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Can I legally grow weed seeds in Longmont?

Colorado residents were given the go-ahead to legally cultivate weed seeds in this state back in 2012, when the local government passed their laws regarding recreational use of cannabis. The plant had been decriminalized here since the mid 70s, with medical marijuana use being legalized decades later in 2000. Both pot proponents and patients are legally allowed to grow their own little slice of heaven in Longmont.
Some of the most popular strains in Longmont include:

  1. Bubba Kush
  2. Northern Lights
  3. Blueberry Kush

Cannabis seeds for sale in Longmont

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Buy cannabis seeds in Longmont Colorado

What’s the best time to harvest my cannabis plants?

Experienced grower just knows when it’s time to harvest their cannabis crop, but newcomers to the practice of weed cultivation won’t know what to look out for. To compound the anxiety you are probably already feeling after setting up an elaborate grow space and planting your little seedlings (after they’ve been successfully germinated, of course), beginning the harvest too soon or too late can cause issues with your yield. Too early and you’re likely to end up with smaller, less potent buds. Too late, and many of the medicinal properties will be lost.

There are two surefire ways to tell when your cannabis is ready to be picked. The simplest method is taking a magnifying glass or jeweller’s loupe to examine the pistils – the small, white hairs that develop on the plant during the flowering stage. Until harvest time, your seeds will likely remain white and stick out from the bud. Closer to harvest, these should begin to curl in on themselves and their color will usually change from white to gold, orange, or red. When about 50-70% of your pistils have changed color, your plant has reached its peak level of THC, now is the time to harvest if a strong, euphoric effect is what you’re after.

If you wait a bit longer, say, until about 70-90% of the pistils have changed, some of the THC will be converted to CBN, and your buds will offer a more calming effect that is best for dealing with symptoms of anxiety. For more detailed information on the right time to cut down your cannabis, make sure to read our article on when and how to harvest your weed crop.

Whatever you plant in it, your garden will grow, but you should always start with top-quality Longmont cannabis seeds, like those available from Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds online – we deliver nationwide.

Should I flush my cannabis plants before harvest?

Flushing your cannabis plant is a process that many growers undertake about two weeks before they harvest in order to rid the plant of excess fertilizer and chemicals, which ensures a cleaner taste. Simply pour clean, clear water through the plant, allowing it to drain out the bottom. Wait 15 to 20 minutes and repeat the process. At this point, the soil should be free of chemicals and food, which will force the plant to use up its remaining stores.

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