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Timmins, Ontario: The City With a Heart of Gold

While Timmins is a relatively small locale with a population of less than 42,000 that is known for its “Northern Hospitality,” its reputation as being the “City with a Heart of Gold” doesn’t come from the goodness of its residents but, rather unfortunately, from that “good old-fashioned” greed long-synonymous with colonizers. In short, the Porcupine Gold Rush of 1909 attracted thousands of miners to the northern region of Ontario, and the settlement that cropped up in northeastern Ontario in 1912 was named Timmins after the president of Hollinger Mines–Noah Timmins.

It has been estimated that since 2017, the mines in Timmins have produced 74 million ounces of gold, whereas in 2018 they provided more than 400,000 ounces alone!

However, as the saying goes, “All that glitters is not gold,” and much of the golden glitter you may see in Timmins today comes from the sun reflecting off the city’s 500 lakes and rivers! So, while Timmins has long attracted those hoping to strike it rich in material wealth, it also has and continues to attract those who are drawn to the wealth of nature that’s easily and readily available.

Timmins Today

These days, while Timmins’ chief industry remains that of mining as one of the richest mineral-producing areas in the entire Western Hemisphere, the city has become a real destination for outdoor enthusiasts. For example, its hundreds of rivers and lakes, which are teeming with northern pike, all kinds of trout and bass, perch, mud pout, whitefish, pickerel, and sturgeon, draw many the fisher, and these same bodies of water also attract folk from all across the globe looking to participate in some water sports like boating, wakeboarding, canoeing, and kayaking.

Located on the Mattagami River and surrounded by several parks, and trails, Timmins is also home to plenty of hiking during the warmer months, and cross-country and downhill skiing during its winter months. In fact, this city is considered to be one of the best snowmobile destinations in the world–attracting thousands of snowmobilers every year!

Not only does Timmins have much to offer nature lovers, but the city itself is proud of its numerous cultural and entertainment options with its top-rated symphony orchestra, theater groups, decent dining and drinking options, shopping malls, and vintage downtown boutiques. Finally, Timmins is also home to a growing cannabis cultivation community since the growing of both medical and recreational marijuana seeds is legal in all of Ontario.

An arrangement of cannabis seeds, a brown glass dropper bottle with the dropper filled with cannabis oil in front of it and marijuana leaves arranged behind everything.
Some of Growers Choice Seeds CBD-rich medical marijuana strains
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Medical and Recreational Marijuana Laws in Timmins, ON

To start, registered medical users in all of Canada are subject to federal government laws no matter the province or territory they call home, whereas recreational laws are determined by provincial and territorial governments, and sometimes local municipalities.

As such, what is legal for adult users in Timmins, Ontario is not going to be the same for those who reside in say, Quebec, the Yukon, or British Columbia, etc. However, what is legal for card-carrying medical marijuana patients in Timmins is also legal for those in Quebec, the Yukon, British Columbia, etc.

Canada’s Medical Marijuana Laws

Canada’s medical cannabis program, which is run by Health Canada, is for all of its citizens who are or wish to, become medical users. There is no age limit, but patients must first be approved by their healthcare provider to register with Health Canada. For specific details about the country’s medical marijuana program, including the list of qualifying medical conditions, possession amounts, where medical cannabis can be used, and cultivation allowances please see here.

Adult-Use Laws in Timmins, Ontario

  • You must be 19+ to possess, consume, or cultivate cannabis anywhere in Ontario.
  • Recreational cannabis may only be purchased online via the Ontario Cannabis Store, or from a local, licensed dispensary. (As a point of interest, Ontario and Alberta are the only two provinces in Canada that allow both government-run dispensaries, as well as public and private retailers, to operate throughout their provinces.)
  • You can possess up to 30 grams of usable cannabis or the equivalent in marijuana products.
  • There is no limit on the at-home storage of cannabis.
  • Ontario’s provincial government states that adult users may smoke or vape cannabis or marijuana products where the smoking of tobacco is permitted. This includes in designated smoking guest rooms in hotels, motels, and inns; but, it cannot be used in a vehicle. That said, in Ontario, some municipalities have slightly differing public consumption laws, so before you light up in Timmins, make sure to check the website of its local government or speak to a budtender at a dispensary there about what is and is not allowed.
  • Adult users may legally cultivate up to four marijuana plants per household.

