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Saskatchewan is the epitome of agriculture in Western Canada. So why is it so difficult to find Saskatchewan marijuana seeds? If you can’t seem to find a good source then visit Growers Choice online marijuana seeds.

Marijuana Seeds in Saskatchewan

As one of only two provinces in Canada to not have a saltwater coast, Saskatchewan, which originally developed as a rural farming community, only sees approximately 80-100 frost-free days per year, and yet still manages to be the top exported in the world of lentils and dry peas, and supply more than a third of the world’s durum wheat.

Known for being the sunniest province in all of Canada, Saskatchewan boasts a rich natural landscape of boreal forests, lakes, massive vistas, prairies, and the world’s northernmost sand dunes–the Athabasca Sand Dunes.

As is typical for Canada, the majority of its population lives in the southern half of the province.

Like all Canadians, those who live in Saskatchewan have had legal access to the country’s medical marijuana program since 2001, and recreational marijuana since 2018.

With Saskatchewanians having been able to possess, use, and grow their own medicinal and non-medicinal cannabis plants at home for several years now, they know that the best source for obtaining their favorite seed strains is to order from online seed banks like Pacific Seed Bank (PSB) and Growers Choice Seeds (GCS) as not only do they have an extensive list of award-winning and heavy-hitting seed strains available, they also provide fast and discreet shipping to those in Canada and around the world.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Saskatchewan’s medical and recreational cannabis laws, the main points are provided below.

Medical marijuana plants
Medical marijuana seeds may help certain patients with qualifying conditions
Source: CRYSTALWEED cannabis Unsplash

Medical and Recreational Marijuana Laws in the Province of Saskatchewan

Every province in Canada has its own particular nuances related to the possession and cultivation of cannabis and marijuana products. As such, it’s important that you remember that what is allowed in Saskatchewan may not be allowed in the province of Manitoba. For example, Canada’s 2018 Cannabis Act allows for the cultivation of four plants for recreational purposes, but Manitoba does not allow the cultivation of non-medicinal cannabis.

Medical Marijuana Laws for Saskatchewan

  • There is no age restriction, but patients must be approved by their healthcare provider and then register with Health Canada.
  • You can possess up to 150 grams or a 30-day supply of cannabis flower in public and you can use it, so long as you have the proper documentation on you that shows you are authorized to use it for medicinal purposes if law enforcement asks for proof of your statue.
  • If you have a registration certificate that shows you are allowed to maintain a cannabis garden at home for medical purposes, it will indicate how many plants you’re allowed to cultivate, where you are allowed to keep your medical weed garden.

Adult-Use Cannabis Laws for Saskatchewan

  • You must be 19, which is Saskatchewan’s legal age for alcohol as well, to purchase, use, possess, and grow cannabis for recreational purposes. (Note that Canada’s federal law recommends 18 years of age or older, but each province has the right to set its own age limits, etc.)
  • You can possess up to 30 grams of cannabis in public.
  • You cannot consume cannabis in public spaces.
  • Saskatchewan follows Canada’s federal cultivation laws of four cannabis plants per household, not per person.

Why Saskatchewanians Buy Their Marijuana Seeds From Online Seed Banks

Along with the speedy shipping and stealth packaging that trustworthy seed banks like PSB and GCS provide to their customers, cannabis growers in Saskatchewan buy from them for the following reasons:

  • Extensive Selection: If you think of GCS like a shopping mall and the numerous cannabis breeders in operation as the different stores in that mall, it will quickly make sense why GCS is a top choice for growers to buy their top-shelf seed strains from with countless options all housed under one “roof,” making it that much easier to access exactly what they’re looking for.
  • Competitive Prices: Not only does GCS sell highly affordable marijuana seeds, it also features a wide range of wholesale cannabis seeds for sale and a rich selection of different types of seeds on special monthly sales.
  • Germination Guarantee: In a province that was originally colonized as a rural farming community, today’s Saskatchewanians know a thing or two about quality seeds of all kinds. As such, the fact that GCS provides a guarantee that if 90% of your batch of marijuana seeds that you purchase from them do not germinate they will then replace them for free is not something that locals take for granted–especially when the only “catch” is clearly stated, which is that you must adhere to the cheap and easy germination guide provided by GCS.

