Buy cannabis seeds in Cape Coral, Florida

buy cannabis seeds in Cape Coral

The US federal laws are strongly against marijuana, allowing only 0.3% of THC in any cannabis product. Thankfully, legislation has opened up to the benefits of THC in various therapies and the marijuana laws are easing at the state level.

Of course, we still have the more uptight states–like Kansas–that are still some way off from accepting THC use. There, you won’t want to own an ounce of marijuana, especially when you consider the possible consequences.

Don’t get us wrong, though. Marijuana use in Florida, and especially in Cape Coral, is still under strict regulations. The only difference is that the Floridan laws on marijuana are easing up fast. All the more reason for you to understand how you can use weed while in Florida.

Want to know if you can enjoy your White Widow puffs in Cape Coral? Here are some specifics.

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Florida still hasn’t allowed the cultivation of cannabis in its territory.
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Is Marijuana Legal in Cape Coral?

First, an overview of the legal situation on marijuana in Florida. The government legalized medical marijuana in 2016, allowing eligible adults (21 years and older) to use weed with medical prescriptions. Of course, the prescriptions indicate that the individual has an underlying condition that qualifies them for medical marijuana therapy.

As for recreational marijuana, the law in Florida says no. For now. About half of the American states have approved recreational cannabis, and the legislature in Florida is taking huge steps in that direction. The bill for recreational marijuana is awaiting approval by the Supreme Court, after which Floridians will be able to vote later in the year.

Florida’s Amendment 2 in 2016 saw the approval of medical marijuana in the state. Maybe the government is set to take things further with Amendment 3.

Can I Smoke Weed In Cape Coral?

It’s not straightforward, whether or not you can smoke weed in Cape Coral. The laws in Florida are under review to change the state’s stance on marijuana, especially the recreational kind, but only those with a medical marijuana card can own and use weed.

There are certain conditions a person must meet before they can use marijuana or smoke weed in Florida. First, they must be permanent or seasonal residents of Florida and certified to have an underlying medical condition that requires marijuana therapy. Only qualified physicians are allowed to diagnose such conditions and decide that medical marijuana is a valid treatment approach.

The qualifying medical conditions for marijuana therapy include:

  • Cancer
  • Epilepsy
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Glaucoma
  • Chronic nonmalignant pain from any of the aforementioned qualifying medical conditions, especially one that is prolonged past its usual duration.
  • Medical conditions of the same class as the ones mentioned here.

The next step is for the patient and their caregivers to be listed on the Medical Marijuana Use Registry by a qualified physician. They get a Registry Identification Card, which they will use to fill orders at any of the Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers across the state.

Summarily, Cape Coral–and all of Florida, to be clear–permits only chronically or terminally ill patients to use or smoke weed. As much as the Sunshine State is quite the liberal territory, Cape Coral is not an ideal location for a date with Mary Jane just yet.

Marijuana buds on a prescription pad.
Marijuana buds on a prescription pad.
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When Will Weed Be Legal In Cape Coral?

We can have this discussion because the government of Florida has pushed the approval of voting for the recreational use of marijuana to the Supreme Court in Florida. Ron DeSantis was particularly against the idea during his presidential campaign, but the governor has decided to open it up to the people and give them a chance to vote on it.

The Supreme Court will approve the ballot by April, allowing residents in Florida to vote for or against recreational marijuana by November 2024. The bill still needs a 60% supermajority win before it is passed into law, and even then, we won’t be seeing any significant changes in the marijuana laws until later in 2025.

The legal processes around law amendments take a long while to complete. For instance, Florida Amendment 2 in 2016 decriminalized medical marijuana, allowing qualified patients to access the benefits of THC for their conditions. However, the Floridan marijuana laws as we have them today didn’t get completed until about 2018.

The legislature only approved the limits on weed dispensaries, the quantities, and the requirements for qualifying medical conditions in 2017. Approval of smokeable weed buds came much later in 2018, meaning that the legalization of medical marijuana took over two years.

With that in mind, you should know that you won’t be taking Pineapple Express puffs in Cape Coral anytime soon, even if the recreational marijuana bill wins the vote in November.

Can I Bring Weed From Other Licensed States Into Florida?

Absolutely not! The Transport Security Administration (TSA) in Florida doesn’t typically search for marijuana among travelers, but if you’re caught in possession of weed–medical marijuana or not–you will be turned over to law enforcement.

Similarly, it is illegal to use your out-of-state medical marijuana card to fill in prescriptions at Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers in Florida. Only marijuana cards obtained within the state can be used to obtain weed in Florida. The penalties for having 20 g or less of cannabis on your person could get up to 1 year in prison or $1,000 in fines.

Can I Grow Cannabis Seeds In Cape Coral, Florida?

