Historically known as Toronto Township, Mississauga is a city in Ontario and the seventh-most populous municipality in Canada. Known for its dynamic arts community, Mississauga is home to many entertainers, artists, filmmakers, artists, writers, and more. Read on for information on the city’s cannabis culture including popular strains, growing recommendations, and more. 

What are Cannabis Seeds?

Slightly shiny and rich in color, cannabis seeds contain all the genetic information required to grow a new cannabis plant. From experienced growers to those entirely new to the world of cannabis— purchasing high-quality seeds is a vital first step in growing bountiful plants. Residents of Mississauga can obtain quality seeds through an established and trustworthy online seed bank. 

Benefits of Growing Cannabis in Mississauga

Growing your own cannabis plants for personal use has a variety of benefits. It is not only a simpler and more cost-effective way to produce your own cannabis, indoor growing provides increased control and yield potential. Additionally, tending to your plants requires thought, research, and care—as such, it can be both fulfilling and practical. Thankfully, with a little research and planning, even beginners can grow thriving, healthy cannabis plants. 

Types of Cannabis Seeds Available in Mississauga

Obtaining premium cannabis seeds is the first step in cultivating a bountiful garden. But, which type of seed is best for you? Below are some of the most popular types of seeds cultivated for recreational purposes. Below, we highlight the unique pros, cons, and characteristics associated with each. 

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

While regular marijuana seeds have a 50/50 chance of producing male and female plants, feminized seed strains are bred to produce only female plants. Normally, when plants are pollinated by males, they will produce both seeds and resin-covered flowers. However, they will also prioritize seed production, which results in buds with reduced potency.

Feminized seeds bypass this issue entirely by eliminating seed production. Additionally, there is a wide selection of feminized weed seeds available to meet a wide variety of preferences.

Green cannabis leaves
Cannabis cultivation starts with a single autoflower seed—buy yours today!
Source: Plants for Persephone Unsplash

Autoflowering Seeds

Thanks to their ruderalis lineage, auto-flowering strains have a special genetic quality: they are tough, resilient, and have a shorter flowering period. In short, they’re famously low-maintenance and unlike their feminized counterparts, do not require adjustment of light cycles.

Auto-flowering plants are also better equipped to thrive in harsher weather and stand up to pests, diseases, and mold. Thanks to these qualities, auto-flowering seeds are especially suitable for both outdoor and beginner growers.

Regular Seeds

Regular seeds are preferred by growers looking to experiment with breeding new strains, regular cannabis seeds tend to have a more affordable price, but also tend to produce less potent yields. Unlike auto-flowering varieties, which tend to be fast-flowering seed strains, regular seeds grow at the normal rate.

Edible Cannabis Products

In October 2019, regulations under the Cannabis Act (Canada) were amended to add new classes of cannabis such as edibles, extracts, and topicals. Edibles are limited to 10 mg of THC per package and must not contain any added vitamins or minerals, nicotine, or alcohol. There are also limits on the caffeine in the product. More information is available here.

Vape Cannabis Options

Vape options are also available for recreational sale in Mississauga. Similar to edibles, vaping products may not contain added vitamins or minerals, nicotine, alcohol, caffeine, and sweeteners. Smoking cannabis is not permitted in Mississauga’s parks or any other public spaces, buildings, and structures.

Under the Smoke-Free Ontario Act, 2018, vaping is not permitted in any enclosed workplace or enclosed public place. However, some hotels, motels, and inns provide fully enclosed guest rooms that management has designated for smoking and/or vaping.

Germination Rate as a Consideration for Buying Seeds in Mississauga

A seed’s germination rate determines the likelihood of success when cultivating your marijuana plants. Typically, factors such as seed quality, age, storage conditions, and germination methods will determine a seed type’s germination rate. To help ensure successful seed sprouting, we recommend finding an established seed bank with a germination guarantee. In fact, Grower’s Choice has the very best in the industry. After receiving your seeds, we recommend following this germination method.

Laws Around Growing in a Private Residence

The use of recreational cannabis has been legalized federally since October 2018. In April 2023, Mississauga lifted its prohibition on cannabis retail stores. Currently, individuals age 19 and above in Mississauga may grow up to four cannabis plants per private residence so long as:

  • the plants are for personal use.
  • the starting material was purchased from the Ontario Cannabis Store or an authorized retail store. 
  • growing is permitted by your lease or condo rules. 

Credit Card Requirements for Purchasing Seeds from Local Shops/Lease Agreement Considerations

Individuals looking to purchase cannabis seeds from local shops may pay using Visa, Mastercard, or Bitcoin depending on their preference. 

Success Rate When Planting and Growing 

Obtaining good-quality cannabis seeds is one of the first steps to cultivating healthy, vibrant marijuana plants.  As such, purchasing your seeds from a high-quality online bank is an excellent way to help improve the likelihood of success. When researching seed banks, check for high-quality seeds—but also, a 90% germination guarantee applies to the seeds for sale. As mentioned earlier, Grower’s Choice is one such bank that provides this type of guarantee. 

Green cannabis plant
Canadian growers love Tangerine Dream weed seeds because they produce delicious-smelling plants
Source: Jamie Edwards Unsplash

Top 5 Recommended Strains for Mississaugans 

If you’d like to cultivate your own small, cannabis garden, the following five strains are an excellent place to start. While every individual will have unique tastes, growing requirements, and skill levels, these five strains are recommended because they are especially consistent and dependable in their yields, taste, and aroma. 

Critical Purple Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds

This Indica-dominant strain has a pungent grape aroma and taste. With the proper care, Critical Purple is also notably high-yielding. The offspring of a  strong auto-flowering male and a critical auto-female, it is considered to be one of the most potent hybrids. 

Gorilla Glue Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

A feminized version of the award-winning Gorilla Glue #4, this strain is a THC and sativa-dominant plant known for its incredible potency and resin production. Its aroma has been described as sweet, earthy, and musky, with touches of grapefruit and lemon. Known for its heavily relaxing properties, the Gorilla Glue strain has buds covered in crystals that add a touch of color to your plant. With appropriate care, it will produce thick and heavy colas that are particularly resilient to disease. 

Tangerine Dream Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds

An easy-to-grow strain well-suited to beginners, Tangerine Dream also has notably high potency and yields. It is also known for its sweet yet spicy aroma as well as stimulating, euphoric properties. A burst of cerebral clarity and bliss may leave you happy, productive, or even creative. Known to cut through mental fog, it can also help alleviate stress. If you’re seeking a highly focused, tangerine-scented afternoon, this may just be the strain for you. 

White Widow Feminized Seeds

The offspring of Dutch Master and Sour Diesel, White Widow is a classic strain from the sativa family. Tall and sturdy, it can grow up to two meters in height and boasts notably dense branches. Its buds are fluffy and heavy. Known for its euphoric, mood-boosting effects, it also contains high THC levels. Many experience instantaneous mental effects such as a more defined perception of sights and sounds—plus a burst of mental clarity and energy. Thanks to these attributes, White Widow has become one of the most sought-after and popular sativa strains in existence. 

 Acapulco Gold Feminized Seeds

This high-yielding marijuana strain originates from the Gold Hash Plant, a strain of cannabis from Colombia. When appropriately cared for, these seeds will flourish into short, stocky plants with dense buds and long stems. This strain has a moderate yield, high potency, and distinctly sweet aroma.  It it also highly adaptable and can be grown in a variety of environments thanks to its resistance to disease, pests, and mold. A sativa-dominant strain, Acapulco Gold is known for its mood-boosting and energizing properties.

 Our Most Popular Cannabis Strains