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In Orangeville, Ontario, locals there can legally buy and consume cannabis products, as well as grow recreational and medical marijuana plants provided they meet the various standards laid out by both the federal and provincial governments. This means, in part, that novice to master growers in Orangeville have been able to not only buy their favorite cannabis seed brands from reputable seed banks like Growers Choice Seeds but are also able to legally cultivate them, as opposed to having to leave them in their ungerminated state–as happens in much more conservative places like red states in the U.S.

An Introduction to Orangeville, Ontario

Serving as the seat and urban hub of Dufferin County in south-central Ontario, Orangeville is about 45 minutes away from the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), which affords its population of approximately 30,000 the luxury of small-town living without giving up access to all the work, culture, lifestyle perks that come with being able to access the GTA.

This delightful, family-friendly town, which is located on the highest plateau that is immediately south of Georgian Bay, Orangeville was named for a Connecticut businessman Orange Lawrence who constructed mills around the village in the 1800s. However, pre-colonization, the Mississaugas people of the Credit First Nation had rightful claims to about 4 million acres of territory, which included the area that’s now known as Orangeville, at the western edge of Lake Ontario.

Surrounded by rural landscapes, Orangeville, along with the town of Mono, is home to the Island Lake Conservation Area, which features more than 800 kilometers total of lakes, wetlands, forests, and meadows–all of which are accessible year-round with hiking, camping, fishing, canoeing, etc. in the warmer months and ice-fishing, snowshoeing, etc. in the colder winter months. While the Island Lake Conservation Area is a vital place of habitation for many animals, its most famous inhabitants are the magnificent Ospreys.

A wooded trail in the Island Lake Conservation Area
All about the various types of cannabis seeds from GCS that you can buy in Ontario
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Marijuana Seeds in Orangeville, ON

Not only does Orangeville offer its residents easy access to the GTA, Island Lake Conservation Area, and fabulous shopping and dining opportunities all along its charming downtown main street, but it also provides locals with a hospitable climate–literally and figuratively–for the use and growing of medical and recreational marijuana. In fact, its approximate 115-day frost-free growing season means that at-home outdoor cannabis growers in Orangeville have almost four months, or 16+ weeks, to potentially get up to two full harvests from faster-flowering strains like Shark Shock feminized seeds and Cream auto-flowering seeds, which both take approximately 6-8 weeks to flower.

With medical marijuana having been legal since 2001 and recreational cannabis since 2018, more and more members of the cannabis community in Orangeville, and Canada in general, have taken to buying their favorite weed seeds from seed banks like Growers Choice Seeds for growing their own premium cannabis crops at home. 

Close-up of person's arms and hands  holding a gardening tray filled with soil
A step-by-step germination guide for feminized and autoflowering seeds
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Why Orangeville Cultivators Buy from Growers Choice Seeds

Along with our extensive inventory of landrace and hybrid strains in seed form, all of which are affordably priced and are quickly and discreetly delivered, there are numerous other reasons why Growers Choice Seeds continues to grow in popularity amongst local growers in Orangeville, three of which are provided below: 

  • Feminized Seeds: Unlike regular seeds, which produce male and female plants, feminized marijuana seeds have a 99% chance of only producing bud-bearing, female plants, which is why we only sell feminized seeds that are either photoperiods or autoflowers.
  • Germination Guarantee: We offer the highest germination rate guarantee in the industry, where if 90% of your marijuana seeds don’t germinate we will replace the duds for free, so long as you follow our cheap and easy germination guide.
  • Special Deals: We offer discounts on our bulk seeds, as well as special ongoing sales on a rotating selection of cannabis seeds that range from new and rare to classic and award-winning strains, etc.

Medical and Recreational Laws in Orangeville, ON, Canada

No matter the province or territory in which they reside, all medical users in Orangeville, and all of Canada, are under the umbrella of Health Canada–the department of the country’s federal government that amongst many things oversees the nation’s medical marijuana program. Recreational marijuana users, on the other hand, are subject to provincial regulations, as well as municipality laws when applicable.

