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A Brief History of Brandon, Manitoba

Before French and other European colonizers arrived, the Cree, Oji-Cree, Anishinaabeg, Dakota, Dene, and the Métis would freely and rightfully hunt and harvest various animals, including bison, and resources in the area that eventually would become known as “Brandon.”

Along the Assiniboine River, these First Nations people not only used the area as a place of hunting, gathering, and habitation, but they would also bury their ancestors there in a sacred burial mount that centuries later in 1948 would be named a protected Provincial Heritage Site.

Of course, when the French fur traders began to arrive in the late-18th century, the lives of the area’s indigenous inhabitants were disrupted and eventually upended with things like the establishment of several Hudson Bay Company posts in the area, the later arrival of British and U.S. colonizers, aka “immigrants,” and the arrival of the Canada Pacific Railway. All of which resulted in the forming and incorporation of the city of Brandon.

Brandon, Manitoba Today

With a population over 54,000 (as of 2022), Brandon is the second-largest city in all of Manitoba. Located in the southwestern corner of the province along the shores of the Assiniboine River. Sometimes referred to as the “Wheat City of Canada,” Brandon’s major industries are related to agriculture, which, for good or bad, also includes fertilizer and hog processing plants.

Considered to be one of the top places to live in all of Canada, Brandon provides its residents with easy access to Turtle Mountain Provincial Park and the Brandon Hills Wildlife Management area to the south, Riding Mountain National Park to the north, and Spruce Woods Provincial Heritage Park to the east. In addition, the Assiniboine River Corridor, which is comprised of a network of parks and pathways, stretches 17 kilometers through the center of the city.

About 214 km west of Manitoba’s capital of Winnipeg and 120 east of the Saskatchewan border, Brandon is a city that prides itself on its warmth, hospitality, progressive views, and cultural diversity. With its long, warm summers and rich agricultural lands, Brandon has the potential to be an idyllic location for recreational cannabis cultivation enthusiasts, but unfortunately, Manitoba is one of only two provinces in the country that strictly prohibits both the indoor and outdoor cultivation of cannabis plants. However, as with all of Canada’s provinces and territories, those who are registered medical marijuana patients with Health Canada, and have a license that permits them the right to grow, may legally cultivate their own medical marijuana plants.

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All about buying cannabis seeds in Manitoba
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Health Canada’s Medical Marijuana Program

Health Canada, which is the department of Canada’s federal government, oversees the nation’s medical marijuana program and does not have any set age requirement to apply. Prospective medical users need to see a physician who will determine if they have a qualifying medical condition that will allow them to become registered medical users.

For specific details about this program, including the list of qualifying medical conditions, possession amounts, where medical marijuana and medical cannabis products can be used, and cultivation/storage allowances please see here.

Manitoba’s Recreational Marijuana Laws

Whether you live in Brandon, Manitoba; Gatineau, Quebec; Summerside, Prince Edward Island; Iqaluit, Nunavut; or anywhere else in Canada and are a medical marijuana patient, Health Canada’s rules and regulations apply to you.

Conversely, what applies to a recreational user/grower in Brandon, Manitoba is not going to be the same for someone living in any of those aforementioned places, because each province and territory sets its own stipulations around things like minimum age requirement, sales, possession, public consumption, at-home cultivation, at-home storage limits, what kinds of recreational dispensaries can be operated in their region (i.e., government, public, and/or private retailers), etc.

For those in Brandon, while cultivation is strictly verboten, those who are 19 years of age and older can buy and use cannabis from private retailers who operate brick-and-mortar dispensaries or online stores. In addition, while cannabis may not be used in public, adults do not have an at-home storage limit.

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How to properly dry and cure cannabis buds
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About Indicas, Sativas, and Hybrids

Growers Choice Seeds, which is a highly respected and trustworthy online seed bank, only sells feminized marijuana seeds that are either photoperiods or autoflowering seeds. As such, those in Brandon who are allowed to legally set up their own personal cultivation space are close to 100% guaranteed that they will end up with all-female plants.

