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Georgetown, Ontario: A Brief History

Georgetown is located on the rightful lands and territories of the Mississauga, aka the “Algonquian Ojibwa,” and the Haudenosaunee and the Huron-Wendat.

By 1650, the Huron people had been erased by both diseases spread by European colonizers and by the Iroquois people, after which the Mississauga inhabited the land. However, in the 1780s, the British began to actively colonize the area until 1850, when the remaining Mississaugan people were forcibly removed to the Six Nations Reserve. This is where the Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation Reserve now exist.

Georgetown was likely named after George Kennedy who had moved to the area in the early 1800s and sold his wooden mill and foundry to the Barber brothers in 1837, who renamed the then-small settlement as such. Over the next century or so, it remained a small town that grew from about 700 to under 4,000 people in that time, until the 1950s when its population slowly but surely began to steadily increase.

Georgetown, Ontario: Today

Today, Georgetown is the largest community located within the township of Halton Hills in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) in Ontario, Canada. Situated on the banks of the Credit River and surrounded by conservation areas, hills, valleys, and creeks that are teaming with wild salmon and trout, Georgetown has become a flourishing and vibrant area that is home to over 43,300 people.

Its historic downtown area, whose main streets are considered to be the prettiest in all of the GTA, is also home to a lively farmers market and the Halton Hill Cultural Centre. Residents of Georgetown can enjoy the charms of living in a picturesque setting with an old-style city center without sacrificing the advantages of residing in modern neighborhoods. They also have easy access to larger cosmopolitan cities like Toronto, which is 40 kilometers away, and Hamilton (60 km).

As if all of this isn’t enough to have you feeling good about living in Georgetown, add on the fact that not only is it fully legal to buy, use, and possess medical and recreational cannabis there, but the cultivation of recreational and medical marijuana seeds is also allowed in Georgetown, and all of Ontario!

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Things to know before heading into a medical cannabis dispensary
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Provincial vs. Canadian marijuana laws for medical and recreational users in Georgetown

As is the case for all of Canada’s provinces and territories, Ontario’s medical marijuana program, and therefore Georgetown, falls under Health Canada, which sets the nation’s medical cannabis regulations. This means that what applies in Georgetown, Ontario applies everywhere else in the country both for patients and medical cannabis dispensaries.

There is no minimum age requirement to become a registered medical marijuana patient with Health Canada. At the same time, you can’t just sign up online and get your medical marijuana card. Instead, prospective patients must first meet with a licensed physician to determine if they have a medical condition that qualifies them to obtain a registration certificate. If so, this registration certificate, which allows them to possess up to 150 grams of usable cannabis in public, will indicate how many medical cannabis plants they can grow at home. For more details about this program, please refer here.

On the other hand, when it comes to recreational cannabis, which Canada legalized in 2018, every territory and province sets its own specific requirements around the sales, possession, public consumption, at-home cultivation of marijuana plants, and which type of retailers can operate legal dispensaries, etc. For the province of Ontario, users who are 19 or older can legally buy and cultivate up to four female cannabis plants per household. In addition, there is no at-home storage limit, and cannabis dispensaries can be operated by private, public, and government retailers.

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A comprehensive guide on the differences between feminized and autoflowering weed seeds
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Where to buy premium cannabis seeds in Georgetown, Ontario

While there are plenty of legal dispensaries operating in and around Georgetown, and throughout Ontario, the reality is that they are more set up to provide their customer with a wide range of premium cannabis products as opposed to an extensive selection of feminized cannabis strains in seed form. As such, local cultivators in Georgetown, from first-time to experienced growers, consistently turn to Growers Choice Seeds, one of the premier online cannabis seed banks around, for obtaining our exceptional cannabis seeds that they can then germinate and nurture into healthy cannabis plants.

