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AK Auto-Flowering 50S / 40I 19% THC Evening
Power Plant 80S / 20I 19% THC Daytime
Power Plant 80S / 20I 19% THC Daytime

Can I buy cannabis seeds in Saskatchewan?buy marijuana seeds from GCS in saskatchewan

There are a number of dispensaries and related shops in Saskatchewan, but the likelihood of finding high quality cannabis seeds is low. Beat the odds from the comfort of your own home by ordering your cannabis seeds from Growers Choice. Our products were cultivated by experts in the field, tested, and are always hand-selected for delivery to your front door.

Can cannabis increase my endurance?

There are some people who find use cannabis can improve their athleticism. Indeed, some athletes swear by the plant’s ability to improve their workouts, thanks to its well-documents ability to improve focus and relieve pain. It is important to note that athletes who use cannabis are not smoking joints – they are usually consuming cannabis in edible form. Some also turn to CBD topicals to ease muscle stiffness after an intense workout.

What are Fast-Flowering Cannabis Seeds?

Everyone wants to get their medicine as quickly as they can. Perhaps the one downside to growing your own cannabis is that you have to wait to harvest, dry, and cure it before you can use it! The benefits far outweigh the cons – you know where it came from and how it was grown, and you got exactly the strain you wanted – but it can still be hassle to practice that patience. Luckly, at Growers Choice we do offer some fast-flowering strains that are done in the minimal amount of time. Fast-flowering means the time from the end of the vegetative stage to harvest is a bit shorter – you can always adjust your vegetative stage (anywhere between about two and six weeks). Why not try our Jack Herer, Cinderella 99, or Northern Lights Auto-Flowering varieties?


Are weed seeds easy to grow?

Different strains have different levels of growing difficulty, but in general weed seeds are quite easy to germinate and grow into healing flowers. Following a germination period of about one week, the sprouted seeds can be planted in soil or hydroponic medium, and grown indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse. Gardeners must be careful with the nutrient balance and light/dark ratios, but beyond that cannabis is not overly hard to grow weed seeds in saskatchewan

What are the easiest cannabis strains to grow?

Growers Choice sells these easy-to-grow cannabis seeds:

  1. American Haze
  2. Cinderella 99
  3. Great White Shark
  4. Mazar
  5. All Auto-Flowering varieties
Get Frosty with White Widow Weed Seeds

How much THC is in cannabis?

The amount of THC in cannabis flowers depends on many different factors including the strain, when the plant was harvested, the quality of curing and the age of the bud, and how the product is consumed. At Growers Choice, our cannabis seeds strains contain between 10 and 26% THC (except for our High-CBD strains, which have 5-7%). To find out the THC and CBD levels of each of our strains, please see our THC and CBD Charts page.

What pests can hurt cannabis plants?

The most common pests and infections to infiltrate your cannabis plants (primarily those grown outdoors) are spider mites, gnats, aphids, white powdery mildew, and bud rot. If you grow your plants in a submerged hydroponic system such as Deep Water Culture, you may have come across root rot, as well. There are ways to remove these issues, or to at least prevent them from spreading to your entire crop. See our article on Common Cannabis Diseases and Pests for more information.

Is cannabis legal in Saskatchewan?

Throughout Canada, including the central prairie province of Saskatchewan, the purchase of cannabis by people holding recognized medical marijuana cards is permitted. Patients must be considered to be helped by cannabis (though no hard-and-fast list of approved conditions exists) and physicians must prescribe the medication. Home cultivation of cannabis seeds is permitted, though individuals must follow strict guidelines in the amount and places they are allowed to plant. Recreational cannabis is not legal in Saskatchewan.

Growers Choice cannabis seeds in Saskatchewan:

Compare Our Cannabis Seed Strains

White Widow 60S / 40I 26% THC Daytime
Amnesia 90S / 10I 20% THC Daytime
Cheese Auto-Flowering 50I / 30S 10% THC Evening

The best cannabis seeds in all the land

Dang, these seeds rock. I placed an order for a couple different 3-seed packs, and they got here just days later. I’m so glad these seeds are coming from western US and not Europe or something. Very impressed with their service, so far.

Carl G., Saskatchewan
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Now that it’s legal to grow here, I’ll be buying this company out of house and home. Seriously great selection and I can’t wait to try almost all of them. I think I need more houses.

Pat Y., Saskatchewan
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