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History and Present of Aventura, Florida

Aventura is a modern and relatively new city, having been incorporated in 1995. Its name translates to “adventure” in Spanish, possibly serving as a nod to the Spanish who conquered and colonized Florida centuries earlier. Before its transformation in the early 1970s, the area was predominantly swampland with not much going for it. Developers looked past its mushy environment and saw the potential for the area to become something luxurious, where the wealthy would want to flock and nest. The vision was realized, with many upscale condominiums being erected as well as a world-class shopping mall called the Aventura Mall. 

Currently, the city is home to approximately 37,000 residents, many of whom are affluent retirees, seduced by Aventura’s promise of warmth, safety, and luxury. Various ethnicities are present within the city, as well, with most of the population identifying as Latinx, or white, although there is a small percentage of Black and Asian folk. Because of this, Aventura enjoys a conglomeration of ethnic restaurants, art, and shops. As expected, the average income of residents in the city is higher than the national average, and the unemployment rate is relatively low. 

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The best cannabis strains for Florida’s climate.
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Aesthetic and Geographical Landscape 

Aventura has stayed true to the initial vision of the city, offering lots of pristine high-rise condominiums, luxurious gated communities, manicured parks, and endless shopping opportunities. Located between Fort Lauderdale and Miami Beach, Aventura offers locals the ability to live in a smaller environment while having access to the sandy shores and bumping nightlife of both cities. 

Residents also have the advantage of being near the Oleta River State Park, which offers a myriad of outdoor activities, including kayaking, biking, wandering, taking photos for the ‘Gram, and fishing. The park is also near dense mangrove forests, which are perfect for people who enjoy getting lost in the woods. Aventura is also within a short driving distance to the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway, which offer tons of activities for the water-inclined among its residents. 

Marijuana Laws in Florida

Unfortunately, Florida maintains a strict stance on the use and cultivation of recreational cannabis, deeming it illegal within the state and criminal within certain cities. Thankfully, some Florida cities have chosen to loosen the reigns on recreational cannabis penalties, with many of them opting for fine handouts instead of jail sentences. Keep in mind that these cities are generally only lax in the cases of minor possession, and anything more can, and often does, land people behind bars. 

The upcoming 2024 general election is full of hope for Florida residents, as they will have the opportunity to vote for the legalization of recreational cannabis. This initiative is backed by nearly a million verified signatures and spearheaded by prominent industry stakeholders, proposing the legalization of possession, use, and cultivation of marijuana. We hope Florida will soon join the rest of the states that are taking a more progressive stance towards cannabis and its many wonders!

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The marijuana laws in the state of Florida.
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Medical Marijuana 

Florida residents breathed a sigh of minor relief with the legalization of cannabis for medical marijuana patients. The medical marijuana program took effect in 2016 after receiving an exponential amount of support from the community. Now, patients with qualifying medical conditions can purchase and consume cannabis from licensed medical marijuana dispensaries, although they must adhere to possession requirements (it’s not a free-for-all). Even so, we highly suggest acquiring a medical marijuana recommendation from your local, licensed physician and getting yourself some much-deserved high-quality medical cannabis products.

Types of Weed Seeds and Strains

While the cultivation of cannabis is currently illegal in Florida, it soon might not be! If the initiative passes in 2024, locals will be allowed to grow a specific number of cannabis plants in their own backyards. Considering this could be a reality in the near future, it could be a good idea for residents to brush up on their cannabis cultivation knowledge, starting with seed and strain types!

Indica and Sativa Strains

Aventura experiences a warm, tropical climate, with summers that are often quite humid, with the switch to winter barely noticeable, aside from it being less humid. First-time growers will be thrilled to find that the environment in Aventura is ideal for many different types of cannabis strains, particularly those that thrive in humid, sunny climates, like Venom OG and Raskal OG.

A common misconception of indica and sativa plants is that they only diverge in their effects on users, but they also differ in their desired growing conditions, as well as their aesthetic and plant characteristics. Indica plants are usually short and stout with bushy, widespread leaves. They usually go from seed to harvest quicker than sativa plants, offering growers a shorter cultivation period. And yes, their effects are notoriously different than sativas, with users often experiencing deep relaxation, sleepiness, a body “high”, and sometimes an inability to leave their couches.

Sativa plants are usually very tall and slim, which makes them a good choice for outdoor gardens. Their leaves are narrow and long, and they take a bit longer to reach full maturation than indicas. Sativas are partial to warm and sunny environments, and many can handle a bit of moisture in the air (like the strains mentioned above). These strains tend to have an energizing effect on users, regularly bestowing renewed creative inspiration, a contented mood, and a boost of courage. 

Feminized Marijuana Seeds 

Feminized seeds have become popular because they offer growers a far easier cultivation experience than cultivating with regular seeds. Regular seeds produce both male and female plants at about an equal rate, which is not ideal for many growers because the male plants do not produce buds that contain THC and CBD. 

Feminized cannabis seeds were genetically engineered to produce almost exclusively female plants, paving the way for a more efficient way to cultivate cannabis. Growers no longer have to spend long and arduous days slaving away in their gardens, trimming out the male plants. However, keep in mind that feminized strains are photoperiodic, which means they transfer from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage because of changes in their light cycle. If cultivators are growing indoors, they must attend to the light schedule themselves, which can be daunting for newer growers.

Auto-Flowering Marijuana Seeds

Auto-flowering feminized seeds are not photoperiodic, so they do not require a change in their light schedule to flower, which can be a definite draw for novice growers. They also exhibit a shorter growth cycle than original feminized cannabis seeds, offering the possibility of growing and harvesting more than one crop per year. For example, autoflowering strains like Gorilla Zkittlez and Golden Ticket flower in as little as 8-9 weeks.

Auto-flowering cannabis seeds are also incredibly resilient and can withstand harsh outdoor conditions. Most auto strains, such as Alaska Thunderfuck Auto, are generally the perfect strains for growing in areas that other strains might perish in, although, they’re not bulletproof so set them up for success regardless! As for their size, they are usually smaller than the original feminized plants, which can make them ideal for growers who do not have a large amount of space for cultivating cannabis.

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How to make an affordable indoor grow setup for your cannabis plants.
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Where to Purchase Cannabis Seeds 

Since cultivation is currently illegal in Aventura, it can be a bit of a hassle to acquire high-quality cannabis seeds in the area. Of course, if cannabis cultivation is legalized in the state there will be an influx of new seed banks emerging throughout Florida. Until then, and arguably even then, online seed banks are seasoned and first-time growers’ best bet.

For example, online seed banks, such as our company, Growers Choice Seeds (GCS), offer discreet, fuss-free purchasing and shipping options, accepting various secure payment methods like credit card and debit card payments and shipping within a few business days.

One of the biggest perks of purchasing from us is our huge variety of classic, favorite strains as well as our wide selection of more exotic and rare strains. Customers also have the luxury of reading detailed product descriptions about each strain so that they make sure they are selecting the best strain for their garden. Growers Choice Seeds also offers a germination guarantee for all seeds purchased, which assures that if 90% of the customer’s seeds do not germinate then the duds will be replaced.

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