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gal in Newark, Delaware?

Delaware has a long history of cannabis in the state, with laws changing quite frequently. Because of this, it may make it difficult for residents to keep up with the regulations, leaving them unaware of what’s actually legal and what’s not.

So, let’s tackle the basics: is weed legal in Newark, Delaware? Is there a medical marijuana program, and is recreational cannabis permitted? Let’s find out.

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Buy the best medical seeds for your home in Newark.
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Medical Marijuana Laws

Thankfully, medical marijuana has been legal in Newark, Delaware, since 2011. The state’s medical marijuana program has been long established, with nearly 20,000 patients today. With a medical marijuana card, you gain access to the state’s dispensaries and the many cannabis products they have to offer.

Newark doesn’t have any restrictions on the types of cannabis products you consume, only the amount. You can access various products ranging from flower to vapes, edibles, and tinctures at your local dispensary, but you can only possess up to six ounces of usable cannabis at a time. (But don’t worry: that’s a lot, and you likely won’t come close to your allotment unless you’re stocking up.)

Like in all other states where medical cannabis is legal, you can only consume your medical marijuana products in the comfort and privacy of your home. Public consumption is illegal, including consumption in your car. If you don’t own your home, make sure you get permission from your landlord before sparking up a joint.

Recreational Marijuana Laws

Residents of Delaware can rejoice as recreational cannabis was legalized in the state in the summer of 2023. This passing allows residents aged 21 and older to purchase and possess cannabis in Newark legally and safely. Regulations state that buyers can only possess up to one ounce of marijuana flower, 12 grams of concentrates, or 750 milligrams in edibles.

While recreational cannabis is technically legal in Newark, Delaware, you can’t actually buy marijuana products yet. This is because recreational sales have not rolled out, and they aren’t expected to until the end of 2024. Thus, there aren’t any recreational dispensaries currently in Newark—only medical dispensaries.

The state has allocated dozens of licenses for growers and dispensaries for when the time is right. But, for now, recreational consumers must be patient and wait for Delaware to wholly roll out their recreational program.

Types of Cannabis Seeds for Sale

Recreational cannabis sales may not have started in Newark yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your hands on high-quality weed seeds in the meantime. In the US, ungerminated marijuana seeds are legal for sale and purchase: you just can’t germinate them in places that don’t allow cultivation. Thus, you can legally buy high-quality cannabis seeds from Growers Choice Seeds and stock up on some of the best options around—even before recreational sales start in Newark.

Growers Choice Seeds is proud to offer a great selection of weed seeds for sale to prospective consumers. Our entire seed bank is comprised of feminized seeds which are all but guaranteed to grow female plants. Unlike male plants, female cannabis plants produce flowers which are the buds we cultivate to smoke and use for other products. Because of this, female plants are much more sought after, making regular seeds not quite as popular as feminized ones.

If you’re interested in growing female marijuana plants in the future, Growers Choice Seeds has the perfect seed selection for you. Within our feminized varieties, you can find both photoperiod and autoflowering seeds depending on what kind of growing experience is right for you. And, if you don’t know the difference between the two, we’ll break it down for you below.

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Find the best feminized seeds for your Newark home with our high-quality selection
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Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Some of the most popular types of feminized seeds are photoperiods, and these are female seeds that grow based on light cycles. Essentially, your feminized seeds are going to stay in the vegetative stage until you adjust the hours of light they’re exposed to. Once you give them fewer daylight hours and more darkness, this will trigger the shift from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage, where your plants start to produce the buds you know and love.

Because of this, photoperiod seeds tend to be a bit easier for more experienced growers who are well-versed in the light cycle needs of cannabis plants. However, this does not mean that it’s impossible for novice cultivators to cultivate feminized strains–especially thanks to the fact that we provide a blog filled with free cannabis grow advice and more. 

If you’re interested in the skill and reward that comes from growing photoperiod feminized seeds, you’re in luck. Growers Choice Seeds offers a huge selection of these high-quality, sun-powered seeds in so many popular strains. You can find household names like Pineapple Express and Blue Dream, or even newer options like Gelato or Wedding Cake. No matter what flavor profile or cannabinoid content you’re seeking, Growers Choice online seed bank has plenty of options for you.

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Don’t want to worry about your cannabis plants’ light cycles that much? With autoflowering seeds, you don’t have to. Autoflower cannabis seeds have been modified to enter the flowering stage entirely on their own after a certain amount of time, regardless of the lights above them.

They will transition from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage automatically, and their flowering times are shorter than photoperiods. This makes autoflower seeds extremely appealing for beginner growers—or just any cultivator looking for a slightly easier growing experience. In case you don’t have a lot of experience with cannabis plant light cycles, starting with autoflowering seeds may be the best option.

Growers Choice Seeds offers numerous autoflower strains for you to choose from depending on your preferences. From indicas like Critical Purple to sativa strains like Durban Poison, Growers Choice online seed bank has high-quality autoflower strains for you.

Can You Grow Weed at Home in Newark?

We’ve talked about cannabis seeds and the different types you can buy, and you know that weed is fully legal in Newark. But, can you grow your cannabis seeds at home once you’ve received them in the mail?

Sadly, despite both medical marijuana and recreational marijuana being legal, residents cannot grow weed at home in Newark yet. While there have been proposals to allow at-home cultivation, specifically for medical marijuana patients, nothing has passed in the Blue Hen State. Cultivating cannabis plants at home, both indoor and outdoors, is against the law.

While you can legally buy quality cannabis seeds for your Newark home, you have to be patient in waiting to germinate them. Germinating them is against the law as it stands, so you need to know how to properly store your seeds for the day that cannabis cultivation is legalized. But, how do you store your seeds? We’ll talk about that next

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Find out how to keep your cannabis seeds fresh for as long as possible in our blog post. 
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How to Store Your Cannabis Seeds

Since growing weed at home in Newark isn’t yet allowed, it’s crucial to understand how to properly keep your seed fresh until legalization happens. To do this, you need to consider the environmental conditions in your home, as well as the types of containers you utilize.

Cannabis seeds are going to do best when stored in dark, dry, and cool places in your home. You need to keep your weed seeds in areas that stay consistently dark and cold, typically around 40-45°F. The humidity levels also need to be extremely low or non-existent, as high humidity can impact your seeds’ health and viability. Thus, dark, dry, and cool spots are essential.

Try getting your hands on opaque airtight containers for your weed seeds, too. These containers help to preserve your seeds as they are, keeping them fresh for the day that Newark allows at-home cultivation.

Why Buy Cannabis Seeds to Grow at Home in Newark?

Marijuana is fully legal in Newark, but at-home cultivation isn’t just yet. But, when it is legalized, the price of marijuana products and seeds is going to skyrocket in your area, as everyone else is going to get on board with cultivation, too. Because of this, it’s beneficial to get ahead of the curb and get your hands on high-quality, affordable cannabis seeds from Growers Choice today.

Growers Choice Seeds is proud to offer a huge selection of premium marijuana seeds that are ready to be shipped to your doorstep the moment you decide to fill your digital cart. With our germination guarantee and discreet shipping, you can make a purchase with absolute confidence.

Start shopping today and get prepared to cultivate the best Newark cannabis garden—once laws change, of course.

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