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Colorado is home to summits like Mount Elbert and vistas like the Black Ridge Canyons Wilderness, and a host of protected areas including the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail. The state is peppered with universities and colleges, and celebrates professional sports teams like the Denver Broncos and the Colorado Avalanche. With a population of 5.5 million people, Colorado falls in the middle of the United States in size, but tops the list when it comes to medical cannabis laws. Turn to Growers Choice for the best Colorado cannabis seeds.

Cannabis-Friendly Gym On the Ropes

Colorado might be known for its open mindedness toward cannabis (and for being the first state to completely legalize recreational use), but that doesn’t mean it’s a no-holds-barred situation. In May, 2018, the owners of Break the Stigma Fitness, a cannabis-friendly gym that offers fitness classes combined with cannabis education and partaking opportunities, was given notice by the city.

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Sounds like this woman followed the rules, and she still got in trouble!

Though the state does not allow consumption in a public residents, the owner of the gym argues the actual usage takes place in a private residence, so it’s not the same thing, and she doesn’t charge for cannabis but for fitness education. She also insists she has been very transparent throughout the business licensing process, never hiding her intentions for the space. Here’s hoping everything turns out ok for this cannabis entrepreneur!

Is it Legal to Use Cannabis Seeds in Colorado?

In the past 17 years, Colorado has shown its open-mindedness with groundbreaking legislation in cannabis. In 2000, Amendment 20 made the use of medical cannabis legal, while 2012 saw the allowance of recreational products. Today, residents are entitled to carry up to 1 oz of cannabis at any given time, and may cultivate up to six plants grown from cannabis seeds, so long as only three are at a mature stage at any given time. In other words, yes – it is legal to use cannabis seeds in Colorado!

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Can I get weed seeds in Colorado?

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Grow your own cannabis right in your Colorado garden!

If you want to plant your own weed seeds in Colorado, there’s no need to look any farther than Growers Choice. Our premium cannabis seed strains are backed by an industry-leading 90 percent germination guarantee, and provide you with an excellent selection of feminized seeds – including auto-flowering, fast-flowering, and high CBD medical varieties.

Our website is also packed with helpful tips and advice on growing your cannabis seeds (from germination to harvest) and using the seeds to treat the countless medical conditions for which cannabis has been found helpful. Wondering whether cannabis is right for your PTSD? We can help! Looking for something to treat your chronic pain that won’t lead to a life-altering addiction? Cannabis is good for that, too! Just curious about your options for growing your plants? We’ve got you covered.

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Storing Your Cannabis Seeds

At Grower Choice, we sell three- and five-packs of cannabis seeds, which means most people germinate all their seeds in one go. If they happen to buy multiple packs, it’s not a big deal to ensure they’re well-preserved since they’re generally pretty safe inside their medical-grade glass vial, unopened. But what happens if you decide to bite the bullet and buy a 10 or 20-seed pack of that strain you know you’re going to love until the day you die (which will be much farther in the future now, because you’ve turned to natural therapies)? You need to know how to properly store your cannabis seeds so they don’t wind up unviable when you decide to plant them.

Great news – your seeds can keep for up to three years if you store them properly. Basically, they need to be kept at low humdity levels of about 6-9%, and shouldn’t be allowed to fluctuate greatly in temperature. Obviously, you also want to keep them dry, because wetness is one of the three essentials to get seeds to germinate, and that’s just what you’re trying to avoid. Want to learn more? Check out our helpful article, How To Preserve Your Cannabis Seeds!

Some of our helpful articles:

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So many articles, so little time!

  1. Germination Guide
  2. How to preserve cannabis seeds
  3. How cannabis affects the body
  4. Ways to ingest cannabis
  5. Making hash from cannabis resin

Though our learning section is packed with great tips and guidelines for so many different stages and processes surrounding Colorado cannabis seeds and plants, once in awhile a question might arise for which the answers is not clear. In such cases, we encourage you to reach out to us through email or social media (we’re on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram)! We will do our best to answer your inquiry, or direct you to the best resources to explore.

