Located in Quebec, Canada, Sherbrooke is the sixth-largest city in the province. Known for its history, picturesque scenery, and flourishing art scene, it is also home to a number of cannabis enthusiasts—from seasoned experts to those just beginning to explore the vast world of cannabis.

What are Cannabis Seeds?

While home-grown cannabis is not permitted in Sherbrooke, the following article serves to provide relevant, educational information on local laws, and help any potential consumers settle on a favorite strain.

Cannabis seeds are small, slightly shiny, and will typically have a rich brown color—ranging from beige to a deep coffee hue. Each individual seed contains all the genetic information required to grow a new cannabis plant. As such, these small but powerful pips are a vital component of any cannabis garden. 

Even though residents of Quebec are not permitted to plant or grow their own cannabis plants, legal cannabis is available for purchase and consumption—so long as the products are bought through the Société Québécoise du Cannabis (SQDC). Purchasing cannabis from a friend or website other than SQDC is not permitted.

In Quebec,  any individual may possess up to  30 grams of dried cannabis. Other forms have limits that equate to this amount. For example, 150 grams of fresh cannabis or up to 7.5 grams of extracts are permitted. In your home, you may possess up to 150 grams of dried cannabis.

Where to Find Cannabis in Sherbrooke

Residents of Quebec, and therefore Sherbrooke, are only permitted to purchase cannabis through the Société Québécoise du Cannabis (SQDC).

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Buy Quebec cannabis seeds online through our reputable seed bank
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Types of Cannabis Seeds

Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis connoisseur or have only just had your interest piqued, reputable online seed banks are an excellent source of educational information. Although it is not legal for Sherbrooke residents to actually purchase weed seeds from any source other than SQDC, having access to detailed information on any type of cannabis seed, cannabis seed strains, and other information can be enjoyable to research and explore. As such, the following sections reveal the unique features and characteristics of different seed varieties—and in turn, the effects associated with various strains. 

High-CBD Cannabis Seeds

While there are known cannabinoids produced by the cannabis plant, most of these are present at very low levels. By contrast, Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) play a major role, and therefore, are by far the most famous components within any strain of cannabis seeds. 

While THC is responsible for the psychoactive effects produced by cannabis, its mellower sibling, CBD, is better known for its calming effects. Many consider CBD as a vital component in cannabis—as it helps reduce stress and promote sleep; in general, it is known for its soothing properties without the psychoactive effects. If you’re looking for a state of calm but would like to avoid any mind-altering effects, high CBD and low THC strains may be a cannabis option to explore further. 

Some of the more popular varieties of high CBD cannabis strains include the following: 

Candy Kush 

This strain is packed with indica-driven relaxation. For those seeking a sense of serenity and calm that falls just short of actually falling asleep—this may be the strain for you. While this strain contains a moderate dose of CBD, it also has a THC content of 18 percent. 

CBD Blueberry 

This indica-dominant strain combines the popular Blueberry strain with a generous dose of CBD. As such, it is ideal for those who are seeking a sense of calm and love the taste of blueberries. Known for its calming yet uplifting properties, Blueberry cannabis promotes focus yet simultaneously relaxes the body.

CBD Moby Dick

The CBD Moby Dick strain combines the original variety with a CBD-enriched male. At 5% CBD and THC, respectively, it provides a generous dose of CBD qualities with virtually little to no THC effects. 

Even though both CBD and THC clock in at 5%, each of these cannabinoids works differently. Therefore, this figure is considered quite a significant amount of CBD—yet quite low in terms of THC. CBD Moby Dick boasts a cannabis flower with spicy citrus buds, and when consumed, is known to be quite soothing both physically and mentally.  

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Jean Guy marijuana plants contain 25% THC and 1% CBD
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Popular Cannabis Strains Available in Quebec 

Jean Guy

Authentically Québécois, the Jean Guy strain is famous for its bliss-inducing properties. With a THC content of up to 25%, this delicious strain is packed with citrus notes and is known to sharpen and heighten the senses. Yet its strong indica component prevents any https://www.growerschoiceseeds.com/seed-category/cannabis-seeds/cerebral effects from being overwhelming.

