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A Bit About Chatham, Ontario

Chatham is one of many townships that make up the sizable municipality known as “Chatham-Kent” in southwestern Ontario. The entire municipality is bounded by Lake Eerie to the east and Lake St. Clair to the west. Residents of Chatham have the luxury of being able to enjoy the beautiful Thames River that flows through its historic downtown area to Lake St. Clair.

Considered to be the urban and geographic center of Chatham-Kent, Chatham has a population of over 45,000 and is home to the Chatham Campus of the St Clair College of Applied Arts and Technology as well as the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance’s main campus. As one of Ontario’s oldest communities, Chatham attracts those seeking an affordable cost of living, high quality of life, natural beauty, strong educational system, small-town feel with a charming downtown main street that features restored turn-of-the-century building, proximity to larger cities, and plenty of amenities and entertainment options without sacrificing the advantages that come with living in a close-knit setting.

The entire area of Chatham-Kent is also known for leading the world in the production of over 70 varieties of crops thanks to all of the freshwater that flows through and surrounds its communities, the rich and fertile soils that exist, and longer outdoor growing season than many areas in Canada thanks to its relatively warmer climate. As such, Chatham, which has a frost-free growing season that usually begins in the latter part of April and ends around mid-October is an excellent location for recreational and medical marijuana cultivators to grow strong and healthy cannabis plants outside.

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A guide to making your own cannabis infusions at home
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Chatham Cannabis Laws for Medical and Recreational Users

While medical marijuana is a federal program that applies to all of Canada’s provinces and territories, specific recreational cannabis laws are set by every provincial and territorial government.

In the sections below, we provide you with the most important basics about these two areas.

Medical Marijuana Laws

Medical marijuana patients in Chatham, and all of Canada, are under the “jurisdiction” so to speak of Health Canada, which is the department of the Government of Canada that is responsible for all health policies on the federal level. As such, whether you are a medical cannabis patient who lives in Chatham, Ontario or Okotoks, Alberta, or up in the Northwest Territories, the rules set forth by Health Canada as they relate to the use of marijuana for medical purposes apply.

While all of the info you need to know about Health Canada’s medical marijuana program is available here, the three main things to know about being a registered medical user in Chatham, or anywhere in the nation, are as follows:

  • There is no minimum age requirement.
  • Registered medical patients can possess 150 grams of cannabis flower (or the equivalent in cannabis concentrate products) in public.
  • A patient’s registration certificate will indicate how many weed plants they can cultivate at home and where, as well as how much marijuana flower they can store in their private residence.
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A guide to drying and curing your harvested cannabis buds
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Adult-Use Marijuana Laws for Ontario

In Ontario, and therefore Chatham, citizens who are 19+ are allowed the following when it comes to the purchase, possession, use, and cultivation of marijuana for non-medicinal purposes:

  • Four marijuana plants can be grown per household.
  • There is no at-home storage limit.
  • Marijuana and cannabis-infused products can be combusted in public where tobacco use is permitted, except for in vehicles.
  • Marijuana dispensaries can be operated by private, public, and government retailers.

It is important to remember that these regulations only apply to those who live in the province of Ontario. For example, Quebec has its minimum age set at 21 and does not allow for the cultivation of weed plants for recreational purposes.

The Three Main Seed Types: Regular Marijuana Seeds, Feminized Seeds, and Autoflower Seeds

If you’ve ever looked at our website for Growers Choice Seeds, you may have noticed that we only sell feminized marijuana seeds and autoflowering feminized cannabis seeds and not regular marijuana seeds–we will explain the reasons why below.

Regular Marijuana Seeds

While regular marijuana seeds are the “OGs” of cannabis cultivation, the fact that they will produce both male and female weed plants is not something that your typical at-home growers want.

Simply put, breeders and pro cannabis growers need to use the male plants as pollinators when creating new strains, but most individual growers are only seeking the cannabinoid-rich nuggets produced by female plants.

