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Cannabis Seeds Laval

Known for its vibrant urban lifestyle, cultural diversity, and acclaimed attractions and events, Laval is a dynamic city located just north of Montreal. While cannabis products may only be purchased from the Société Québécoise du Cannabis (SQDC) and growing is not permitted, the following overview provides a glimpse into the world of cannabis types, popular strains, and general cannabis factoids. 

The History of Cannabis Seeds in Laval

In 2018, Canada fully legalized cannabis. While homegrown cannabis is banned in Quebec, consuming marijuana for recreational purposes is legal—so long as the cannabis is purchased through the Société Québécoise du Cannabis (SQDC). Purchasing cannabis from a friend or website other than SQDC is not permitted.

In Quebec, and therefore Laval, the limits of other forms of cannabis are equivalent to 30 grams of dried cannabis. For example, individuals may possess up to 150 grams of fresh cannabis or up to 7.5 grams of extracts, to name a few examples. In your home, you may possess up to 150 grams of dried cannabis.

Popular Strains within the Laval Cannabis Community

Famous for poutine, maple syrup, and cobblestone streets—to name a few—Laval also has a thriving cannabis culture with refined knowledge and tastes. Below are several of the most popular strains within the local cannabis community.

AK-47: With its skunky-sweet aroma and potent THC content of 26%—this is an ideal strain for those who favor potency.

Grape Ape: An indica-dominant strain, Grape Ape contains just 20 percent sativa genetics. Known for its scent and taste, it exudes a delicious fragrance reminiscent of fresh grapes. With a THC content of 21%, it is most suitable for those seeking a sense of happiness, relaxation—and even sleepiness.

XXX 420: Slow to take effect, this strain is beloved for its euphoric effects and large, full flowers dense with trichomes. With a unique, sweet fragrance, it is ideal for those looking to drift off into a state of sedated bliss.

Jean Guy Hemp Seeds: One of the most noteworthy marijuana plants in the Quebec, Canada cannabis community, this plant is known for its ability to produce a heightened sense of mental and physical bliss. With a THC content of up to 25%, the Jean Guy strain is beloved for its potent, versatile effects. A delicious strain with citrus notes, it provides an initial sense of sharpened thoughts and mental clarity—yet its strong indica component simultaneously melts away tension. At just over 1% CBD, it provides soothing, relaxed effects and is an excellent example of the effects of cannabinoids. Jean Guy will spend up to 10 weeks flowering before ready for harvest. Yet what it lacks in size it makes up for with its delicious, resin-rich nugs. What it lacks in crop size it will make up for in dense and delicious nugs.

Different Types of Cannabis Seeds—Shop Our Wide Variety of Hemp Seeds

Even though residents of Laval are not permitted to plant seeds or grow cannabis, the following overview can serve as a way to begin—or expand upon–your cannabis knowledge. There is a range of seed strains that have been bred and developed over time—each with a unique collection of features. If you’re new to the community, you may be hearing terms such as “feminized,” “indica,” “sativa,” and more. But, just what do they mean? Read on for the distinct characteristics, pros, and cons of each of these varieties.

Feminized Seeds

While regular marijuana seeds have a 50/50 chance of producing male and female plants, feminized marijuana seeds are bred to produce only female plants. Normally, when plants are pollinated by males, they will produce both seeds and resin-covered flowers. However, they will also prioritize seed production, which results in buds with reduced potency. Feminized marijuana seeds are beneficial because they produce elevated levels of THC levels as well as CBD. Accordingly, they are desired by growers seeking especially potent yields. Because of this quality, a range of seeds have been specifically bred as the feminized variety. 

Growing Cannabis from Feminized Seeds: Advantages and Disadvantages

While every situation will vary slightly, as a general rule, feminized plants cannot be bred and are more challenging to clone. However, any of these potential drawbacks may be outweighed by the virtual guarantee of female plants and buds with enhanced quality. 

Regular Seeds

Regular seeds are preferred by growers looking to experiment in breeding new strains, regular weed seeds tend to have a more affordable price, but also tend to produce less potent yields. Unlike auto flower varieties, which tend to be fast-flowering seed strains, regular seeds grow at a normal rate.

Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering genetics have many special qualities: Thanks to their ruderalis lineage, they are especially tough, resilient, and have a shorter flowering period. While they may be less likely to produce an exceptionally large harvest, they have many other beneficial effects and characteristics. 

