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The Beautiful City of Penticton, British Colombia

With its name meaning “a place to stay forever,” Penticton, British Columbia is the perfect area for people from all walks of life. One of the many perks of this region is that there is an array of ethnicities and cultures who call this beautiful city home. Situated between two lakes, and located in British Columbia’s expansive landscape of mountains and beaches, there is lots of natural beauty to appreciate. 

Thanks to the legalization of marijuana, Penticton citizens can enjoy both recreational and medical cannabis. Not only can adults purchase fantastic cannabis strains, but they can also cultivate marijuana plants at home. Before you start cultivating, it’s always a good idea to understand the marijuana laws, the best types of seeds available, and where to purchase them!

Cannabis Laws in Penticton

In British Columbia, you must be 19 years or older to purchase, consume, possess, and/or cultivate recreational cannabis. To ensure minors can’t access cannabis products, Penticton carefully regulates marijuana, with the British Columbia Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch managing marijuana manufacturers and sellers. Adults can only purchase their supply of weed from licensed brick-and-mortar cannabis retail stores, British Columbia online cannabis stores, and private retailers. 

With marijuana legal, adults have limits on the amount of cannabis they can carry in public, which is up to 30 grams of dried marijuana. For the most part, you can smoke and vape cannabis in places that legally allow people to smoke and vape tobacco. However, to keep cannabis away from children and teens, you can’t smoke or consume cannabis in public areas where minors congregate like schools and parks. Additionally, to make cannabis cultivation accessible, the thriving community of cannabis enthusiasts can grow up to four cannabis plants at home. 

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What to know about medical marijuana cultivation
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Medical Cannabis in Penticton

In British Columbia, medical cannabis users must visit a doctor to get diagnosed with a qualifying condition. One of the best things about Canada’s medical marijuana law is patients don’t need a medical marijuana card to get their products. Therefore, once patients receive authorization from their doctor, they can fully enjoy the benefits of cannabis by visiting local cannabis dispensaries.

Patients can buy items like smokable marijuana flowers, tinctures, oils, creams, edibles, and more. If you don’t want to visit British Columbia cannabis dispensaries, you can choose cannabis delivery to have products conveniently shipped right to your residence.

Another plus for cannabis consumers is those interested in medical marijuana cultivation can register with Health Canada for approval. If they don’t want to personally partake in the cannabis cultivation journey, they can name a responsible adult to grow cannabis plants on their behalf. How convenient is that?

Canada’s Cannabis Industry

Since the legalization of marijuana, British Columbia has strived to ensure that the area can enjoy a thriving marijuana industry as cannabis continues to gain acceptance. The province believes that marijuana can be a big economic boost, so it has educated residents on how to enter the industry. British Columbia has laid out the process to help cannabis retail businesses get started. For non-medical retailers to begin the process, they must contact the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch for licensing information and regulations.

Different Types of Cannabis Seeds

In Penticton, adults have a wide array of cannabis seeds to choose from for cultivation. Whether for recreational or medical marijuana cultivation, there’s something for growers of all experience levels. To take full advantage of the legalization of marijuana, growers can choose top choices like regular, autoflowering, and feminized marijuana seeds. 

Regular Cannabis Seeds

Even though regular seeds are important in the world of marijuana cultivation, Growers Choice doesn’t sell them, but it’s still important to know about them. These seeds are not feminized, so they produce both male and female plants, which is typically a downside for most growers because it requires effort to weed out the male plants. Regular seeds are generally popular with breeders, as they can cross one gender from each of their favorite strains to get a whole new strain. By going through this cross-breeding process, experienced growers have control over potency, terpenes, cannabinoids, and more!

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds are a favorite among growers with any level of experience who want the luxury of only female plants. The fantastic thing about these female plants is they produce buds that smokers can light up and enjoy! That makes feminized cannabis seeds more economical since the entire crop is usable. Because these seeds have been specially cultivated to remove male genetics, cultivators rarely have to deal with accidental pollination.

