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Recreational and medical weed are legal in the state of Colorado, and residents are permitted to cultivate up to 6 plants per household. Feminized and auto-flowering seeds are two of the most popular seed types, which we will explore in detail, along with the differences between indica and sativa strains. We also offer grow tips for cultivators in Lakewood and where to purchase high-quality cannabis seeds.

Lakewood, Colorado, and Cannabis 

The city of Lakewood is serene and picturesque, like most of the state of Colorado. The city offers tons of outdoor opportunities, one of which is the ability to legally cultivate your own marijuana plants. Below, we dive into all that Lakewood has to offer, as well as the current marijuana laws in Colorado. 

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Everything you need to know about cannabis in Colorado. 
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City of Lakewood

Lakewood, Colorado, is located in the Denver metropolitan area and offers tourists and locals an urban convenience combined with an insanely beautiful landscape. Lakewood is known for its harmonious coexistence with modern city life and a passion for the outdoors. Its location is close to both the bustling city of Denver and the epic Rocky Mountains. Popular outdoor activities in the area include hiking in Bear Creek Lake Park and Green Mountain, cycling along rugged trails, and fishing at one of the numerous lakes. Lakewood also offers easy access to the nearby Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre, famous for its legendary concerts. In terms of size, Lakewood is the fifth-largest city in Colorado, covering approximately 43 square miles. The city also fosters a progressive outlook, with a commitment to sustainability and community engagement. 

Cannabis Laws in Colorado

It’s not surprising that Colorado has embraced progressive marijuana laws, considering the state’s political leanings on average. Both medical and recreational cannabis are legal in the state. Adults aged 21 and over in Lakewood are allowed to purchase and possess up to one ounce of marijuana from a recreational dispensary. Colorado residents have the added benefit of cultivating up to six marijuana plants, with a restriction that only three of them can be in the flowering stage at a time. Medical marijuana patients enjoy higher possession limits of medical cannabis, with the ability to possess up to 2 ounces and cultivate the same number of marijuana plants.

Keep in mind that marijuana can only be purchased from state-licensed dispensaries, and public consumption remains illegal, although many a local can be witnessed smoking in public. These progressive laws have made Colorado, including Lakewood, a destination for both recreational and medical marijuana enthusiasts who live in states where cannabis is still illegal. 

Marijuana Seeds and Strains

We’re overjoyed that cannabis cultivation is allowed in the city of Lakewood! The city’s community of growers needs to be well aware of the different types of seeds and strains that are available for cultivation so that they can ensure a successful harvest and a fun cultivation process. 

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Compare and contract Indica strains versus Sativa strains. 
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Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds are a great choice for cannabis growers in Lakewood for several reasons, including their extreme reliability and relatively simple cultivation process in comparison to regular seeds. Regular seeds have a 50/50 chance of producing male or female cannabis plants, which can be problematic for growers since it requires them to remove the male plants. Online seed banks like Growers Choice Seeds primarily offer feminized seeds because they eliminate the uncertainty of gender in marijuana plants. In Lakewood’s climate, they can be grown outdoors with proper care, but indoor cultivation offers cultivators the ability to ensure perfect environmental conditions. 

Auto-Flowering Weed Seeds

Auto-flowering feminized seeds are a unique seed type that flowers on its own, rather than by changes in light. This occurs after feminized seeds are bred with ruderalis genetics. Ruderalis is a subspecies of cannabis known for its auto-flowering trait, small stature, and extreme resilience when faced with harsh weather. While auto-flowering seeds are not photoperiod, they can grow well in Lakewood’s climate, thanks to their adaptability. The benefits of auto-flowering seeds include their ability to flower on their own, a compact size suitable for discreet indoor cultivation, and the ability to harvest multiple times in a season.

Indica and Sativa Strains

Indica and sativa are the two primary cannabis strains and can be found in both feminized and auto-flowering seed varieties. Indicas are known for their calming and sedative effects, making them suitable for relaxation and the classic “body high” or “couch lock” often associated with cannabis. Two indica strains that could thrive in Lakewood’s climate are Blueberry Kush and Afghan Auto. Blueberry Kush offers a deliciously sweet and fruity taste with a relaxing body high, while Afghan Kush is known for its citrusy, pine aroma and deep calming effects.

Sativa strains are more energizing and rejuvenating, making them ideal for daytime use or when you’re going to have a night on the town. Two sativas that would potentially grow well in Lakewood’s climate are Jack Herer and Green Crack. Jack Herer offers a spicy and herbal flavor with a cerebral high, while Green Crack provides an invigorating buzz and creative inspiration. Flowering times and yields can vary, so growers need to research and select strains that align with their preferences and cultivation goals to ensure a positive experience.

Purchasing Pot Seeds and Grow Tips for Cultivators 

When it comes to purchasing high-quality cannabis seeds in Lakewood, growers have two primary options: local cannabis seed banks and online seed banks. Each offers its pros and cons, and we’ll dive into both options so that cultivators can make the best-informed decision for their operations.

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Local Cannabis Seed Banks

While it’s legal to grow cannabis in Colorado, finding local cannabis seed banks in the Lakewood area can be a bit of a challenge. Some dispensaries may carry a limited selection of seeds, but the availability can be inconsistent. If you do find a local seed bank in Lakewood, the benefits of purchasing locally include immediate access to seeds and the possibility of building community with other growers in the area. However, the downsides may include a limited strain selection, lower quality of seeds, and potentially higher prices compared to online seed banks.

Online Seed Banks

Online seed banks offer loads of benefits for growers, including a wide variety of quality cannabis strains, quick and discreet shipping, and top-notch customer service. Growers Choice Seeds is among the most popular online seed banks, due to its quality seeds and customer-friendly policies. This popular company also offers a germination guarantee, assuring customers that 90% of customers’ seeds will germinate when following the provided germination guide on the website. This guarantee ensures that growers get the most out of their seed purchases, or they will be refunded or sent new, viable seeds for free. What sets Growers Choice Seeds apart from others in its field is its excellent customer service and highly trained, friendly staff. They can provide assistance and guidance to both novice and experienced growers, helping them achieve a successful harvest.

Grow Tips

For new or current growers looking to cultivate marijuana in Lakewood successfully, here are some tips to help you along the way:

  • Select the Right Strains: Choose strains that align with your location, grow preference (whether indoor or outdoor), and your desired characteristics and effects. Consider researching flowering time, yield size, and terpene profiles when making your selections.
  • Quality Genetics: Invest in high-quality seeds from reputable seed banks, like Growers Choice Seeds, to ensure a healthy start for your plants.
  • Optimal Growing Conditions: Whether growing indoors or outdoors, maintain consistent environmental conditions, including temperature, humidity, and light cycles. Grow tents or greenhouses could be a good option when attempting to control these factors.
  • Nutrient Management: Pay close attention to specific nutrient requirements during different growth stages. Use a balanced fertilizer and monitor pH levels to prevent nutrient deficiencies or excesses.
  • Pruning and Training: Train and prune your plants to maximize light exposure and airflow, which can lead to healthier plants and bigger yields.
  • Pest and Disease Prevention: Research the best preventative measures to protect your plants from pests and diseases, and make sure to inspect your plants regularly.
  • Harvest at the Right Time: Follow the recommended harvest time for your chosen strains to capture peak potency and flavor in your buds.
  • Curing and Storage: Properly cure and store your harvested buds to maintain and enhance their flavor and potency. Use airtight containers and monitor humidity levels during the curing stage.
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