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The Growers Choice Seeds online store offers MJ seeds of the highest quality for growing pot plant strains attuned to your specific symptoms. Discreet packaging, confidential, computer-based buying on an informative website with an excellent FAQ section and other instructional links, that make ordering seeds—delivered straight to your door—as easy as pie.

What are Cannabis Seeds?

Cannabis cultivation is not merely for breeders selling their wares to dispensaries. These days, it’s easy to grow personal cannabis plants. How? From the seed. The cultivation of cannabis can be handled by the at-home grower, from a couple of plants to a handful. Cannabis is the scientific name of the plant, but there are a lot of other ways people describe these seeds. You might hear them referred to as pot seeds, marijuana seeds, or weed seeds. It’s all the same plant, and you could grow it at home. If you are interested in the cultivation of cannabis at home for your personal enjoyment, here are some things to know on your path to becoming an experienced grower.

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Indoor Growers vs. Outdoor Growers in Ottawa

When it comes to your personal cannabis garden, do you want to grow cannabis indoors, or go with an outdoor grow? Outdoor plants usually have higher yields, usually, and can save you even more money. Indoor grows, though, offer grow conditions you have more control over. When you try to grow marijuana plants outdoors, you have to deal with the weather. What are the outdoor grow conditions like in Ottawa?

Ottawa has cold, snowy winters, but what about the summer? The city has humid summers but is known more to be warm, as opposed to hot. June, July, and August are the months conducive to outdoor growing if you want to give that a shot.

Feminized Seeds for Ottawa

Whether you grow White Widow, Bubba Kush, Banana Kush, or whatever you think the perfect strain is, regular seeds won’t cut it. When it comes to marijuana seeds, feminized seeds are always the way to go. Only female plants have buds, and buds are where you find almost all the THC in marijuana. With fully feminized seeds, you can effectively guarantee female plants. When it comes to cannabis seed strains, feminized is always the way to go.

Auto-Flowering Seeds for Ottawa

If you are looking for good beginner seeds, auto-flowering seeds might be right for you. Many popular strains, such as White Widow, are available in auto-flowering form. Most cannabis seed strains are photoperiod, which is totally fine. Don’t fear photoperiod. They just require a certain light cycle to begin flowering. Auto-flowering plants, though, flow based on the age of the plant. That makes things easier for beginners.

Cannabis Laws in Canada

Ottawa is, as you surely know, the capital of Canada. Unlike the politicians down in Washington D.C., the federal government of Canada has legalized recreational cannabis. If you are over the age limit of 19, you can use marijuana but also grow it. You are allowed up to four plants per household. Hey, being able to grow even a single plant is a nice way to experience cannabis. Four plants can give you an awesome harvest and, honestly, trying to grow too many plants at once can be overwhelming.

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High-Quality Seeds from a Trusted Cannabis Seed Bank

How do you get the high-quality cannabis seeds you are looking for? An online seed bank is your best option, but you need to be sure you find one that is reliable. Premium seeds for a wide range of strains are great, but of course, there is more to it. Be sure you are getting fully-feminized seeds and no regular cannabis seeds. A collection of quality cannabis strains needs to be paired with a team of experts who know how to check for seed quality. If you want bountiful yields, you want high-quality marijuana seeds.

The customer service experience with a trusted cannabis seed bank involves more than the seeds, though. A germination guarantee should be available on every order, though you will likely have to adhere to a germination guideline. With a reliable seed bank, you should be able to readily find their germination guides. These high-quality seeds will also be shipped around the globe. Shipping should be fast and reliable, but also stealth shipping. Discreet packaging is part of the process.

You have a choice on purchases of all your cannabis seeds, and here are a few seed banks to consider. Growers Choice Seeds is one such place. Seed City is another. Being up in Canada, you may want to go with Beaver Seeds. Any of them could prove an excellent choice for you. Look into your options, and then get to ordering your seeds. Soon, you will be growing your own plants, and getting ready to harvest the buds from your female plants thanks to the seeds you ordered from a seed bank.

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