Feminized Marijuana Seeds vs. Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

While feminized and autoflowering seeds have many similarities, they also have a fair amount of differences! Let’s dive into a few of them below. 

A pile of cannabis leaves with a white backdrop
Learn about the differences between indica and sativa cannabis strains
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Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feminized seeds are photoperiods, which means they are unable to switch from their vegetative growth stage to their flowering phase without having their light cycle changed from what is, generally, 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness to that of a 12/12 light schedule.

Fortunately, since we at Growers Choice Seeds provide a free blog that is chocked full of informative articles on almost everything one needs to know about light cycles, what the differences are between sativas and indicas, etc. beginner growers in Timmins should be able to successfully cultivate easy-to-grow strains, such as Platinum OG and Island Sweet Skunk.

However, it is worth mentioning that many marijuana growers in Timmins tend to be indoor growers when it comes to the cultivation of feminized seed strains. While there are several reasons for why, the two biggest are due to its extended summer daylight hours average between 15 to just over 16 hours in some of its warmest months, and Timmins’ short outdoor growing season of 86 days. That said, some outdoor growers work around this by cultivating their feminized marijuana seeds in a greenhouse, which has the potential to give them greater control over light/dark cycles, airflow, and temperature and humidity levels.

Autoflowering Feminized Seeds

Autoflowering seeds are feminized seed strains that have had about 10% to 20% of the hardy landrace strain of ruderalis, which hails from Central Asia, added to their genetics. As a result, autoflowering cannabis plants start their flowering stage based on their age. Or, another way to say this is that they can automatically transition from their vegetative stage to their flowering period without requiring any outside intervention in their light schedule. Furthermore, autoflowering strains tend to produce female cannabis plants that are smaller, faster-flowering, and more resilient than their feminized photoperiod counterparts.

While some auto seeds, like Colombian Gold, can take 10-12 weeks to complete their flowering stage, the majority of autoflowering strains, like White Runtz and THC Bomb, tend to complete their flowering phase in 7-9 weeks. This combined with the fact that autoflowering strains tend to be more flexible with their temperature and humidity level needs, many growers in Timmins can easily practice outdoor cultivation of autoflowering cannabis plants, provided they plant their marijuana plants at the right time in their seedling stage. Of course, there’s always the ease of just being an indoor grower year-round!

A young cannabis seedling coming up through rich brown soil
A step-by-step guide to germinating your cannabis seeds
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Why Timmins Locals Buy Their Feminized Cannabis Seeds from Growers Choice Seeds

Understandably, you might be wondering why novice growers and experienced growers in Timmins would ever buy their feminized weed seeds from seed banks like ours at Growers Choice Seeds when they could potentially get some from their local neighborhood dispensary. In a nutshell, while dispensaries have a huge selection of cannabis products, they simply are not set up to offer the rich and extensive variety of thousands of different types of landrace and hybrid seeds that we can and do. Plus, our affordable prices, which include special sales on a rotating basis of all of our premium feminized seeds, along with our regular discounts on wholesale high-quality seeds, and speedy and discreet shipping services don’t hurt!

Two other reasons that we’ve developed such a loyal customer base amongst Timmins’ marijuana growers are provided below:

  • Germination Guarantee: We at Growers Choice Seeds are so confident in the quality of all of our feminized seeds that we offer the highest germination rate guarantee in the cannabis industry. Simply put: If 90% of your seeds don’t “pop,” aka “germinate,” we will replace the duds for free!
  • Female Cannabis Plants: As we mentioned earlier, the fact that we only sell feminized cannabis seeds is a huge draw for growers of all skill levels regardless of whether they practice more indoor or outdoor cannabis cultivation.

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