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About Bradford, Ontario

After being colonized by the British, this area in what is now the south-central region of Ontario was first known by its colonizers as “Milloy’s Tavern” and then later as “Edmanson’s Corners.” It gained its current name of Bradford in 1840 from Joel Flesher Robinson who renamed the place after his hometown in West Yorkshire, England.

Incorporated as a town in 1960, Bradford is the primary urban area of the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury (BWG). Located in the center of the York Region of Ontario, Bradford is bordered on the east by the Holland River, which empties in Lake Simcoe and overlooks the Holland Marsh, which is a long-established farming community that is also a part of the town.

Embodying all the allures of small-town charm, Bradford is a vibrant and picturesque area surrounded by stunning natural landscapes that is renowned for its tight-knit community and friendly locals. While all of Bradford West Gwillimbury has just over 42,000 residents, Bradford, while small, is not a “po-dunk” kind of place as it has plenty of entertainment, shopping, and dining options; a thriving arts and culture scene; and plenty of outdoor activities to participate in thanks to all of the forests, lakes, and parks that abound in this area. Plus, the throbbing metropolis of Toronto is less than 1.5 hours away by car!

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Cannabis Seeds in Bradford, Ontario

As alluded to earlier, part of Bradford includes Holland Marsh, which is home to some of Canada’s most fertile soil. The reason that this area, which consists of 125 family farms spread out over approximately 7,000 acres, has such rich soil is that back in 1925, when the area was literally a marsh, researchers began the mighty undertaking of draining the area to re-route the Holland River. When this was done, incredibly lush soil that some refer to as “black gold” was left behind, and to this day about 20% to 80% organic material makes up the upper layer of this soil. Hence, Bradford and Holland Marsh are commonly called the “Salad Bowl of Canada,” thanks to the 60 different vegetable varieties that are grown here.

And, since it is 100% legal in Ontario, and therefore Bradford, for both medical and recreational cannabis users to cultivate marijuana, the rich, fertile soil in this area also bodes well for those who are engaged in the outdoor growing of their own cannabis plants during the area’s frost-free growing season that usually lasts about 117 days from around the end of May until the middle or end of September.

This also means that Bradford locals are pretty well-versed in knowing the best seed companies to buy their feminized cannabis seeds from, which is why so many consistently rave about us at Growers Choice Seeds–the reasons for which we will cover a bit further down. However, let’s first ensure you’re up to date on some of the fundamental aspects of Bradford’s recreational and medical cannabis laws.

Medical and Recreational Marijuana Laws in Bradford, Ontario

All Canadian citizens, regardless of the territory or province they reside in, are under the jurisdiction of the country’s federal laws as they pertain to the nation’s medical marijuana program, which is overseen by Health Canada.

Conversely, recreational users and growers in Canada must follow the laws laid out by their provincial or territorial government, as well as any other particular pieces of legislation passed by local municipalities regarding age requirements, as well as the purchase, possession, use, and cultivation of marijuana.

Canada’s Medical Marijuana Laws

Health Canada is for all Canadian citizens in-country who are or wish to become medical cannabis patients and does not have any set age requirement. For specific details about this program, including the list of qualifying medical conditions, possession amounts, where medical cannabis can be used, and exact cultivation allowances please see here.

Recreational Marijuana Laws in Bradford

  • You must be 19+ to possess, consume, or cultivate cannabis.
  • Adult-use cannabis and marijuana seeds may only be purchased online via the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), or from a local, licensed dispensary. However, since it is not illegal to buy, own, and store ungerminated cannabis marijuana seeds, that gives adults a legal loophole for purchasing and storing their favorite feminized cannabis seed strains from an online seed bank like ours at Growers Choice Seeds.
  • You can possess up to 30 grams of marijuana flower or its equivalent in products.
  • There is no at-home storage limit.
  • You can grow up to four marijuana plants per household–not per person.
  • Ontario’s provincial government allows for the public smoking/vaping of marijuana where the smoking of tobacco is permitted–with the exception of smoking in vehicles. However, every county/municipality can set its own particular rules around the public combustion of weed. To find out the specifics of Bradford’s regulations see here.

Feminized Seeds vs. Autoflowering Seeds

Before we talk about why local cultivators in Bradford are such big fans of us at Growers Choice Seeds, we want to first briefly go over the two main seed types that we sell–feminized cannabis seeds and autoflowering seeds. And, for those wondering why we only sell feminized seeds in photoperiod and autoflowering form, that’s because feminized weed seeds have a 99% likelihood of producing all-female plants that should provide growers with the cannabinoid-rich buds they are so desirous of.

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Feminized Seeds

Feminized seed strains are photoperiods. This means that they require outside intervention in their light cycle for them to transition from their vegetative stage to their flowering stage. As a general rule of thumb, their light/dark cycle has to be switched from an 18/6 cycle to that of a 12/12.

Thanks to the fact that we at Growers Choice Seeds provide a free blog that contains a plethora of easy-to-access information on almost everything you need to know about cannabis, including how to grow it indoors and out, when you can expect your plants to flower after switching to a 12/12 light cycle, what different growing methods are, what kinds of nutrients your cannabis plants need, etc. even first-time growers in Bradford should be able to successfully cultivate easy-to-grow strains, such as the evenly-balanced hybrid Champagne Kush and indica-dominant Dutch Treat, by arming themselves with some free knowledge and putting it to practice.

In addition, once the first frost of the year approaches in Bradford, growers can simply move their growing operations indoors where they can easily create, control, and maintain an environment that meets the specific needs of the strains that they are growing. Those with limited space may need to grow their landrace sativa plants outdoors in Bradford’s warmer months, as they usually grow to be quite tall. However, not only are there several sativa hybrids, like Allen Wrench, that can be easily trimmed and pruned during the vegetative stage to keep their height under control for indoor growing, but there are also sativa-dominant hybrids like Trinity that are “indica” in size, which means their plants are short and compact.

Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflower seeds are feminized strains that have had about 10% to 20% ruderalis, which is a hardy landrace strain from the cold northern regions of Central Asia, added to their genetics. Thanks to this addition, autoflowers are able to automatically flip to their flowering stage without having their light cycles changed–making them relatively lower maintenance pretty much from the get-go. In addition, autoflowers are known to produce plants that tend to be smaller, faster-flowering, and much more resilient to sudden changes in temperature than their feminized photoperiod counterparts.

All of these traits combined make autoflowers an attractive choice to inexperienced growers and those who either have limited space in which to grow their cannabis crops or who are seeking to obtain as many harvests as possible in one outdoor growing season. For example, in a place like Bradford whose frost-free season lasts approximately 15.5 weeks, an autoflowering strain like Super Skunk, which has a flowering time of 6-7 weeks, could potentially provide cultivators with two full harvests.

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Why Bradford Cultivators Choose Growers Choice Seeds

At Growers Choice Seeds, we have an extensive selection of new, popular, classic, rare, and award-winning cannabis seeds for sale. We are so confident in their quality that we offer an outstanding germination guarantee, promising if 90% of the cannabis seeds you buy from us fail to “pop,” aka “germinate,” then we will replace the duds for free!

In addition, we provide speedy and discreet shipping, offer discounts on bulk seed orders, and have regular, rotating specials on our rich and diverse selection of landrace and hybrid feminized cannabis strains.

All of these things combined, plus our incredible customer service team and thorough product descriptions are why growers throughout Brandon, and Ontario in general, have become some of our most loyal customers.

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