Is cannabis use legal in Vancouver?


All throughout the great country of Canada, patients with medical cannabis prescriptions are entitled to use cannabis products in the treatment of their medical conditions or symptoms. Vancouver, known as one of the “pot” capitals of Canada, has many dispensaries within its borders that walk a grey line of legality, but at their centre are offering a much-needed service to people who have been repeatedly failed by pharmaceutical weed seeds in vancouver

In Vancouver, as in the rest of Canada, patients with medical cannabis cards are entitled to buy cannabis seeds from a reputable provider like Growers Choice. They are also allowed to plant cannabis seeds in their home or garden – provided they follow the rules of the ACMPR in terms of quantities, which are linked to the amounts on their prescriptions.

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Get weed seeds in Vancouver

The best place to find quality weed seeds in Vancouver is Growers Choice. We ship all our seeds from the Pacific Northwest, so you know your products will arrive quickly and in the height of freshness. Our cannabis seeds are hand-selected and packaged in medical-grade glass vials that ensure as much viability as possible, and they are backed by our germination guarantee, which promises that if fewer than 90% germinate, we’ll send you some replacements. It is, of course, the customer’s responsibility to ensure they are legally allowed to plant their cannabis seeds.

What is the difference between THC and CBD?

THC and CBD are cannabinoids, two of 80 compounds found in the cannabis plant. Though both interact with CB1 and CB2 neurotransmitter receptors in the body, acting the part of these transmitters and encouraging or blocking their production as needed, the cannabinoids are quite different from each other. THC is the most well-known compound, and it is the main one that causes the psychoactive high (hallucinations, euphoria, possible paranoia) in patients. It is usually found in concentrations of between 10 and 30%. CBD, on the other hand, does not cause euphoria or any psychoactive response and, when paired with THC, will actually reduce the effects of the latter. Most regular cannabis strains contain very small amounts of CBD (though it does not need much to work), between 0.1 and 3%, though high-CBD medical strains, which contain very low levels of THC, can have up to 10% CBD.

Find out how much THC and CBD the Growers Choice cannabis seed strains contain using our THC and CBD Charts.

Is it hard to grow cannabis?

Some cannabis varieties are harder to grow than others. When you buy Vancouver cannabis seeds from Growers Choice, we clearly indicate the growing difficulty of each strain in the characteristics. Generally, auto-flowering varieties are quite easy to cultivate, and are recommended for new gardeners. There is a huge amount of information on the internet – both on our website and beyond – that explains how to grow cannabis with the best results.

Growing cannabis with hydroponics

Anyone who has heard of cannabis has probably heard of hydroponics. And while you can technically grow just about anything with hydroponic methods, it’s true that the style has gained most of its fame – at least in recent years – from its association with everyone’s favorite green beauty. There are lots of reasons to consider growing your cannabis seeds with hydroponics, including a faster grow, a more sterile setting, and preventing your plants from becoming root bound.


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