What this means is that whether you live in Orangeville, Ontario; Moncton, New Brunswick; Hay River in the Northwest Territories; or Laval, Quebec, and are a medical marijuana patient, Health Canada’s rules and regulations apply to you.

Conversely, what applies to a recreational users/grower in Orangeville, Ontario is not going to be the same for someone living in any of those aforementioned places, etc. because each province and territory sets its own stipulations around things like minimum age requirement, sales, possession, public consumption, at-home cultivation, at-home storage limits, what kinds of recreational dispensaries can be operated in their region (i.e., government, public, and/or private retailers), etc.

Health Canada’s Medical Marijuana Program

Health Canada does not have any set age requirement, and prospective medical users need to see a physician who will determine if they have a qualifying medical condition that will allow them to become registered medical marijuana patients.

For specific details about this program, including the list of qualifying medical conditions, possession amounts, where medical cannabis can be used, and cultivation /storage allowances please see here.

Recreational Marijuana Laws in Orangeville, ON

  • You must be 19+ to possess, consume, or cultivate cannabis.
  • Adult-use cannabis and marijuana seeds may only be purchased online via the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), or from a local, licensed dispensary. However, since it is not illegal to buy, own, and store ungerminated recreational or medical marijuana seeds, that gives adults a legal loophole for purchasing and storing their favorite cannabis seed strains from Growers Choice Seeds.
  • You can possess up to 30 grams of marijuana flower its equivalent in products.
  • There is no at-home storage limit.
  • You can grow up to four cannabis plants per household–NOT per person.

The Differences Between Feminized Photoperiod Seeds and Autoflowering Feminized Seeds

To start with, while all autoflowering seeds are feminized, not all feminized seeds are autoflowers. Below we discuss their key differences in greater detail.

Close-up of marijuana plants in an indoor setup all cast in a pink glow from the unseen grow light.
Some of the easiest strains from GCS to grow indoors
Source: Juan Miguel Restrepo Barrera pexels

The Key Differences

Perhaps the key thing to remember when discussing the differences between feminized photoperiods and autoflowering feminized seeds is while both will produce almost all-female plants, feminized photoperiod strains, like Chocolate Chunk feminized seeds, need to have their light cycles changed in order for them to transition from their vegetative growth stage to their flowering stage. This can make them seem slightly more challenging for those who are completely new to cannabis cultivation, but since we offer a free and informative blog that also includes topics like how to grow feminized strains, novice growers who buy from us should be able to find success with low-maintenance growers like Cali Kush feminized seeds.

Autoflowering feminized strains are not reliant on light cycles as they start to flower based on their age, which means that they will automatically “flip to flower” without any outside assistance. This is thanks to the fact that they have had ruderalis added to their genetics, which also gives them the added traits of being hardier, faster flowering, and more compact than their feminized photoperiod relatives. All of these traits are why autoflowers, like Blue Amnesia autoflowering seeds, that don’t have a lot of maintenance needs are often recommended as being some of the best options for beginner growers who are feeling intimidated by the whole light cycles thing. Autoflowers are also an excellent choice for those with limited growing space, and for outdoor growers who are trying to get the maximum number of yields in one growing season before having to move their operations indoors for the winter.

Growing Marijuana in Orangeville, ON

As mentioned near the top of this article, Orangeville has an outdoor growing season that averages 115 days–with the last frost of the year usually occurring at the end of May and the first frost around the 20th of September. With summer temps that average in the mid-to-high 70s and low 80s and rarely exceed 86 degrees Fahrenheit, most growers there are able to get 1-2 full harvests out of their cannabis crops depending on their flowering time, etc.

To start their outdoor growing season a bit earlier and extend it a bit longer, some cultivators in Orangeville will employ the use of a greenhouse, cold frame, row cover, or hoop house. Others, wisely, choose to germinate their seeds indoors so that as soon as things warm up outside they can plant their seedlings outside.

Popular Cannabis Seeds in Orangeville

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