As such, we at Growers Choice do not sell regular seeds, as the majority of marijuana growers who buy their ungerminated marijuana seeds from us are only desirous of investing their time, energy, and resources into growing bud-producing female plants.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

The reason that we only sell feminized seed strains that are photoperiods or autoflowers is because they have an almost 100% likelihood of producing all-female plants.

Our feminized cannabis seeds that are photoperiods are reliant on changes in their light cycles to move into their flowering time. While figuring out the whole light cycle thing might sound too difficult for a first-time marijuana grower, in reality, there are plenty of easy-to-grow strains like Banana OG and Cactus that novices should be able to find success with–especially because we have a free blog that is filled with educational resources on things like when you can expect your cannabis crops to flower after transitioning them to a 12/12 light cycle, etc.

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When to flip your feminized strains to flower
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Autoflowering Seeds

All of our autoflowering strains of seeds are feminized and they contain ruderalis, which allows them to automatically flip to flower irrespective of their light schedule. So, not only will they provide cultivators with female plants, but they also flower without requiring any outside intervention in their light cycle.

Some of the other advantages that autoflowers come with are that they tend to be:

  • Faster-flowering
  • More compact
  • More resilient to sudden changes in temperatures

All of these traits combined can be especially useful to both indoor and outdoor marijuana growers in Chatham. For example, the fact that they usually have a faster flowering stage that can be as short as 7-9 weeks means that outdoor cultivators can get at least two full outdoor harvests from a strain like Ripped Bubba. Furthermore, since autoflowers tend to average 2-4 feet in height, they make for a great indoor cultivation option once the first frost of the year hits in Chatham.

Outdoor vs. Indoor Cultivation in Chatham

Seeing as Chatham has a relatively long frost-free season and excellent soil conditions, outdoor growers there can easily get a few solid yields out of hardier and faster-growing strains like Runtz autoflowering seeds and Grape Kush feminized seeds.

However, once mid- to late-October rolls around, marijuana growers in Chatham will need to grow their weed plants indoors.

As such, let’s look at some of the benefits that come with outdoor and indoor growing.

Outdoor Cultivation Benefits

In some ways, cultivating your weed plants outside in Chatham could almost be considered the easiest way to do things, as Mother Nature will do the majority of the labor for you. Mind you, this is not to say that you can just plant your seedlings and walk away, especially not when cultivating more high-maintenance strains, like Galactic Jack feminized seeds, that require the hands of an experienced grower to successfully grow them.

However, generally speaking, growing your marijuana plants is usually pretty cost-effective as nature provides the light, temperature, humidity, and ventilation that are all required for a successful grow. Plus, outdoor growing means that the fresh, clean air and the non-artificial glow of the sun tend to produce cannabis that is of higher quality as its leaves and buds will generally be bigger and, well, better.

Furthermore, outdoor cultivation allows your plants to fully stretch and achieve their full height potential, which is especially beneficial with sativa plants, like Blue God, which can grow to be 12 feet tall.

Indoor Cultivation Benefits

Some of the numerous benefits that come with growing indoors include having complete control over the temperature, humidity, ventilation, light cycles, soil quality, etc. Additionally, growing indoors means you are never impacted by the actual outdoor climate. So, even though Chatham has a frost-free season that lasts about 5.5 months, the fact that its summers don’t tend to exceed the high 70s (Fahrenheit) means that you can still grow strains like Maui Wowie and Lamb’s Bread, which require a sub-tropical environment to thrive indoors.

Finally, one more plus that comes with indoor cultivation is that you can grow your plants in a more hygienic setting since you are the one who is in charge of how clean (or dirty) the growing environment is. This has the potential to be especially beneficial for those growing medical marijuana seeds for patients with a compromised immune system.

Where to Buy Quality Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis growers in Chatham who value buying from a seed bank that provides an extensive seed catalog, reliable quality marijuana seeds, a 90% germination rate guarantee, affordable prices, fabulous sales, speedy and discreet shipping, hands-on customer service with excellent customer satisfaction rates, consistently choose us–Growers Choice Seeds–because we tick every single one of those boxes.

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