At just over 1% CBD, Jean Guy provides soothing, relaxed effects and will spend approximately ten weeks flowering. A smaller plant, what it lacks in size it makes up for with its delicious, resin-rich nugs. 

God Bud

Not sure if I should/shouldn’t link directly to a product Quebecers, unfortunately, aren’t permitted to purchase — but here is the link just in case: 

An evenly balanced hybrid, God Bud is an award-winning strain popular with Quebecers. This particular strain is known for requiring a skilled hand in the garden—but for the extra effort it requires, it provides equally exceptional qualities. As one of the strains available through SQDC, it has lasting popularity thanks to its distinguished tropical, citrus notes, delicately balanced effects, and generous dose of THC. The God Bud Seed strain is ideal for those seeking a sense of euphoria, happiness, and relaxation.  

Buy Feminized Weed Seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds are bred to produce only female plants. This is a highly sought-after quality, as normally, when plants are pollinated by males, they will produce both seeds and resin-covered flowers.

When this happens, female plants will prioritize seed production, resulting in cannabis buds with reduced potency. Feminized cannabis seeds bypass this issue entirely: Because feminized cannabis seeds produce only female plants, any crop is much more likely to produce elevated levels of THC levels as well as CBD.

For these reasons, feminized cannabis seeds are highly desired by growers seeking especially potent yields. In fact, feminized seeds have become so popular that many pre-existing cannabis seed strains have been specifically produced as feminized varieties. All orders purchased from Growers Choice will ship in discreet packaging.

High-Quality Marijuana Seeds vs. Non-Viable Seeds

While home growing is not permitted in Quebec, any cannabis enthusiast may be interested in the science of the cannabis plant just the same. A cannabis plant’s journey begins as a seed. Small and tear-drop shaped, a healthy cannabis seed will have a slight sheen and typically range in color anywhere from a creamy beige to a deep espresso hue. Some may have lighter flecks or stripes. 

But, what are some other ways to tell if a seed is high-quality? These include: 

A lack of green coloring: While cannabis seeds do vary in color, green seeds, specifically, have been harvested too early and are likely not viable. A rich, dark brown hue is typically an indicator your seeds are healthy. 

Seeds that sink in water: Double-checking the health of your seeds only requires a glass of hot, distilled water. Drop your seeds in and wait approximately one hour. If they sink to the bottom, they are likely high quality. 

Seeds that are firm to the touch: Simply pressing on a seed with your finger is another useful method to determine its health. Firm seeds that do not give way under pressure are likely healthy. Any that give way—or already have cracks—are likely not viable. 

Benefits of Using Marijuana Seeds in Sherbrooke

The benefits of cannabis are numerous and varied. Every individual is unique, and therefore, will seek different properties and effects with the consumption of cannabis. Ultimately, the attributes of any strain will be either more or less powerful depending on the tastes and preferences of the individual. 

For example, one person may love high CBD strains, while another prefers high THC strains. The same holds true for indica and sativa dominance—even the unique taste and aroma profiles will play a role. Some prefer tastes that are deep, pungent, and rich—others adore sweet and fruity. Regardless of your tastes, there is a cannabis strain that meets your personal requirements. It is simply a matter of developing those tastes—and doing research ahead of time to find a strain that meets your needs better than any other. In this sense, any strain can be highly beneficial. We recommend doing thorough research, reading reviews, and making sure to check the levels of key characteristics including: 

  • Indica to sativa ratio 
  • THC levels
  • CBD levels
  • Aroma profiles 
  • Taste profiles
  • Effects 

Forward-Looking Statements on the Canadian Market

Recreational cannabis consumption in the Western hemisphere has been steadily accelerating since the 19th century. However, it was not until the 1960s that its popularity increased dramatically. Despite the growing cannabis culture throughout the 20th century, cannabis was largely prohibited. 

Canada, specifically, was the first major, industrialized country to legalize and regulate recreational cannabis. In October 2018, the Cannabis Act made the use, production, and distribution of cannabis legal for adults. It’s anticipated that the cannabis community and industry will grow within Canada as a whole. While options for purchasing cannabis are more limited in Quebec, twelve SQDC stores opened initially following The Cannabis Act—with more expected to open. 


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