Some of the reasons that Georgetown’s growers love us so much are as follows:

  • Our extensive selection of cannabis seeds includes new, popular, classic, award-winning, and rare feminized strains.
  • We only sell feminized marijuana seeds that are photoperiods and autoflowers, because they have a 99% likelihood of producing only female plants.
  • We provide speedy and discreet shipping.
  • We offer highly competitive prices on all of our weed seeds and regular sales on both wholesale of a rotating selection from our collection of cannabis seeds.
  • Our incredible germination rate guarantee promises to replace any duds free of charge if 90% of your seeds don’t germinate.

Indicas, Sativas, and Hybrids

Not only are all of our seeds feminized, thereby near-guaranteeing growers an all-female cannabis crop, but all of our strains are either landrace–a pure indica or pure sativa–or a hybrid strain. Keep on reading to learn more about the main characteristics of indicas, sativas, and hybrids.


Generally, indica plants are short and compact bushy growers that average anywhere between 2-4 feet in height–making them especially advantageous to indoor growers with limited space or outdoor cultivators who don’t want to advertise to their neighbors all the green goodness they’ve got going, or growing, on.

Structure-wise, indica buds are usually small, round, and tightly packed together, and will often feature deeper shades of green. On average, a pure indica, like Purple Hindu Kush feminized seeds, will finish flowering in about 7-9 weeks, while a pure sativa can take 12 weeks.

In terms of effects, indicas are often referred to as “in-da-couch” for good reason, as their wonderfully relaxing and sedating physical effects frequently leave users feeling couch-locked. Indicas, like Romulan feminized seeds, are usually so soothing that they will often send folks off to the land of nod, which is why they are generally recommended for evening use.


At the other end of the landrace spectrum are sativas, which usually mature into tall, spindly plants with fewer branches than an indica. Often you will find that the serrated “fingers” of a sativa leaf are more narrow, with visible space between each leaflet. Sativas, like Pineapple Thai feminized seeds, have a reputation for producing long buds that are quite “fluffy,” or loose, in their structure.

Not only are sativas the polar opposite of indicas in terms of appearance, but their effects are also the utter antithesis of an indica as they are all about reinvigorating users and providing them with a huge recharge of energy, cerebral euphoria, and clarity. As such, sativas, such as Super Sour Diesel feminized seeds, are commonly referred to as “wake-and-bake” strains and are considered to be best used during the day.


The most common, and arguably most popular, strains that our customers in Georgetown, Ontario, and, quite frankly, all around the world, seem to be the most hyped about are hybrids. Because hybrids offer the best of both worlds by combining the best traits of sativa and indica strains so that users can enjoy both physically relaxing and mentally energizing effects, it makes sense that they’re so popular amongst users and growers.

Hybrids come in all kinds of indica-to-sativa ratios. Some like Quantum Kush autoflowering seeds, which contain a 75:25 sativa-to-indica ratio, are sativa-dominant; others, like Chemdog #4 feminized seeds with 80% indica and 20% sativa, are indica-dominant; and others, like Krypto Chronic autoflowering seeds, are evenly balanced with equal parts sativa and indica.

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How to build the best indoor grow room for your cannabis plants
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Cultivating Cannabis in Georgetown, Ontario

Georgetown’s climate is currently categorized as being a humid continental climate with no dry season. Its frost-free season starts around the last days of May and goes until about the 20th or so of September. (We say “currently,” because unfortunately, no amount of denial stops the science and reality of climate change, which is all too rapidly impacting growing seasons and crops of all varieties around the world.)

Once the last frost of the year melts and cultivators can start growing their cannabis plants and other vegetation outside, they can usually anticipate late May through early September highs that range from 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit, with June being the hottest month. As such, Georgetown’s environment is pretty conducive to growing marijuana outdoors in the warmer months.

However, because the area also gets a fair amount of precipitation even during its summer months, outdoor cultivators may want to consider growing strains, like Pot of Gold feminized seeds and Recon autoflowering seeds, that are more susceptible to molds and mildew in a greenhouse or even indoors, which shouldn’t be too big of a deal as all strains have to be grown inside anyhow once the first frost of the year hits.

Popular Cannabis Seeds in Georgetown

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