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Cannabis Can Treat Broken Bones!

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Cannabis could help broken bones heal more quickly!

Did you know cannabis can treat broken bones, decreasing the time it takes for the injury to heal? We already know different cannabinoids offer different benefits, but the star compound in question here is cannabidiol – the non-psychoactive component that is the second-most prevalent in most cannabis strains (after THC). Animal studies have shown that rats with broken bones showed improved healing after two months with CBD treatment. And CBD doesn’t just offer reactive benefit. The healed bones will likely be more difficult to break in the future! Why is this possible? Scientists suggest CBD works with endocannabinoid receptors in the body to stimulate bone formation and prevent bone loss.

Auto-Flowering or Regular Cannabis Seeds?

In Colorado, you’re allowed to grow your own cannabis plants, so picking the best seeds for you is an important undertaking! At Growers Choice, we’re proud to offer an outstanding selection of both regular and auto-flowering cannabis seeds, all of them fully and reliably feminized so you can completely banish the fear that you might end up with some males in the bunch who will spoil your bud. If you’re new to growing, auto-flowering seeds are a sound choice since they eliminate the need to stress over the “right” time to transition from vegetative to flowering stage — they do it for you! Take a look through the more than a dozen auto-flowering cannabis seed strains and nearly two dozen regular feminized cannabis seed strains we have to offer — you’re sure to find something to suit your needs, whatever they might be.

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Use Cannabis for Stress

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Cannabis can naturally address sleep disorders, headaches, stress, and much more!

It should come as no surprise that you can use cannabis for stress. One cause of stress is a lack of anandamide produced in the brain, and THC is very similar to anandamide, allowing it to bind to the same receptors in the body. Of course, different strains have different effects on stress, and those choosing to treat their symptoms with cannabis need to realize that some strains might cause anxiety or paranoia – usually in large doses. Starting small and choosing varieties known for their calming rather than euphoric properties are the best ways to ensure you stay safe when using cannabis for stress!

Cannabis to Treat Headaches

Did you know you can use cannabis to treat headaches? This might seem like a strange benefit, given some people complain of cannabis causing headaches, but it’s true! Though there aren’t many studies backing up this effect, anecdotal reports and some pre-clinical studies do show a positive corrolation.

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Find natural healing with Oregon cannabis seeds!

One study from 2013 found that more traditional migraine medicines seem to work because of interactions with the endocannabinoid system; since cannabis is intricately linked with this system in the patient’s body, it makes sense that it could have the same effects. Benefits could be due to the way cannabis encourages serotonin production.

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Using Cannabis for Insomnia

Sleep disorders are another category of condition for which people often turn to natural alternatives like cannabis. Though there is some concern over the fact that cannabis can disrupt the REM sleep cycle, many people find for nights when they just can’t risk tossing and turning, taking cannabis for insomnia can work wonders. Indica strains are more common than sativas for this kind of treatment, though some people find sativas taken earlier in the evening can fade down into a nice body stone that can alleviate relaxation. In addition to calming the monkey brain, cannabis increases slow-wave sleep, the period in which our muscles begin to relax.

Will cannabis seeds make me feel better?

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Medical cannabis is a natural treatment for countless conditions.

For the most part, whatever health concern you’re struggling with can be aided by medical cannabis. If you’re dealing with regular headaches, or deep muscle pain from exercise, or if you want to try an all-natural alternative to your pain, multiple sclerosis, mood disorder, or arthritis medication, we’d recommend at least giving cannabis a try. It’s a natural alternative to painkillers and other pharmaceuticals, and something more and more people are getting behind as the dangers around opioids and other medications continue to be publicized. Growers Choice Cannabis Seed strains like Diesel and Super Silver Haze tackle symptoms of stress, anxiety, nausea, and more!

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I’ve been collecting various cannabis seed strains for ages, and I have to say I was impressed with this selection. Sure, they carry the basics like OG Kush and Northern Lights, but they also have some harder-to-source strains like Tangerine Dream and pure Afghan. I’m more than happy to add Growers Choice seeds to my collection!

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