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An Intro to Joliette, Quebec

Sitting on the unceded territory of the Atikamekw, who were originally known as the Nitaskinan, is the city of Joliette, which was named “L’Industrie” by Barthélemy Joliette, a French businessman and colonizer, in 1823. Situated in southwest region of Quebec, L’Industrie was incorporated as a city in the early 1860s and renamed Joliette after its orignal “founder.”

As the seat of the Regional County Municipality of Joliette and a part of the North Shore of Greater Montreal, this Francophone city openly and enthusiastically embraces the arts as home to both the Joliette Art Museum, which is the largest regional art museum in Quebec, and the Festival de Lanaudière–the largest classical music festival in the nation. Located along the L’Assomption River (Outaragavesipi in Iroquois) about 50 kilometers (31 miles) northeast of Montreal, this city also offers its visitors and residents plenty of access to the great outdoors with 24 municipal parks, hiking and cycling trails, and various water sports on L’Assomption.

With a rainy but frost-free outdoor growing season that can start as early as May 9th, or as late as the 20th of May, and ends near the end of September, with daytime temperatures that tend to hover in the low-60s to high-70s Fahrenheit during the spring and summer months, Joliette has the potential to provide outdoor cannabis growers with a wonderful setting for doing some greenhouse growing or outside cultivation of hardier strains, such as Mantanuska Thunder feminized seeds and Alaska Thunderfuck autflowering seeds, that thrive in cooler settings. However, unfortunately, while Joliette, Quebec is far from being regressive in regards to its medical and recreational cannabis laws as compared to its neighbor to the south, where numerous states have yet to even pass the most basic medical marijuana laws, it is illegal in all of Quebec for recreational users to cultivate their own cannabis plants at home, which we will touch upon more below.

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Info on growing cannabis outdoors in warmer and colder climates
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The Ins and Outs of Canada’s Medical and Recreational Marijuana Laws

While Canada as a whole is much more progressive than the U.S. in its stance on medical and recreational marijuana–having legalized both in 2001 and 2018, respectively, Quebec, and therefore Joliette, is probably the nation’s most conservative when it comes to its recreational cannabis regulations as it has the highest age requirement for buying and using weed, and as mentioned above, does not allow adult-users to grow their own female cannabis plants in their place of residence.

In short, Canada’s medical marijuana program, which does not have a minimum age requirement, is operated on the federal level by Health Canada. This means that whether you live in Joliette, Quebec, or Edmonton, Alberta, etc. the rules and regulations laid out by Health Canada will apply to you as a registered medical marijuana patient. For specific details about this program, including the list of qualifying medical conditions, possession amounts, where medical cannabis can be used, and cultivation allowances please see here.

Conversely, while the Canadian federal government did pass the Cannabis Act, which legalized recreational marijuana in the entire country, every province and territory can and does set its own stipulations around things like minimum age requirement, cultivation, possession, storage, public usage, dispensaries, etc. So, for example, if you live in the province of Alberta you can buy, use, and grow marijuana if you’re 18 years or older, but if you live in Quebec you must be 21 to buy and use cannabis and under no circumstances are you permitted to cultivate cannabis plants at home for recreational purposes. Provided in the section below, is a bit more information on Quebec’s recreational cannabis laws as they relate to Joliette residents.

Joliette, Quebec’s Recreational Weed Laws

  • Adult users in Joliette may possess up to 30 grams of cannabis in public, but cannot use it in public, including on a bike or in a car, even as a passenger.
  • You can store up to 150 grams of dried marijuana, or its equivalent, per household and NOT per resident. This means if there is more than one 21+ year-old residing in the same home, the limit is still 150 grams.
  • Only the Société des Alcools du Québec (SAQ) is permitted to operate marijuana dispensaries in Joliette.
  • While recreational cannabis growers are not legally permitted to cultivate at home, it is not illegal to buy, own, and store ungerminated marijuana seeds. In short, this is because the cannabinoids, which include THC, contained in a female plant are dormant until the cannabis seeds are germinated. This means that those who reside in Joliette can legally buy and store ungerminated weed seeds that they purchase from Growers Choice Seeds, which is one of the reputable seed banks around.
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How to properly store ungerminated cannabis seeds for longevity
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The Three Main Seed Types: Regular Marijuana Seeds, Feminized Seeds, and Autoflower Seeds

If you’ve ever looked at our website for Growers Choice Seeds, you will likely have realized pretty quickly that we only sell feminized seeds and autoflowering seeds, but not regular marijuana seeds–the reasons for why are explained directly below.

