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Power Plant 80S / 20I 19% THC Daytime
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Diesel 70S / 30I 17% THC Daytime

Cannabis laws in Manitoba

In Manitoba, as in the rest of Canada, patients who are registered with the ACMPR have the right to access and use medical cannabis products to treat their condition or symptoms. They require a prescription from a health care practitioner, and their prescription must be revisited at least on a year. Unlike some states to the south, cannabis is not yet legal for recreational use in Canada, despite the wide number of dispensaries that populate the marijuana seeds in manitoba

When it comes to cannabis seeds, what you need to know is this: when ungerminated (not sprouted), cannabis seeds are completely innocuous and considered adult novelty souvenirs. If you possess medical documentation stating your right to use cannabis for medical purposes, you may purchase cannabis seeds, germinate, and plant them for the purposes of medical treatment.

Can cannabis cure cancer?

There have been stories about patients curing their cancer with cannabis for years, but there was no sold scientific evidence to back up these claims. Certainly, cannabis is known to ease the pain of cancer and cancer treatments like chemotherapy, as well as curb nausea and encourage appetite, but that was it. Recently, however, some studies have shown the “cannabis cures cancer” claim smight be true. Preliminary animal trials have found cannabis can stop cancer cells from metastasizing (spreading from one part of the body to another) and from forming blood vessels (which they need to survive). Cannabis truly is an incredible plant.

Are weed seeds and cannabis seeds the same thing?

Yes! Cannabis is the scientific name for what is widely known as “marijuana”, and weed (as well as pot) are slang terms for this healing, medicinal plant. Weed and Pot are often considered terms used by recreational users, though this is not entirely accurate. Do not assume there is any difference between products labeled cannabis seeds and those labeled weed seeds.

Regardless of the label, do your research and find a reputable seller before making your investment. At Growers Choice, we source all our seeds from breeders with two decades of experience, test our products, and ship them in medical-grade glass vials.

What are Low-Stress Training Methods?

You can always toss a cannabis seed into soil and watch it grow – you might end up with a really hardy crop of buds. But some people like to get really intense with their gardening, even beyond all the fancy lights, nutrients, air filtration systems and what have you. If you want to take your growing to the next level (and maybe wind up with even more flowers), you may want to give LST or low-stress training methods a shot. Sea of Green and Screen of Green are some of the better known LST options. They involve exposing more of each plant to direct light in order to coax buds all the way down the stalk of the plant. Sea of Green (SoG) is especially well-suited to small growing spaces.

Where can I get Manitoba cannabis seeds?

buy cannabis seeds in manitoba

At Growers Choice, we sell 21 premium strains of cannabis seeds, in 3, 5, 10, and 25-packs. All our cannabis seeds are fully feminized, which means you don’t need to worry about weeding out males, and all the seeds that germinate will grow into harvestable plants (in other words, no wasted dollars)! Our feminized varieties:

  1. Regular feminized cannabis seeds
  2. Auto-flowering feminized cannabis seeds
  3. High-CBD, medical feminized cannabis seeds

Where do cannabis seeds come from?

Cannabis seeds are made when a male cannabis plant is allowed to fertilize a female. A female cannabis plant that has begun to develop flowers or buds with pistils (those little white hairs that turn red or orange) is ready to be pollinated by a male plant. Cannabis plants are wind polliated, so shaking a mature male at a ready female is often all that’s required! After pollination, cannabis seeds take between a month and six weeks to be ready. Once they’re mature, they can be removed from the seeded buds of the female plant.

Growers Choice cannabis seeds in Manitoba:

Growers Choice delivers direct to Manitoba customers

It felt like just days between placing my order with you guys and getting my seeds – so impressed with the speed of delivery. I also appreciated that my package didn’t scream “you bought marijuana” – I’m glad your company respects the privacy of your clients.

Helen J., Manitoba
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It might be cold this winter, but I’ll be keeping warm with my home-grown weed! Just picked up some Jack Herer and Tangerine Dream – perfect pot plants for Manitoba winters, right?

Trey T., Manitoba
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