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Centennial is a sunny and inviting city that offers locals a booming economy and a gorgeous, mountainous landscape. Marijuana is legal both recreationally and medically in the city and locals have the leisure of cultivating their own marijuana garden too. In this article, we dive into all of the above and sprinkle in some grow tips for beginners, as well as where Centennial cultivators are purchasing their high-quality cannabis seeds!

Centennial, CO, and Cannabis 

The cozy, but bustling, city of Centennial is worth a visit and maybe a transplant (it does offer 300 days of sun, after all). Read on to learn more about the city, as well as the local marijuana laws!

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City of Centennial

The city of Centennial has not been around for a long time, as it was recently incorporated on February 7, 2001. It was formed primarily as a response to residents’ desire to have more local control over their community. Before its incorporation, the area was almost entirely unincorporated and part of Arapahoe County. Initially, the area was known for its farming and ranching, which played a big role in the area’s economy. As the Denver metropolitan area expanded, Centennial transformed into a suburban community with a wide range of businesses, including tech startups, health providers, cute shops, and trendy bars.

Centennial currently has a population of over 110,000 residents, making it one of the largest cities in Colorado. The city is generally considered to be affluent, with a higher-than-average median household income. This affluence has contributed to the city’s development and gentrification, which both have their pros and cons. 

Centennial has a climate that is typical of the Colorado Front Range region, enjoying approximately 300 days of sunshine per year, with relatively low humidity. Outside of the city, locals and tourists can be found exploring the insanely beautiful Rocky Mountains to the west. As to be expected, outdoor sports like climbing, mountaineering, skiing, snowboarding, and trail running are popular in the area and are a big draw for people relocating to Centennial. 

Cannabis Laws in Colorado

Colorado legalized medical marijuana in 2000, and in 2012, voters approved Amendment 64, which legalized recreational marijuana for adults aged 21 and over. This progressive stance on marijuana has made Colorado one of the leading states when it comes to the legalization of cannabis use.

Adults in Colorado are allowed to purchase and possess up to one ounce of marijuana, and possession of this amount is thankfully decriminalized. Residents are also permitted to cultivate up to six marijuana plants, as long as only three of them are in the flowering stage at any given time. Medical marijuana patients have more generous possession limits, with the ability to grow the same number of plants. One huge perk for Colorado residents is the legalization of cannabis lounges and cafes, which allow people to enjoy marijuana in a public environment. 

Types of Marijuana Seeds

For residents who’d like to take advantage of legal cannabis cultivation in the state, it’s a good idea to understand the different seed and strain types so that growers can choose exactly what fits their needs. 

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Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds were first created in the late 20th century by breeders who wanted to eradicate the unpredictability of regular seeds, which have a 50/50 chance of yielding either male or female plants. Male plants are generally unwanted because they do not produce cannabinoid-rich buds and are often removed during the cultivation process to prevent the pollination of the female plants. This process is quite time-consuming, so the advent of feminized seeds has been revolutionary for growers. With feminized seeds, growers can be assured that their plants will be female, resulting in tons of potent buds.

Many online seed banks, like Growers Choice Seeds, exclusively offer feminized seeds because they simplify the cultivation process for home growers and are usually the only type of seed that is desired. Regular seeds are typically preferred by breeders who want to create new strains by crossbreeding male and female plants.

Auto-Flowering Seeds

Auto-flowering feminized seeds are feminized seeds that have the addition of Ruderalis to their genetics. Instead of remaining photoperiod, like traditional feminized seeds, auto-flowering plants automatically transition from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage based on their age. Photoperiod plants transition to the flowering stage based on changes in light schedules. This trait was introduced by breeders who wanted to create more resilient and faster-growing cannabis plants, which they definitely succeeded at! Auto-flowering seeds have several key differences from regular feminized seeds including:

  • A shorter life cycle: autoflowering plants usually complete their growth in 8-10 weeks from seed to harvest, which means that growers can cultivate multiple harvests in one season.
  • Usually smaller in stature, which makes them a good choice for indoor and discreet outdoor cultivation.
  • They are exceptionally hardy and easy to grow!

