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Cannabis is legal recreationally and medically for adults in the state of Colorado. In this article, we explore the city of Englewood with all of its charm and passion for cannabis. For growers in Englewood, we suggest seed and strain types and offer growing advice for beginners. 

Englewood, CO, and Cannabis 

Englewood offers residents a family-friendly and safe environment, as well as the opportunity to indulge in recreational marijuana! Below, we divulge all of these juicy details and more. 

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Everything there is to know about cannabis in Colorado!
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City of Englewood

Englewood has an interesting history, dating back to the late 19th century when it was founded as a small farming community, officially becoming a city in 1903. Over the years, Englewood has evolved from an agricultural community into a bustling suburban city. It’s known for its friendly neighborhoods, top-notch schools, and a strong sense of community. Englewood is located in the Denver metropolitan area, surrounded by the epic Rocky Mountains, which the locals take full advantage of! Hiking, mountain biking, climbing, and camping are pretty popular sports in the area. Englewood offers a cool selection of employment opportunities, including jobs in healthcare, tech startups, retail, hospitality, education, and entrepreneurial endeavors, among others. 

Interesting Facts:

  • Englewood is home to the Gothic Theatre, a historic concert venue known for hosting a wide range of music and theater events.
  • The city’s annual Englewood Days celebration is a well-loved tradition in the community, featuring parades, live music, and community activities.
  • Englewood is part of the Denver Tech Center, a prominent business district that contributes significantly to the city’s economy, bringing a heightened amount of affluence to the area. This can be a pro and a con for residents in Englewood, as naturally, it will cause some amount of gentrification.

Cannabis Laws in Colorado

Both recreational weed and medical cannabis are legal in Colorado. In 2012, Colorado became one of the first states to legalize recreational cannabis for adults aged 21 and older, while medical marijuana had been legal in the state for several years before that. The marijuana legislation has been a saving grace for many individuals living in the state, and Colorado residents are also allowed to cultivate their own marijuana plants. The state allows up to six plants per person, with a limit of three plants in the flowering stage at any given time. 

Colorado has decriminalized marijuana possession, and penalties for personal use are thankfully relatively lenient in the state. Colorado has also taken steps to address the impact of previous marijuana-related convictions. In some cases, individuals with prior marijuana convictions have had their records expunged or reduced sentences due to changes in the law. 

Types of Marijuana Seeds and Strains

From regular to feminized, to auto-flowering seeds, the choice of which to cultivate can be a bit daunting! That’s where we come in. Below, we’ve given an overview of each type of seed so growers can feel confident about which one will suit them best. 

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Become an expert on feminized cannabis seeds.
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Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Feminized weed seeds were initially created by breeders to ensure that nearly every plant grown from these seeds would be female, which is desirable because female plants produce cannabinoid-rich buds. Originally, only regular seeds were available, which are far less predictable since they produce male and female plants (male plants do not produce buds). Feminized seeds offer more than just predictability to growers, their benefits include: 

  • Ease of Cultivation: Feminized seeds save time, energy, and space for growers.
  • Higher Yield: All-female crops produce almost double the amount of potent buds.
  • Better Use of Resources: By avoiding male plants, growers can focus their resources on maximizing the quality of the female plants.

Feminized plants are distinct from auto-flowering plants, in that auto plants transition to the flowering stage based on their age rather than light changes, while feminized plants rely on the photoperiod (light schedule) to flip to flowering. Feminized plants can be either photoperiod-dependent (non-auto) or auto-flowering.

Two feminized strains that are recommended for Englewood’s climate include:

  1. Blue Cheese Feminized:

    • Type: Indica-dominant hybrid
    • THC Content: Typically around 19%
    • CBD Content: Low
    • Effects: Relaxing, euphoric, and sleep/appetite-inducing
    • Terpene Profile: Tastes like sweet blueberries and ripe cheese!
    • Flowering Time: Approximately 7-9 weeks
    • Yield: About 600 grams when grown outdoors
  2. Tangerine Feminized:

    • Type: Sativa-dominant hybrid
    • THC Content: Around 18%
    • CBD Content: Low
    • Effects: Mental clarity and a happy relaxation
    • Terpene Profile: Mouth-watering flavors of sweet citrus 
    • Flowering Time: Approximately 7-8 weeks
    • Yield: Moderate yield of about 300 grams when grown outdoors

