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Candy Kush Auto-Flowering 60I / 30S / 10R18% THCAnytime
Critical Purple10R / 90I27% THCEvening
White Widow 40I / 60S26% THCDaytime

Does cannabis help headaches?

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Headaches, as a symptom of a medical condition, could be treated with cannabis in Florida

Though a headache can potentially be a side effect of cannabis use, the correct strains can in fact be quite useful in eradicating headaches and migraines, particularly when smoked or vaporized. Some European physicians have been using the holistic plant in just this way since the mid-19th century.

The benefits of smoking or vaporizing cannabis for headaches is that the results can be felt immediately, as opposed to taking a pill, where the effects can take anywhere from 10 minutes to half an hour to kick in. Cannabis can alleviate not only the head pain associated with migraine, but also the nausea. If the episode is treated early enough, cannabis can even halt the migraine in its tracks.

Of course, it is important to identify a type of cannabis that doesn’t cause you to develop a headache, before trying to treat one. Once you have found the perfect strain for your personal pain relief, you’ll love this all-natural Advil


Best Cannabis Strains for Headaches and Migraine

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Cannabis can alleviate headaches thanks to the same properties that allow it to ease other types of pain. Essentially, cannabinoid compounds found in the plant interact with the body in the same way as painkillers, binding to the receptors that would send pain signals back to the brain and rendering them incapable of delivering this message. When it comes to migraines, cannabis can also help with the nausea experienced by many sufferers.

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  1. AK Auto-Flowering
  2. Cinderella 99
  3. Great White Shark
  4. Amnesia

Is it legal to buy cannabis in Florida?

Some of the best marijuana seeds in Florida

In Florida, as in everywhere else in the country, it is legal to purchase and possess cannabis seeds. Considered adult novelty souvenir items, Floridians are breaking no laws by keeping ungerminated seeds in their homes.

As for cannabis plants and products, Florida recently passed new laws that allow medical cannabis to be used beyond the previous limit of CBD extracts for epilepsy. Today, registered medical cannabis patients can purchase cannabis from dispensaries to treat conditions like glaucoma, cancer, HIV, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, and multiple sclerosis.

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Storing your cannabis seeds

Did you know cannabis seeds can stay fresh for years if you store them properly? It’s true! It doesn’t matter if you bought a huge batch and can’t grow them all now, or you live somewhere where growing isn’t yet legal – package them up right, and you’ll have seeds for days! Well, years, actually. A few key factors will ensure your marijuana seeds stay viable until you’re ready to germinate: they should be in a place with a humidity level of about 6-9%. That’s when you’ve already opened them, of course. If they’re remained in their sealed container, humidity shouldn’t affect them. You’ll also want to keep the temperature stable – fluctuations can cause all kinds of problems and trick those little dormant dudes into thinkings its time to hatch. Learn more about storing your cannabis seeds in our How To Preserve Cannabis Seeds article.

Compare Our Cannabis Seed Strains

Amnesia90S / 10I20% THCDaytime
Cinderella 9970S / 30I22% THCDaytime
Chemdog #4 80I / 20S18% THCEvening

Ordering weed seeds in Florida

Get your weed seeds from Growers Choice and they’ll be delivered quickly and discreetly, right to your door. Our premium seeds are available in 21 feminized strains, which includes 11 regular, 7 auto-flowering, and 3 medical, high-CBD varieties. Each cnnabis seed strain is accompanied by helpful online information about its best use. We provide flat shipping rates for our US customers, and our website is filled with helpful information. When you need Florida cannabis seeds, you need Growers Choice!