Beginner growers love feminized cannabis seeds since they take the guesswork out of the process since they have more than a 99.9% chance of producing female plants. A popular choice among the wide variety of feminized cannabis seeds is Animal Crackers since this strain is sweet and tasty just like the childhood treat. It combines two wonderful parents, Fire OG and Girl Scout Cookies, making this a potent favorite of both recreational and medicinal users.

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Why autoflowering seeds are a convenient option
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Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

To make cannabis cultivation simple, autoflowering marijuana seeds are the way to go. These non-photoperiod seeds have been specially cultivated to transition seamlessly from the vegetative to the flowering change without having to change the light cycles. Consequently, growers don’t have to determine how many hours of light or darkness the plants need. Growers also love how auto seeds flower fast, typically in 7-9 weeks.

At Growers Choice, our auto seeds are also feminized cannabis seeds, ensuring growers can enjoy all the benefits of bud-producing female plants. To fully embrace the legalization of marijuana, you can cultivate an awesome strain like Northern Lights. This marijuana strain is deeply relaxing and euphoric before putting you into a deep slumber. 

Different Strains of Cannabis Seeds

Now, it’s time to learn about the different types of weed strains. Your wonderful options include indica, sativa, and hybrid. While all are different, they each offer unique properties depending on the type of characteristics you’re seeking!


When you’re in the mood for some relaxing, calming effects, indica is usually the way to go. It doesn’t have the nickname “in da couch” for nothing! With this strain, you can get a heavy feeling in your body that can give you a serious case of couch lock, so be prepared to clear your schedule! Most smokers enjoy indica at night when it’s time to go to sleep. 


Do you need to start your day off right? When you’re looking for a big dose of energy, sativa is the answer! This strain is often euphoric, giving you the focus and concentration you need to work and handle all your business. While you can use it first thing in the morning to wake and bake, you can also use it mid-day as a fantastic pick-me-up to provide the fuel you need.


Instead of choosing between sativa and indica, you can get a hybrid that combines both of them. Choose a hybrid that’s more sativa or indica-dominant or go for a well-balanced strain that gives you an equal blend of both. With a sativa-dominant strain like OG Kush, you get a classic strain that has a super high 27% THC level that gives you the ultimate potent effects. You will feel extremely euphoric and relaxed with a serious case of couch-lock!

Ghost OG is an indica-dominant strain with an enviable 23% THC level, offering psychoactive effects that help you feel relaxed, but not overwhelmed. On the other hand, Albino Kush is a 50/50 hybrid that provides a 20% THC level for balanced yet potent effects that will mellow you out but provide enough energy to not turn you into a complete couch potato!

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One of the first aspects of cannabis cultivation is germination
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What to Know About Germination 

The first step in the cultivation process is germination, which results in your seeds sprouting, eventually turning into amazing cannabis plants! For successful germination, you need to start with high-quality cannabis seeds. One simple germination method is using a glass and water, placing your seeds into the glass of water, and waiting for them to sprout. 

Another option is the paper towel method where you place your seeds on a damp piece of paper towel. Place another damp piece of paper towel on top of the seeds and put the covered seeds in a dark place like a drawer. Then, just wait and let your seeds do their thing!

Top Reasons to Choose Growers Choice

There are plenty of reasons why growers in Penticton choose Growers Choice as a top cannabis seed bank. They appreciate the wide range of strains we offer and, of course, the highest-quality seeds! Our fresh, premium seeds are so top-notch that we offer a germination guarantee to make sure you receive only the best. Regardless of which strain you choose, you can count on fantastic prices that are incredibly affordable.

We also offer fast shipping anywhere in the world to ensure you get high-quality seeds regardless of your location. Plus, our seeds come discreetly wrapped so nobody ever knows what’s inside! If you ever have any questions or concerns, our helpful customer service reps are always available to assist you. Once you’re ready to try Growers Choice, browse our website and see what we have in store for you!

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