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Interested in cultivating cannabis plants in Fountain, Colorado? Confused by terms like “regular,” “feminized,” and “autoflower” seeds? Unsure of which strain(s) from Growers Choice Seeds will do well in Fountain? Well, keep on reading, as all of these questions and more are covered in the article below!

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Just 10 minutes from Colorado Springs, the small town of Fountain (population 29,000+) can be found at the base of Pikes Peak along Fountain Creek. If you’re wondering if Fountain has awe-inspiring scenery, perhaps knowing that Katharine Lee Bates wrote the well-known “America the Beautiful” after taking in the views of the area from the top of Pikes Peak will answer your question.

Along with “spacious skies” and “purple mountains majesty,” Fountain, which is a Home Rule Municipality located in El Paso County, features plenty of outdoor natural attractions with its parks and trails, as well as all the urban conveniences of excellent dining and shopping options while never loosing its friendly, small-town feel.

With a history rooted in agricultural practices, Fountain is also home to a thriving cannabis cultivation scene that is restricted to indoor plant growing only when it comes to marijuana. This means that even though Fountain has an average annual outdoor frost-free growing season of 152 days that usually starts on 4 May and ends in the first few days of October, as well as a semi-arid climate with comfortable springs and humid summers that are hot with temperatures reaching as high as 90 degrees Fahrenheit that would in many ways be conducive to the outdoor growing of cannabis plants in backyard gardens, etc., local laws do not allow for this.

As is the case for all counties and municipalities in the State of Colorado, which legalized medical marijuana in 2000 and became one of the first two states in the county to legalize recreational cannabis in 2012, those who call Fountain home are subject to both state and local county laws as they relate to the purchase, possession, use, and cultivation of cannabis.

As such, provided in the section below are some of the most important things to know about Colorado and El Paso County’s cannabis laws as they pertain to Fountain.

Medical and Recreational Marijuana Laws in Fountain

As mentioned above, the purchase, use, possession, and cultivation of weed for medical and recreational purposes are all legal in the State of Colorado. However, every county and/or municipality in the state has the right to pass their own legislation regarding all of these areas. This means that what applies to those who live in a place like Boulder, which is part of Boulder County, where, for example, the outdoor growing of cannabis plants is allowed, does not apply to those who live in Fountain, which is a part of El Paso County, which does NOT allow for the growing of marijuana crops outside.

In addition, when it comes to Fountain, retail cannabis shops are not allowed, but since Colorado Springs is just 10 minutes away and the growing of indoor plants is allowed, locals don’t seem to mind the inconvenience.

Small indoor cannabis plant in a white pot on a white background as viewed from above
How to grow cannabis indoors for pros and beginners
Source: Nick Harsell unsplash

Fountain’s Cultivation Laws

Those who are 21+ in Fountain or are either a registered medical marijuana patient or caregiver can grow a maximum of 12 cannabis plants indoors per household–NOT per person–with six or fewer being mature.

Colorado’s Medical Marijuana Laws

  • You must be 18+, or have your parent or legal guardian as your registered caregiver in order to obtain your medical marijuana card.
  • Medical users and their caregivers can purchase and possess up to 2 ounces of medical cannabis.
  • Medical marijuana cannot be consumed in public.

Recreational Laws in Fountain.

  • You must be 21+ to be a legal adult user.
  • Those 21+ can purchase up to 1 ounce of cannabis flower or marijuana products per day.

For more specifics about what is allowed in the county of El Paso see here, and for the town of Fountain, see here.

Why Growers in Fountain Buy Their Cannabis Seeds From Cannabis Seed Banks

Seeing as dispensaries aren’t allowed in Fountain, the two easiest ways for at-home growers there is to either drive to a dispensary in Colorado Springs or to order from a reputable online seed bank like Growers Choice Seeds (GCS).

