown cannabis garden (with seeds purchased online from Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds).

How can I cook with CBD weed?

The best way to cook with medical cannabis strains like CBD Blueberry and CBD Moby Dick is to convert them into cannabis oil or butter. It’s a relatively simple process, where you combine cannabis and butter/oil and cook them slowly over low heat so that the resin from the cannabis leaches out into the carrier. Eventually, you will strain out the plant material with a fine sieve or cheesecloth and, in the case of cannabutter, refrigerate so you can separate the butter from the excess water. Cannabis cookies, anyone?

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