Strains for Centennial

Centennial, Colorado can be a prime location for cultivating marijuana outdoors and indoors.  Four strains that could thrive outdoors in this region include:

  • Sweet Tooth
    • THC Content: Typically around 18%
    • Type: Indica-dominant hybrid 
    • CBD Content: Minimal
    • Terpene Profile: Tastes sweet and fruity with notes of woodiness
    • Effects: Euphoric, happy, calming
    • Flowering Time: 7-8 weeks 
    • Yield: An outdoor yield of about 500 grams per plant
  • Purple Kush:

    • THC Content: Generally around 19%
    • Type: 100% indica
    • CBD Content: Typically less than 1%
    • Terpene Profile: Flavors of sweet grape with notes of earth
    • Effects: Relaxing and often sedating
    • Flowering Time: 7-8 weeks
    • Yield: A yield of about 400 grams per square meter when grown indoors
  • Super Silver Haze:

    • THC Content: Usually around 16%
    • Type: Sativa-dominant hybrid
    • CBD Content: Typically less than 1%
    • Terpene Profile: Delicious flavors of sweet and spicy citrus
    • Effects: Energizing followed by deep relaxation and a sense of happiness
    • Flowering Time: 10-12 weeks
    • Yield: Huge yields of up to 1000 grams per plant when grown outdoors. 
  • Ghost OG Auto:
    • THC Content: Approximately 23%
    • Type: Indica-dominant hybrid
    • CBD Content: Minimal
    • Terpene Profile: Invigorating flavors of citrus with calming woody undertones
    • Effects: A boost in mood and body, causing physical relaxation and happiness
    • Flowering Time: 7-8 weeks
    • Yield: Around 350 grams per square meter when grown indoors 

Growing Cannabis in Centennial, CO

Although marijuana cultivation is legal in Colorado, it’s important to purchase seeds from reputable sources. Not all seeds are high-quality and can result in a less-than-desirable harvest, which you do not want! We’ve also included a few cultivation tips to give you a little nudge in the right direction. 

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Online Seed Banks

Online seed banks are the go-to source for most cannabis growers because they provide excellent customer service and quality cannabis seeds that are guaranteed to germinate. Here’s why they are a good option:

  • Variety and Accessibility: Online seed banks offer a wide variety of cannabis strains, including feminized, auto-flowering, and high-CBD strains. This variety allows growers to choose strains that are perfect for their local conditions, some of which might not be available at their local seed bank.
  • Quality Control: Reputable online seed banks, like Growers Choice Seeds, prioritize seed quality and germination rates. They provide detailed information about the strain’s genetics and characteristics, giving growers peace of mind.
  • Germination Guarantee: Growers Choice Seeds also offers a germination guarantee, assuring customers that 90% of their seeds will germinate if customers follow the germination guide on their website. 

Grow Tips for Beginners

For newer growers in Centennial, here are some essential grow tips to help prepare for a successful harvest:

  1. Climate Consideration: Understand the local climate and remain aware of any fluctuations. Centennial’s semi-arid climate requires attention to harsh temperatures, humidity, and precipitation. Indoor cultivation allows for more control over the climate.

  2. Strain Selection: Choose cannabis strains that are well-suited to Centennial’s climate. The three strains mentioned earlier can be excellent choices, but research and experimentation may be necessary to find the best fit. Speaking with local cannabis growers who have been cultivating for a while can also be a good resource.

  3. Proper Soil and Nutrients: Invest in high-quality soil or grow mediums and research what your plants need at each growth stage. 

  4. Lighting: If growing indoors, invest in quality lighting systems. Outdoor growers should try to maximize natural sunlight exposure for their plants.

  5. Watering and Drainage: Develop a watering schedule that prevents overwatering or underwatering, as both circumstances can be detrimental to your garden.

  6. Pruning and Training: Research how to properly prune and train your plants to promote optimal growth and maximize the yield of buds at harvest.

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