Regular Cannabis Seeds

In short, regular seeds produce both male and female plants, and while breeders and highly experienced growers need to use the male plants as pollinators when creating new strains, the majority of at-home cannabis growers are only seeking the cannabinoid-rich nuggets produced by female plants.

As such, we at Growers Choice Seeds do not sell regular seeds, as the majority of both outdoor and indoor growers who buy their ungerminated marijuana seeds from us, understandably, only want to invest their time, energy, and resources into growing bud-producing female plants.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

So, why do we only sell feminized seeds that are photoperiods or autoflowers? We do so because these two categories of feminized seeds have a 99% chance of providing cannabis growers with all-female plants.

To break it down even further, our feminized cannabis seeds that are photoperiods are reliant on changes in their light cycles to move into their flowering time. While figuring this out might sound like too herculean of a task for a novice cannabis grower, in reality, there are plenty of easy-to-grow hybrid strains, like Cat Piss, that even first-timers should be able to find success with. Doing so has made cultivation that much easier because we at Growers Choice Seeds also provide a free blog that is filled with educational resources on things like how to grow cannabis indoors and out, what nutrients your marijuana plants need, how to dry and cure marijuana buds, etc.

Autoflowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

All of our autoflowering strains are feminized, and they contain ruderalis, which allows them to automatically transition to their flowering stage regardless of their light schedule. This means that not only do autoflowering seeds provide outdoor and indoor growers with female plants, but they also move into their flowering phase without requiring any changes to be made to their light cycle.

Some of the other advantages that autoflowers come with as compared to their feminized photoperiod counterparts are that they tend to be:

  • Faster-flowering
  • Smaller
  • More resilient to sudden changes in temperatures

All of these traits combined can be especially useful to cannabis growers in Joliette. For example, the fact that they usually have a faster flowering stage that can be as short as 7-9 weeks means that outdoor cultivators could get at least two full outdoor harvests from a hybrid strain like New Glue. Furthermore, since autoflowering strains, such as Deep Purple, usually grow to be anywhere from 2-4 feet in height, they make for a great indoor cultivation option–especially in a place like Joliette that tends to see its first frost of the year in September.

Green-leafed cannabis plant in its vegetative stage
Extensive information on landrace cannabis strains
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Indicas, Sativas, and Hybrids

Not only are all of our cannabis seeds feminized, but they are either a landrace–a pure indica or pure sativa–or a hybrid strain. Read on to find out more.


As a general rule of thumb, indica plants, which will usually complete their flowering phase in 7-9 weeks, are short and compact, bushy growers that average anywhere between 2-4 feet in height–making them especially advantageous to indoor growers with limited space or outdoor cultivators who don’t want to attract the attention of nosy neighbors. In addition, their buds are usually small, round, and very dense in structure.

When it comes to their effects, indicas are generally recommended for nighttime usage due to their relaxing, often sedating, physical properties that frequently leave users feeling blissfully couch-locked, aka “in-da couch.”


Sativas, which usually produce tall, spindly plants with fewer branches than an indica, tend to feature narrower leaf “fingers” with visible space between each leaflet and are known for their elongated buds that are quite loose in their structure.

In short, sativas are the antithesis of an indica in every way, including effects, as they are all about “reanimating” users and providing them with a huge recharge of energy, cerebral euphoria, and clarity. As such, you’re likely to see many a sativa referred to as a “wake-and-bake” strain, as they usually are best suited for daytime consumption or combustion.


These days, the most common and most popular strains amongst growers and users tend to be hybrid strains as they offer the best growing properties and effects of sativa and indica strains.

Another allure for users and growers is that hybrids come in all kinds of indica-to-sativa ratios, with some being sativa-dominant, others indica-dominant, and still others an even or near-even split of indica and sativa genetics.

While we at Growers Choice Seeds have several amazing landrace strains available, our best-sellers tend to be hybrid strains due to all of the reasons mentioned above. It’s worth mentioning here that not only do we have an incredible catalog of both landrace and hybrid cannabis seeds available for sale, but they are each and all backed by our incredible germination guarantee that promises to replace any duds for free if 90% of your weed seeds fail to germinate.

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