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Growers Choice offers more than 500 premium marijuana seeds online, all of which can be purchased directly from our website and shipped to your home via discreet shipping. Online cannabis seed banks are truly the way to go when you want to grow marijuana at home.

Cannabis Basics for New Cannabis Growers

If you want the best cannabis experience possible, it may not be about finding a new cannabis strain that is perfect for you. It could be about cultivating a cannabis garden at your home. Think of it like when you make a nice dinner for yourself. There’s more satisfaction to it, and also you save money over that trip to the restaurant, right? Those are a couple of the benefits of marijuana growing at home. yes, we mentioned marijuana, because marijuana plants are one of the types of cannabis plants out there. Marijuana seeds, pot seeds, and weed seeds are all cannabis seeds, growing a certain type of what is scientifically known as cannabis. Another of the cannabis types out there is hemp, which lacks the psychoactive chemical compound THC, but when you see cannabis seeds for sale, it’s effectively 99 percent sure they are marijuana seeds. People out there aren’t really selling hemp seeds, especially if you see any strain names involved.

Cannabis Cultivation in Oshawa

First things first, when it comes to marijuana seeds, you want fully feminized seeds each and every time. Feminized seeds are crucial to cannabis cultivation at home. When it comes to cannabis usage, we already mentioned THC. Well, almost all the THC in cannabis is found in cannabis buds. Only female plants have those buds. With fully-feminized cannabis seeds, you can essentially guarantee female plants each and every time.

Another thing for cannabis enthusiasts who grow their own plants to consider is if they want to have an indoor garden or an outdoor garden. Outdoor grounds can provide you with a way to save more money and get more yield, two great tastes that taste great together, but of course, with an outdoor grow, you have to worry about the weather. Environmental concerns come into play to a greater degree. Oshawa sits on Lake Ontario, which plays a role in the climate of the city. The winters are cold, but milder than in much of Canada. Meanwhile, the summers are warm, and warmer for longer than in a lot of the country. Planting your cannabis seeds outdoors and opting for an outdoor garden could very well work in Oshawa.

Canadian growers love our high-quality cannabis seeds
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Cannabis Laws in Canada

Canadian marijuana laws are different than those in the United States, as the laws have been laid out on a federal level. Medical marijuana was around for a bit, but for a few years now recreational marijuana has been legal as well. In addition to adult-use recreational cannabis, you are allowed to buy cannabis seeds to grow your own plants in Oshawa. You are allowed up to four plants at one time.

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Growers Choice delivers high-quality cannabis seeds all across Canada
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Getting Cannabis Seeds from Seed Banks

There’s no need to try out your local cannabis dispensary if you even have one that is local. When you want cannabis seeds, an online seed bank is the way to go. With a reputable cannabis seed bank, you can get high-quality seeds for all your favorite strains. That means fully-feminized seeds, of course, to ensure those cannabis buds for cultivation. When you buy seeds from seed banks, you should also be offered a germination guarantee on every order. These seed banks also offer fast, reliable, and discreet delivery. Yes, both medical and recreational cannabis are legal in Canada, Oshawa included, but why not keep your cannabis growing your own personal business? You have access to high-quality cannabis products of high-quality thanks to seed banks like Growers Choice Seeds, Pacific Seed Bank, Beaver Seeds, and more. Whether you opt for an indoor grow or an outdoor one, and whether you try some new marijuana strains or go with a standby or two, Oshawa is a great place for a cannabis garden to call your own!

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