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Am I allowed to legally use cannabis in the NWT?

Why should you buy cannabis seeds in the NWT?Get the best quality Autoflowering Cannabis in NWT

In the Northwest Territories and all of Canada, the laws of the ACMPR indicate those patients who have received a medical marijuana prescription from a physician have the right to access and use medical cannabis to treat their condition or symptoms. Most often, physicians prescribe cannabis when pharmaceutical medications have failed to be sufficient treatment for whatever ails the patient.

In Canada, it is legal to grow your own cannabis from cannabis seeds, provided you do not exceed the number of plants indicated by the ACMPR. In general, patients who are permitted 1 gram of prepared cannabis can grow up to 5 cannabis plants in their home, or up to 2 outside.

Can weed damage the brain?

There has been a fair amount of research regarding this question, but the answer is still a bit hazy (pardon the pun). It seems likely that persistent use of weed (specifically THC) has the potential to cause long-term problems in adolescents whose brains are not yet fully developed. As well, some studies show people genetically disposed to schizophrenia can find their first episode triggered by cannabis.

All medication has side effects, however, and it is unlikely that mindful, dose-appropriate use of cannabis in people over the age of 21 will have any long-term side effects. Indeed, some recent evidence suggests cannabis can actually improve brain function (preventing dementia) in fully developed brains.

What does the marijuana flowering stage look like?

Once your marijuana seeds have sprouted and your plants have undergone a vegetative stage of between two and six weeks (auto-flowering strains will automatically transition after two weeks, regular feminized strains must be encouraged into the flowering stage by changing the hours of light from 18-24 to 12 per day), they will enter the flowering stage. It is during this stage the plants will develop first the small white hairs called pistils, then slowly the buds that will grow into medicinal flowers.

During this time, you will also begin to see resin developing on the “sugar” leaves and the buds themselves. As time goes on, you’ll notice the pistils being to change from white to orange or red and start to curl – this is a sign you are nearing harvest. The clear trichomes/resin will also start to turn milky.

Growing Cannabis Indoors

One of the big considerations when it comes to growing cannabis is whether you should grow your plants indoors or out. In some cases, the answer is obvious – you don’t have a garden or yard, or your region has rules against growing outdoors. But whether you’ve made the choice to grow inside or the choice has been made for you, no worries! Growing cannabis indoors is a fantastic idea, and it’s not as hard as you might think.

Of course, you’ll need to have a good lighting set up for your plants. You can always try to grow them au natural if you get tons of natural light in your place, but at least during the vegetative stage we generally want to give those babies a real blast of light – as much as 18-24 hours a day – so an additional light source is handy. To learn more about the best kinds of light to use, and other things you should know before starting an indoor grow, check out our article all about Growing Cannabis Indoors.

Can I get cannabis seeds delivered?

At Growers Choice, we ship cannabis seeds all over the world! If you live in the Northwest Territories, you’re no exception. We offer flat shipping rates and free shipping on large orders, so you’ll never be caught off-guard by unexpected costs. We have an office in Toronto, so we’re no foreign entity. Do note that the prices on the website are listed in US dollars.

If you want premium cannabis seeds so you can grow your own homeopathic medicine right at home, you’ve come to the right place. Not only does Growers Choice deliver your seeds discreetly, right to your door, we also have an outstanding germination guarantee and a huge resources section that will help you get the most out of your germination, cultivation, harvest and medical cannabis use.

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