Perhaps most notably, they’re famously low-maintenance. In fact, plants with auto flowering genetics require no adjustment of light cycles at all. They also don’t necessarily require pleasant weather; plants with auto flowering genetics are famous for thriving in less-than-ideal outdoor conditions. Finally, autoflower seeds typically grow into plants that are disease and pest-resistant. All of the aforementioned qualities make autoflower seeds suitable for both outdoor growers and beginners.

CBD Seeds

CBD cannabis consumption differs from traditional cannabis in that it will not produce the psychoactive effects associated with THC. The second most common cannabinoid found in cannabis, CBD is known to provide mental focus and clear-headedness without the mind-alerting effects. Strains high in CBD have a variety of applications: Many find it helps alleviate stress and boost mood, while in general, high CBD and low THC plants are fantastic strains for those seeking soothing properties.

cannabis plants in sunlight
Growers Choice sells a wide variety of weed seeds, including feminized seeds
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Types of Cannabis Seeds Available

Another important feature of many marijuana strains is their respective indica and sativa content. While both indica and sativa will produce plants with buds rich in cannabinoids such as THC and CBD, they have as many differences as similarities. Additionally, consumption of marijuana will have a variety of effects depending on the strain; indica and sativa content will heavily influence the effects of any individual strain.

You’ll often see strains described as “sativa-dominant,” “indica-dominant” or a “balanced hybrid.” This simply refers to the indica or sativa levels, respectively, and therefore, the characteristics and effects of the strain. Below are some brief explanations of what to expect from these three varieties.

Sativa-Dominant Strains

Sativa strains are known for their cerebral effects and are typically ideal strains for daytime use. Commonly referred to as a “head high,” cannabis sativa strains twill typically impact the mind. This may include a clarified thought process, a sense of mental invigoration and energy, or a simple, calm lucidity. Depending on the strain, these effects may vary and will have their own unique nuance. However, if you’re seeking heightened perception, sharp thinking, a boost of creativity—or any related cerebral effects, we recommend researching various sativa strains to get a sense of which you might like best.

Indica-Dominant Strains

Indica strains are known for their calming and relaxed effects. These cannabis plants produce a highly soothing, sometimes sleepy state—often referred to as “couch lock.” This makes them ideal for nighttime use—or for lazy, uneventful days that can be devoted to simply enjoying this strain’s therapeutic effects. Indica strains tend to have a shorter flowering period than sativa and are typically deep green in color.

Physical Differences

You can often tell whether a marijuana plant is an indica or sativa simply by observing it. Because sativa plants are naturally found in hot climates, such as in Central America or Africa, they tend to be tall and slender. Indicas are found in mountainous regions within Europe and Asia and are associated with the Hindu Kush region. Any single plant will be shorter and stockier. When collected together, they appear dense and bushy with thick growing patterns. As a general rule, indicas possess a particular genetic makeup that provides more resilience to less-than-ideal conditions than their sativa siblings.

Hybrid Strains

Hybrid strains are created by cross-breeding different cannabis varieties. This typically results in a unique combination of characteristics. You may feel an initial sense of mental clarity and energy followed by heavy, relaxing euphoria. While it’s possible to find pure sativas and indicas, respectively, most strains available are actually hybrids. By drawing from a combination of sativa and indica genetics, they tend to provide a nuanced blend of both physically relaxing and mentally energizing effects. Diesel, White Widow, Gorilla Glue, Tangerine Dream, and Skywalker are some of the most popular hybrid strains available today.

green cannabis plant
Wedding Cake marijuana plants provide an indica-heavy experience
Source: Wallace Araujo Pexels

Recommended Strains 

From cannabis sativa to indica strains, THC-rich varieties, and more, the local community’s tastes are rich and varied. While we ultimately encourage you to do your own research, if you’re unsure where to start, below are a few recommendations.

Lava Cake: With a 20% THC content and nutty, spicy flavor, this indica-dominant hybrid is favored by those seeking euphoric, relaxing effects. Ideal for bedtime, Lava Cake is the offspring of Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Grape Pie.

Wedding Cake: An indica-dominant strain, the Lava Cake strain is a medium-height plant sought after for its ability to produce feelings of euphoria, happiness, and relaxation. Nutty, spicy, and sweet, it contains a 20% THC content and is ideal for those seeking a state of physical relaxation with just a touch of sativa properties.

Lemon Skunk Auto: This strain’s pungent aroma and burst of energy is accompanied by slightly elevated levels of THC at an average of 22%. A sativa-dominant hybrid, its autoflowering genetics make for a naturally tough plant that is best suited to those seeking a citrus-scented burst of mental clarity. 

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