Well, we can’t really talk about the state of cannabis cultivation in Florida just yet—the state legislature is yet to get over the recreational marijuana bill. Unfortunately, the bill doesn’t have any clause that allows for growing cannabis seeds, whether in your backyard or on a commercial scale. So even if the bill passes the voting stage in November, we don’t know when the cultivation of cannabis will be approved for Floridians.

To be straightforward, growing cannabis in Florida is still illegal. But so is it in about 20 other states, and with recent developments, we might see cannabis cultivation becoming legal quite soon.

On the flip side, cannabis cultivation might be illegal, but owning feminized cannabis seeds is not. But what use are the seeds if you can’t grow them? Talk about the Florida legislature’s weird sense of humor.

You know what else you can do before growing weed becomes legal in Florida? Digging deeper into what growing your own cannabis entails!

Cannabis Cultivation in Cape Coral: Seed Selection

No, don’t start planting cannabis seeds if you’re still in Florida. Of course, that will be the best thing to happen to the cannabis industry in the state, allowing for more companies to handle different aspects of the production. But the punishment for growing marijuana in Florida ranges from 5 years and $5,000 (for owning under 25 plants) to $10,000 and 30 years in prison if you grow your marijuana plants where minors reside. In other words, you don’t want to mess around with cannabis in Florida

Even though planting weed seeds is against the law, it can’t hurt to know a few things about growing cannabis. And we at Growers Choice have a slew of information on germination and cultivation of cannabis just for you.

One of the basic things you must get right in cannabis growing is your seed choice. High-quality, carefully preserved feminized seeds are the best inputs for a successful cannabis cultivation venture and you have to go to the best online seed banks before you start.

There are three variants of feminized strains to consider, based on what you prefer. There’s the sativa strain that grows into tall, slender plants in their flowering stages and whose buds produce a stimulating effect on the user. Sativa plants are also well suited to the Florida climate, as they are the typically tropical variants.

You could also opt for the indica species, a shorter, bushier breed of weed plants. Their buds contain more CBD than THC levels–unlike their sativa counterparts–thus producing a soothing, relaxing high, best for the weekends or an evening off duty.

Finally, you have the hybrid cannabis strains, which are the more popular strains among marijuana cultivators. They could be Sativa-dominant, like Double Dream feminized seeds, or Indica-dominant, like the Avidekel CBD feminized seeds.

Picture of sativa and indica cannabis plants in an outdoor growing setup.
Consider the various varieties of feminized cannabis seeds available to you in Florida.
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Growing Feminized Cannabis Seeds: Autoflowering Vs Photoperiod

Research has changed the scope of growing cannabis. Now, cannabis plants complete their life cycle quite faster than usual. With the development of feminized marijuana seeds, the average weed plant ends its growth stage in about seven weeks, depending on the amount of light exposure it gets.

The development of such seed types helps cannabis growers maximize their dedicated space since they can now practice indoor cultivation, so long as there is sufficient light exposure. That brings us to the kinds of female seeds we have: autoflowering and photoperiod female seeds.

The autoflowering female cannabis plants differ from photoperiod strains in that they don’t need a specific amount of lighting before they move from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage. Autoflowering weed seeds can be grown outdoors without as much attention as the photoperiod species. 

In contrast, photoperiod feminized plants require specific lighting for their transition from vegetative growth. This makes them better suited for experienced growers who are familiar with the light cycle. Photoperiod plants are also better indoor growers since the cultivator can easily control the amount of grow light indoors.

Florida sports excellent environmental conditions that are perfect for cannabis plants, with just the right humidity levels, temperature, and light intensity. Hence, you don’t have to worry about indoor or outdoor growth setups for your cannabis plant. Choose your preferred feminized marijuana seeds and wait for the ban on marijuana cultivation to be lifted.

Where Do You Get High-quality Cannabis Seeds in Cape Coral

As far as Cape Coral and the rest of Florida is concerned, only the medical use of marijuana is allowed within the state. Even those with medical cards can’t grow their own marijuana indoors.

But we might be seeing some progress in that regard soon enough. Recreational marijuana might be approved by 2025, and cultivation of cannabis is sure to follow. For now, you can dig into our resources on cannabis growing and become quite the expert yourself (You can bet some eager Floridians are already a step ahead there!).

As for quality marijuana seeds, you have nothing to worry about. Shop at Growers Choice’s online stores and you can rest assured that you’re getting the very best feminized seeds available.


  1. Is smoking marijuana legal in Florida?

Yes and no. For those with a medical marijuana card, smoking medical marijuana is legal in Florida. Smoking any other form of marijuana or smoking without a medical card is illegal in the Sunshine State.

  1. Can I bring medical marijuana for smoking from another state into Florida?

No. The authorities prohibit the transport of marijuana from any other state into Florida, whether it is legalized there or not.

  1. Is it legal to grow cannabis in Florida?

No. Cannabis cultivation in Florida is illegal, for now. However, you can buy the feminized cannabis seeds and store them in preparation for when growing cannabis will be legalized.

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