Feminized Seeds vs. Autoflower Seeds

Feminized Photoperiod Seeds

Feminized seeds, which have a 99% chance of growing into all-female plants, are photoperiods, which means that they need to have their light/dark cycle switched from what is generally an 18/6 cycle to a 12/12 cycle in order for them to flip from their vegetative growth stage to their flowering time. While this may sound like too much for a first-time or inexperienced cannabis grower to figure out, it really isn’t because GCS also provides a free blog that covers most everything you need to know about how to grow cannabis both indoors and out,  when to flip your plants to flower, how to create an inexpensive indoor setup, and so on–thereby making the growing of low-maintenance feminized strains like Casey Jones and I-95 completely possible for novice growers.

One important thing to note about growing feminized strains in Saskatchewan is that depending on where you live in the province, you’ll most likely want to grow your photoperiods indoors or in a greenhouse due to the short outdoor growing season and prolonged daylight hours in the summer.

Autoflowering Feminized Seeds

To start with, while not all feminized strains are autoflowering, all autoflower seeds are feminized.

Autoflower seeds are often considered to be a better option for those with little to no previous cultivation experience and/or for those who live in colder, northern regions like Saskatchewan. The reason is that autoflowers contain 10%-20% ruderalis in their genetics, which gives them the innate ability to automatically flip to flower without requiring indoor or outdoor growers to adjust their light/dark cycle. In addition, thanks to the presence of ruderalis, which is a robust landrace strain that has its roots in the cold northern regions of Central Asia, autoflower seeds usually mature into smaller and faster-flowering plants that are hardier than many of the feminized photoperiod strains.

While most growers in Saskatchewan still tend to cultivate their cannabis gardens indoors or at least in an outdoor greenhouse, it is possible to grow some autoflowers like Blue Cheese and Master Yoda outside as they are either particularly fast-growing seed strains or ones that can still thrive in cold weather.

Saskatchewan’s Growing Environment

Covering approximately 251,700 mi², or for those in the U.S., it’s roughly 4.5 times the size of the State of New York, to say that Saskatchewan’s growing environment is “a” or “b” is impossible. However, since the majority of the province’s population resides in the southern half of Saskatchewan, we’ll just focus on the growing conditions there as opposed to the upper half of the province, where it’s estimated that only 40,000 of the 1.1+ million of Saskatchewanians live.

In places like Saskatoon, which is in the central part of the region and the most populated, the growing season averages around 115+ days, and in Regina, which is the second most populated city in Saskatchewan, the growing season is just a bit shorter at around 110+ days.

Saskatchewan has a continental climate with four distinct seasons that feature summers that are dry with hot temperatures and extended hours of daylight, mild springs that usually begin in April or May, cool crisp autumns, and freezing subarctic winters that tend to start in November. And, as already mentioned previously, Saskatchewan averages the most sunshine of any of the provinces in Canada.

Due to all of these factors, the majority of cannabis growers tend to stick to indoor grow tents and closet setups, etc., or outdoor greenhouses where they can create, maintain, and control the kind of artificial environment their cannabis plants require, as opposed to just straight-up outdoor weed gardens. Not only is the short growing season an issue, but the light pollution is as well since even Regina, which is in the southern region of the province, can get over 16 hours of daylight during the summer. That said, there are outdoor growers who utilize autoflowering, fast-growing seed strains and are usually able to get at least one full harvest out of them each outdoor season. The traditional wisdom in Saskatchewan is that if you know how to grow and maintain tomato plants outside, you should be able to keep your outdoor cannabis garden in good stead during the short summer months.

Green cannabis plant against a black background
Saskatchewan cannabis growers love Purple Punch feminized cannabis seeds
Source: CRYSTALWEED cannabis Unsplash

Perfect Seed Strains to Grow in Saskatchewan

Having already provided you with four fabulous weed strains for growing in Saskatchewan, here are just three more for growing either indoors, in an outdoor greenhouse, or maybe outside if you have the skill and know-how.

1. Jamaican Dream autoflower marijuana seeds: Providing users with the quintessential sativa experience, if you plant Jamaican Dream outdoors sometime between April to June, you can look for it to be harvest-ready by probably the third or fourth week of September.

2. Purple Punch feminized marijuana seeds: This fantastically delicious, fast, and hard-hitting indica-dominant hybrid is probably best grown indoors or in an outdoor greenhouse in Saskatchewan, although experienced growers may be able to successfully cultivate it outdoors if they plant it in time so that it’s ready to harvest before the first frost of the year.

3. White Nightmare autoflower marijuana seeds: This legendary sativa seed strain that’s known for its exhilarating and blissful effects should do well outdoors in the southern and southern central regions of Saskatchewan and is a great option for first-time growers, in part because it’s a natural pest and disease-resistant seed strain.


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