In addition, we at Growers Choice offer an extensive seed selection of new, popular, classic, rare, and award-winning marijuana strains that are either landrace or hybrid cannabis strains. As an aside, for those who are new to the users and/or growers community, landrace strains are either 100% pure indicas, which are primarily found in Asia, North India, Tibet, Nepal, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, or sativas, which usually hail from equatorial regions like Thailand, Jamaica, South India, and Mexico.

To find out more about the main traits of indicas, sativas, and hybrids, keep on reading.


While there is always going to be some exception to the rule, indica plants are usually short and compact, bushy growers that rarely exceed four feet in height. As such, their size makes them especially beneficial to indoor growers with limited space or outdoor cultivators who either want to practice the art of stealth growing or whose only outdoor space is a small balcony, etc.

In terms of their structure and composition, indica nuggets’ hallmark traits are that of being small, round, and tightly packed together. On average, a pure indica, like Kong feminized seeds and Buddha Tahoe feminized seeds, will complete their flowering time in approximately 7-9 weeks.

When it comes to the “stereotypical” effects of a pure indica, relaxing properties that often leave users feeling blissfully sedated are usually the classic effects–Master Kush feminized seeds being a prime example. In fact, one of the easiest ways to remember the differences between an indica and sativa, when it comes to effects, is the phrase when you use an indica you will end up “in-da-couch,” as there’s a good chance you’ll end up feeling utterly couch-locked. As such, indicas are best used either in the evening before bed or on a lazy staycation kind of day.


In pretty much every way, sativas are the polar opposite of indicas starting with their plants, which are usually tall and spindly with less branches. Often, you will find that the serrated “fingers” of a sativa leaf are narrower with visible space between each leaflet. In addition, sativas, like the strain whose name hasn’t aged well, Asian Fantasy feminized seeds, and Panama Red feminized seeds, tend to produce elongated buds that are more “feathery” in their composition. Furthermore, while this is not the case for all pure sativas, they usually take longer to complete their flowering time with growers sometimes needing to wait 10-12 weeks to reap their harvest.

Effects-wise, if indicas are about helping you fall asleep, then sativas are about keeping you from dozing off. As such, you will often see them described as being akin to downing some shots of espresso in the morning and are regularly referred to as “wake-and-bake” strains. This is on account of their rousing effects that usually give users a big boost of energy, cerebral bliss and lucidity, and, sometimes, when used in higher doses, have the potential to have users “bouncing off the walls.” Therefore, pure sativas are generally recommended for daytime usage or when going out for a night on the town with friends.


While pure indicas and sativas definitely have their following, these days, hybrids are all the rage as they provide users with the best of both worlds by combining the best traits of sativa and indica strains. This allows users to enjoy the physically soothing effects of an indica whilst still being able to take advantage of a sativa’s mentally stimulating effects.

Plus, because hybrids combine the genetics of sativas and indicas, growers often like that they can potentially get a sativa-dominant hybrid strain, such as Tangerine Power feminized cannabis seeds, that matures into a shorter indica-like plant with the big buds of a sativa that are dense like an indica.

Finally, hybrids come in all kinds of indica-to-sativa ratios, with some being sativa-dominant, others indica-dominant, others evenly-balanced, and still others being sativa or indica leaning.

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A list of Growers Choice Seeds’ marijuana seed strains that are on sale
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Where to Buy High-Quality Cannabis Seeds in Brandon, Manitoba

With so many online cannabis seed banks in existence, it can be a bit overwhelming to the uninitiated to determine which one is the “best” or most “reliable” one.

That’s where we come in. At Growers Choice Seeds, not only do we offer top-quality cannabis seeds for sale, but all of our marijuana seed strains are backed by one of the best germination rate guarantees in the cannabis seed industry, promising that if 90% of your weed seeds don’t germinate we will replace the duds free of charge!

Furthermore, we provide speedy and discreet shipping and feature regular sales on both bulk seeds and a rotating selection from our extensive seed catalog. So, what are you waiting for? Check us out, and order some of our incredible feminized and autoflowering cannabis seeds today!

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