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Cultivating marijuana in Bradenton is a no-go with the Florida law, but many a local is taking their chances and putting their green thumbs to use anyway! This article explores the history and current state of Bradenton, feminized and auto-flowering seeds, a few grow tips for locals in the area, and where to purchase seeds safely. 

Bradenton, Florida, and Marijuana 

Originally a fishing village, Bradenton has come a long way! It is now a destination for tourists from all over the world, thanks to its pristine beaches and stunning architecture. Let’s take a closer look!

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Everything you need to know about cannabis in Florida.
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City of Bradenton

Bradenton was originally founded by Dr. Joseph Braden in the 1840s and it was first established as a small fishing village along the Manatee River. Aside from procuring fish, the city’s early economy was heavily reliant on farming sugar and citrus. The town had meager beginnings but is now home to approximately 59,000 residents, with the city’s economy also having grown exponentially. 

Bradenton attracts a stream of tourists to its streets, partially due to its historic architecture and the stunning Gulf of Mexico coastline. The city is also close to the beautiful Anna Maria Island, known for its gorgeous beaches and clear waters. Many locals love that Bradenton is home to the Village of the Arts, where they can connect with fellow artists and soak in creative inspiration. 

Marijuana Laws in Florida

Thankfully for the locals, Florida has an established medical marijuana program in place, which allows medical marijuana patients to purchase from licensed medical cannabis dispensaries. This permits individuals with certain medical conditions to acquire a recommendation from a licensed physical and access medical cannabis products for therapeutic purposes. Recreational cannabis is unfortunately still illegal in the state of Florida, but like many states, public and government opinion can change with time and insight. As expected, personal cultivation is also illegal, however, many locals are currently advocating for the legalization of recreational weed! We wish them luck. 

Possession of marijuana for personal use without a valid medical prescription can result in fines and potential jail time, so we encourage users to obtain a medical marijuana card or be incredibly careful!

Types of Cannabis Strains and Seeds 

For those with a green thumb in Bradenton who are hoping to get their hands on some cannabis seeds, don’t forget to hold your horses and make sure you know exactly which seeds and strains would be the best fit for your garden. Let’s dive into some of the most popular options for growers in Bradenton. 

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Learn about the science behind auto-flowering cannabis seeds.
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Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Many cultivators have taken wholeheartedly to shifting from regular seeds to feminized seeds, as the former is far more efficient. Feminized seeds almost exclusively sprout bud-producing female plants, while regular seeds produce both male and female plants. Male plants do not produce consumable buds and are generally only used for breeding purposes. Feminized weed seeds are created through a process called “feminization,” where a female plant is genetically manipulated to produce pollen, which is then used to fertilize another female plant.

By cultivating only feminized seeds, growers can maximize their crop’s yield of consumable buds. Most seed banks only offer feminized seeds at this point, due to their reliability, ease of cultivation, and maximization of buds. 

Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds

Auto-flowering weed seeds are feminized seeds that have had Ruderalis (a cannabis subspecies) to their genetics. Ruderalis gives auto seeds the ability to automatically switch from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage without having to rely on changes in light schedules. Auto-flowering plants usually grow from seed to harvest quicker than normal feminized seeds, which makes them ideal for cultivators who want a quick turnaround and the ability to grow multiple crops in one season. Although auto-flowering strains are very hardy and resilient to different climates, you’ll want to choose strains that are specially equipped for the climate in Bradenton, which experiences quite hot summers that can experience rain and excessive humidity. Sativa-dominant marijuana strains like Strawberry Banana Auto or Tangerine Dream Auto generally thrive in warm climates and would be a good choice for indoor or outdoor cultivation in Bradenton’s climate.

