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Are cannabis seeds safe for elderly patients?

Older patients may be shocked to learn that cannabis use in older demographics is on the rise. Why? There could be a few contributing factors, one being simply that a more liberal and accepting generation is ageing. The other may be access to information, and the realization that cannabis is a safe and natural alternative to synthetic medicines.

The more we learn about our bodies, the more conscious we become of what we’re putting into them. Opting for cannabis is a natural choice for people leading a more holistic lifestyle, or those looking to cut back on the number of man made chemicals they ingest.


What kind of cannabis is best for elderly patients?

While the stereotype of the spaced out stoner still follows MJ, the reality is far from it. Your experience with cannabis is personal, and you should choose a strain based on what you’re hoping to achieve – pain relief, relaxation, a sleep aid, or something to help lift your mood or give that extra burst of creativity.

Buy cannabis seeds in Bradenton

For the former, we recommend indica strains like Mazar. Characterized by their “couch-lock” effect, indica strains are ideal for night time use. They also tend to be higher in CBD, the cannabis compound that provides medical benefit without the psychoactive side effect most patients want to avoid.

Sativa dominant strains, like American Haze, can also provide a measure of pain relief, but they tend to work more on the mood, and will contain more THC, the hallucinogenic compound most recreational users are after.

Cannabis seeds for sale in Bradenton, Florida

Whichever strain you need, when you’re ready to start your medical cannabis garden, look no further than Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds for your top quality Bradenton cannabis seeds. With over 40 years of combined research and hands-on experience, we have curated a world-class selection of indica and sativa pot seeds in order to bring our customers nothing but the best.

We carefully package our seeds and ship them directly to your home address from our Canada warehouse. For those Bradenton customers concerned their package may not make it to their intended destination, we provide discreet shipping services, simply enquire with our customer support staff for more information.

What not to miss in Bradenton, Florida

From the Manatee River to the Village of Arts – a working artists community – there’s lots to see in Bradenton, Florida. Visit the Robinson Preserve or the Cortez Fishing Village. You can even view a collection of restored, historic buildings from Manatee County’s pioneer past or catch some rays at Holmes Beach.

Two thumbs up for Growers Choice cannabis seeds from customers in Bradenton

I’ve made three orders for medical CBD strains to date, and they’ve all arrived and were accurate. Germination rates were excellent, as expected, and the seedlings vigorous. Great work, Growers Choice.

Frank M., Bradenton, FL

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