Auto-Flowering Pot Seeds

Auto-flowering feminized seeds are feminized seeds with the added characteristic of auto-flowering, due to the addition of Ruderalis to their genetics. Auto seeds begin the flowering stage based on their age instead of changes in light cycles. Auto-flowering strains can be a good option in Englewood because of their shorter growth cycles and ability to adapt to changing and harsh weather conditions. They are particularly useful for growers who want to harvest multiple times in a single outdoor growing season. Two auto-flowering strains that are recommended for Englewood’s climate include:

  1. Northern Lights Auto:

    • Type: Indica-dominant
    • THC Content: Around 19%
    • CBD Content: Low
    • Effects: Relaxing, euphoric, and happy
    • Terpene Profile: Sweet pine with earthy undertones
    • Flowering Time: Approximately 7-8 weeks from germination
    • Yield: Indoor yields of about 500 grams per square meter
  2. Alaska Thunderfuck Auto:

    • Type: Balanced hybrid
    • THC Content: Approximately 22%
    • CBD Content: Low
    • Effects: Energetic, mood-enhancing, and euphoric
    • Terpene Profile: Sweet and spicy with earthy notes
    • Flowering Time: Around 7-8 weeks 
    • Yield: A bountiful outdoor yield of around 850 grams per plant

Indicas, Sativas, and Hybrids

Indicas, sativas, and hybrids are each well-loved strain types with distinct characteristics that appeal to various users. The origins and characteristics of each are described in brief below.


  • Originates from regions with harsh climates, such as the Middle East and Asia.
  • Has a short stature and bushy, wide leaves.
  • Most commonly has a sleep-inducing and calming effect.


  • Originates from equatorial regions that have warm climates.
  • Tends to be taller and thinner with more narrow leaves.
  • Generally offers an invigorating and mood-enhancing effect.
  • Commonly used for creative inspiration, mental clarity, an energy boost, and sociability.


  • Hybrid strains are created by crossbreeding indica and sativa plants.
  • The characteristics can vary widely, depending on the specific strain genetics.
  • Hybrids can offer a nice mix of both indica and sativa, resulting in balanced effects.

Indica strains are commonly used for indoor cultivation since their size is smaller than sativa plants. Sativa strains grow best in outdoor settings that offer plenty of vertical space. Hybrids can be adapted to various environments based on their genetic makeup.

Growing Cannabis Plants in Englewood, CO

Since the advent of the legalization of recreational weed, Colorado residents have been permitted to cultivate their own cannabis plants! For cultivators who are still in the planning process, or for those who are currently dipping their toes in, we’ve provided some tips on where to purchase seeds and how to supercharge your growing endeavors.

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Discover the best cannabis strains for novice growers.
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Grow Tips for Beginner Growers

For newer growers in Englewood attempting to cultivate plants from seed, the following information is for you:

  1. Research: Begin by studying the basics of cannabis cultivation, including plant anatomy, growth stages, and best cultivation methods. 

  2. Choose Premium Cannabis Seeds: Select quality cannabis seeds that best match your preferences and the climate in Englewood. 

  3. Prepare Your Space: Set up a workable growing space, whether it’s indoors or outdoors. Make sure proper lighting, temperature, and humidity are all accounted for. 

  4. Germination: Start with high-quality cannabis seeds and follow germination guidelines carefully, like this one from Growers Choice Seeds. 

  5. Cultivation: Pay close attention to the specific needs of your chosen strains. Most online seed banks will provide a detailed description of each strain.

  6. Harvesting: Timing is crucial for harvesting. Be patient and wait until the buds reach the zenith of their potency. Use a magnifying glass to check the progression of the trichomes.

  7. Drying and Curing: After harvesting, dry and cure your buds correctly. This will enhance their flavor and potency. Be prepared for this process to take several weeks, but it is definitely worth the wait.

Resources for Beginners

  • Online forums and communities: Various websites dedicated to all things cannabis have active communities of cannabis growers who share their experiences, failures, and advice.
  • Local hydroponics stores and seed banks: Englewood may have hydroponics stores and local seed banks where you can find growing supplies and seek advice from experts.
  • Books and online courses: There are many books and courses dedicated to cannabis cultivation that can provide in-depth knowledge.
  • Online seed banks: Reputable online seed banks, like Growers Choice Seeds, employ a staff of friendly experts who are willing to answer any cultivation questions you might have!


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