However, the reality is, the majority of dispensaries are about providing their customers with a wide variety of products as opposed to a massive selection of cannabis seeds. As such, most in Fountain prefer to order their favorite feminized and autoflowering seed strains from GCS as they have thousands of high-quality cannabis seeds on offer.

Some other big reasons that Fountain cultivators rely on GCS are provided below.

  • Feminized Seeds: GCS only sells feminized seeds that are photoperiods or autoflowers, as they have a 99% chance of producing all-female plants that provide growers with yields of THC-rich and/or CBD-rich buds, which is what your everyday grower in Fountain is wanting. This is also why GCS doesn’t offer regular seeds, as they will produce both male and female plants. Although male plants are incredibly important as pollinators, your average residential cultivator isn’t looking to create new strains so they will have little to no use for male plants.
  • Speedy and Discreet Shipping: While Fountain is hardly crime-central, local growers still greatly appreciate receiving their orders as quickly and discreetly as possible.
  • Affordability: GCS makes its huge selection of cannabis seeds available at affordable prices. In addition, they offer discounts on wholesale marijuana seed strain orders and feature regular rotating sales on a diverse offering of new, classic, exclusive, rare, and popular strains.
  • Germination Guarantee: GCS has one of the highest germination rate guarantees in the industry, where they promise that if 90% of the seeds that you order from them don’t germinate, they will replace the duds for free. Their only requirement is that you just follow their simple and inexpensive germination method.

Feminized Seeds vs. Autoflower Seeds

Feminized Photoperiod Seeds

Feminized seeds are “photoperiods.” This means that they are unable to automatically transition into their flowering stage from their vegetative growth stage without having their light/dark cycle changed. As a general rule of thumb, feminized photoperiods have to be changed from an 18/6 cycle to a 12/12 cycle for them to flip to flower.

Several cannabis plants growing in a large indoor facility
All about various cannabis growing mediums
Source: Ryan Lange unsplash

Thanks to the fact that GCS provides a free blog that is filled with information on almost everything you need to know about cannabis, including things like maintaining healthy nitrogen levels in the soil, how to grow your plants indoors, etc. first-time and inexperienced growers in Fountain shouldn’t find something like learning about light cycles to be an obstacle in their path to successfully cultivating otherwise easy-to-grow strains like Kilimanjaro and Holy Grail Kush indoors.

Speaking of growing one’s cannabis plants indoors in Fountain, while the fact that outdoor growing is banned there might sound like a huge downer, the upside is that cultivators there aren’t restricted in their strain choices due to the area’s weather conditions, which can include summer hail storms that can severely damage one’s beautiful garden of marijuana crops. Instead, they can grow most any type of cannabis they wish to inside provided they have the right kind of setup and skills to match the needs of that particular strain.

Autoflowering Feminized Seeds

Autoflowering strains are feminized seeds that have had the hardy Central Asian landrace strain of ruderalis added to their genetics. This addition of about 10% to 20% ruderalis gives autoflowers the ability to automatically move into their flowering stage without requiring any outside intervention in their light schedule. Furthermore, autoflowers tend to produce plants that are: more compact; faster-maturing with a flowering stage that usually takes 6-8 weeks, but can take as long as 10-12 weeks; and more resilient than their feminized photoperiod counterparts. All of these traits combined serve to make them particularly advantageous to growers in Fountain who are either new to cannabis cultivation and/or who have limited indoor space. Two good examples of autoflowers that are particularly known for their ease of growth are Glass Slipper and Cream.

Three More Top Strains to Grow in Fountain

Here are three more strains that are proving to be popular with cultivators and consumers alike in the scenic small town of Fountain.

1. Pineapple Jack feminized: This stimulating, near-pure sativa is beloved for its ability to quickly reinvigorate energy levels and uplift spirits.

2. Kong feminized: To say that this high-yielding strain is a knockout of a pure indica is more of an understatement than a foray into the hyperbolic.

3. Green Queen autoflower: This evenly-balanced hybrid that leans sativa in its effects will have you flying sky high and then drifting peacefully on the sea of tranquility.

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