Buy cannabis seeds in Denver, Colorado


buy cannabis seeds in Denver, CO

Only the best Denver cannabis seeds are sold at Growers Choice!

Denver, the capital of Colorado, is nestled in the South Platte River Valley, east of the Rocky Mountains. The 19th-most populous city in the country, Denver is home to popular cultural hubs like the Art District on Santa Fe, and the River North Art District. The city hosts the annual Great American Beer Festival, and is the home turf of international music sensations like The Lumineers and The Fray. It’s also one of the best known marijuana centers in the country, and an excellent place to get Denver cannabis seeds.

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Is growing cannabis legal in Denver

Denver is located in one of the first and best known states to support and legalize medical and recreational cannabis. True to their reputation, it is legal in Denver to use cannabis both as treatment and a relaxation aid. The medical cannabis laws have been in place since 2001.

Locals are permitted to hold up to one ounce of cannabis, which is available in the countless dispensaries around the city. But if you’re looking for a more natural option that allows you to control every step of your medicine’s journey, a legal grow room or section of the garden is an even better idea, and Growers Choice has the cannabis seeds for you.

is all marijuana legal in denver?

The Latest Cannabis News in Colorado

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In recent Cannabis News: Colorado has some of the most liberal cannabis laws in the country.

Colorado might be the pot capital of the country, but everything hasn’t been completely settled on the local level. Recently (April, 2018), various small towns around the state voted on whether or not they want recreational cannabis stores in their municipality in addition to the existing medical marijuana retailers. Most towns appear to be in favor of the recreational stores, though one small town – Naturita – saw only 100 voters (1/5th of the population) at the ballot boxes. The next step is determining regulations around these new businesses, including taxation.

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Can I plant weed seeds in Denver?

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With Denver pot seeds from Growers Choice, you can legally grow cannabis right at home.

Colorado has some of the most liberal laws in the country, and that means residents – whether they’re registered medical cannabis users or adults interested in recreational use – are free to buy weed seeds and grow their own cannabis. At Growers Choice, we’re dedicated to helping you from beginning to end. Not only do we sell more than 40 premium cannabis seed strains, but our website is also full of helpful information on growing harvesting cannabis. Here are just a few of our helpful articles:

Growing Cannabis at Home

Thanks to Growers Choice, you’ll not only be set up with the best darn cannabis seeds this side of the Atlantic, you’ll also be able to learn all about growing cannabis at home, thanks to our quick, clear, and concise Grow Advice Resource section. Whether you’re wondering about the different stages of the cannabis life cycle or curious about how to prolong the life of your seeds pre-planting, you’ll find everything you need right here!

Whether you’re new to growing marijuana, or an expert and cultivating cannabis, our Grow Advice section has the resources you need all in one place. Curious how to grow cannabis with hydroponics, or how to make hash? It’s all there with tons more. You can read more about the Sea of Green and Screen of Green growing methods, and how to clone cannabis plants. And if you can’t find something you’re looking for, contact us! We love to talk shop, and would be happy to help you find the information you need to maximize your harvest.

cannabis for medical use in colorado

Use cannabis to naturally treat many medical symptoms and conditions.

Using Weed for Asthma

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Get premium cannabis seeds delivered to your door, at premium prices!

Did you know there is some anecdotal evidence that cannabis can help people with asthma? This sounds weird to some people who’ve tried weed in the past, no doubt, if it left them coughing and choking. But there’s something neat about cannabis (actually, there are lots of neat things about cannabis): turns out, for people with asthma, the smoke can act as a temporary bronchodilator (just like an inhaler), while for people without asthma it can cause that constriction that leads to embarrassing and painful coughing. That’s pretty cool.

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White Widow 60S / 40I 26% THC Daytime
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Cannabis for Medical Use

Though cannabis for medical use is legal in Colorado, even those without a prescription are usually choosing marijuana for something therapeutic, even if it’s just to calm the nerves after a crazy workday.

Thanks to the importance of the endocannabinoid system – with which the compounds in cannabis extensively interact – cannabis can alleviate dozens of different conditions and symptoms, from headaches to sleep disorders to cancer (yes, preliminary studies suggest cannabis could actually stop cancer cells from multiplying)! It’s little wonder this plant is finally receiving the credit and appreciation it deserves, after years of being maligned by various industries.


Learn about CBD Critical Mango

This is a popular strain among medical cannabis aficionados, because it helps with just about everything under the sun. It helps deal with inflammation, chronic pain, depression, cancer, eating disorders, stress relief, anxiety… need we say more? If you haven’t tried CBD Critical Mango, you’re in luck. Here at Growers Choice, we keep this popular strain stocked on our shelves, ready to ship to your door at a moment’s notice. CBD Critical Mango has a slightly longer flowering time of 70-80 days, so get started today. You’ll be glad to have this medical marvel around to cure your aches and pains.

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How do I order cannabis seeds in Denver?

Growers Choice offers fast and discreet shipping of your Denver cannabis seed order and flat rate delivery, from our warehouse on the west coast. All our seeds are hand-selected and packaged in medical-grade glass vials, which ensure freshness and viability. We also offer a 90 percent germination guarantee, so you won’t have to worry about your seeds failing you when you order cannabis seeds in Denver.

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Quality Guaranteed with Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

I haven’t had any issues at all with these seeds! Bought three 3-packs to date, and except one seed in the second pack that just never popped, I’ve been happily growing my own medicine (CBD Moby Dick, yes!) for over a year now, exclusively with seeds from Growers Choice. Good genetics, for sure.

Leo D., Denver, CO
Rated 5 out of 5

Quality, quality, quality. You can order your seeds from anywhere, but they won’t be as good as what you get from Growers Choice. Seriously good weed every time. No dried, crack seeds — you get viable seeds that will germinate like they’re supposed to. I live in Denver, and the cannabis seeds I get from this place are the best out there. I hardly ever buy from anyone else anymore. Hands down good spot to buy from.

John F., Denver, CO
Rated 5 out of 5

My Durban Poison is off the HOOK! First grow, too, so I’m pretty much planning my future large-scale operations (haha, just kidding). Seriously, though, this is a solid strain from a good company.

Frank J., Denver, CO
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