High-CBD Seeds

High-CBD seeds are the perfect choice for users who are looking for therapeutic benefits from marijuana without having to experience an intense psychoactive high, if any. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis that has gained recent attention for its potential anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and anxiolytic properties. When cultivating high-CBD seeds in Bradenton, Florida, cultivators should do their best to create optimal growing conditions to maximize CBD production in the buds. High-CBD strains typically have low THC content, often below 1% although it can be higher. CBD content can range from 10% to 20% and potentially more at times, depending on the specific strain. The effects on users generally do not consist of a high or euphoric experience and often leave the user feeling relaxed and calm. High-CBD strains can have varying flowering times, usually falling between 8 to 12 weeks with moderate yields (although some CBD strains have ginormous yields!). A few strains to consider for Bradenton include: 

  1. CBD Shark: This Indica-dominant hybrid strain has a low THC content of around 6% and a moderate CBD level. It offers a calming effect, that generally results in users feeling sleepy and relaxed. The terpene profile includes earthy and woody notes, and it flowers in about 8-10 weeks and yields moderately. Although this strain could potentially flourish outdoors in Bradenton, it would most likely grow best in a controlled indoor setup. 

  2. CBD Critical Mass: An Indica-dominant strain with a moderate CBD content and relatively low THC content of around 7%. It’s known for its relaxing effects that often result in a deep and calming body stone. The flavor profile includes earthy and pungent notes with a deliciously sweet aftertaste. It produces gargantuan yields of around 100 grams per plant when grown outdoors and around 600 grams when grown indoors. Depending on the time of year, this strain could thrive outdoors in Bradenton (although a monitored indoor setup would be ideal). 

  3. CBD Critical Mango: Another Indica-dominant strain with THC levels of around 6% and a moderately high level of CBD. It’s a popular choice for potentially easing stress while boosting the mood of the user. The terpene profile includes flavors of juicy, sweet mango, and the flowering time is approximately 10-11 weeks. 

Cultivating Cannabis in Bradenton, Florida

Now that you have an idea of a variety of strains and seed types, it’s time to start thinking about starting your cultivation journey! Below, we offer tips for seasoned and first-time growers, including grow advice and where you can safely purchase premium cannabis seeds.

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Cultivation Tips for the Best Cannabis Experience

Bradenton’s climate is generally conducive to outdoor cultivation, although the weather can be very rainy and humid at times, which might be a stressor on some strains. Indoor growing provides more control over the temperature and humidity, allowing cultivators to tailor the environment to exactly what their strain desires. Remember to provide proper ventilation so your cannabis plants do not grow mold and become diseased.

Regardless of whether you choose indoor or outdoor cultivation, it’s in your best interest to take necessary security measures to ensure your cannabis garden remains hidden and secure. Considering marijuana cultivation is illegal in Florida, you will want to ensure that your garden is hidden from the public eye. If growing outdoors, consider planting tall plants (like tomato plants) around your marijuana garden and installing security cameras, which might deter nosey passersby. 

Lastly, it’s every grower’s responsibility to consider the environmental impact that your garden can have. Consider sustainable cultivation practices, such as using organic nutrients and steering clear of unhealthy pesticides. 

Where to Purchase Quality Marijuana Seeds

We love providing product variety with tons of seed options and choices! Although we might be biased, we think purchasing your cannabis seeds from Growers Choice Seeds is an excellent choice, as they are one of the most highly rated online cannabis seed banks by loyal customers and offer a wide range of strains. The company has gained trust among growers for several reasons:

  • Premium Quality Seeds: Growers Choice Seeds offers a huge cannabis seeds selection that consists of high-quality and viable products. Their seeds are sourced from trustworthy breeders who prioritize genetic integrity.

  • Customer Service: The company is known for its commitment to exceptional customer service, employing a team of knowledgeable staff who are willing and eager to ensure customers have a positive cultivation experience. 

  • Origin and Reputation: The company has a solid reputation in the cannabis community and is known for its commitment to providing top-notch genetics that are backed by their germination guarantee.

  • Discreet Shipping: Growers Choice Seeds ships its products discreetly and as autonomously as possible to ensure the safety and comfort of its customers. 

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