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This article delves into the cheery marijuana laws in British Columbia, the stunning city of Parksville, various seed types and strains, and where to purchase high-quality seeds that are guaranteed to sprout. We also offer a few tips for new and seasoned growers who plan on cultivating their cannabis crops outdoors in Parksville. 

Parksville, BC

It’s usually difficult for me to think of any one town encapsulating my idea of heaven, but Parksville gets pretty close! Let’s explore a bit of the city and the marijuana laws in British Columbia.

People camping in a forest in Parksville, BC.
Everything you need to know about cannabis in British Columbia!
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Town of Parksville

Parksville is a gorgeous coastal town in British Columbia, originally inhabited by the Coast Salish Indigenous peoples for thousands of years. European colonizers washed up onto the shores in the 1800s, dispersing the locals and establishing logging and fishing villages in British Columbia–one of which is now Parksville. 

Today, Parksville is known for its tourist industry and epic natural attractions. Its small size makes it a sanctuary for the locals and tourists, and while the city is quaint, the surrounding mountains are anything but! The development of highways and a ferry terminal have made access to the city a breeze, which is another selling point for transplants and tourists. Approximately 12,500 people live in the city, and most of them will describe Parksville as a laid-back beach town, with cute, small homes and a downtown that is a blend of hip and weathered charm.

Outside of Parksville, locals have access to some of the most breathtaking views! From sandy shores to dense forests and towering mountains, the region is truly something out of a storybook. Mount Arrowsmith is one of the most popular destinations in the area, offering incredible climbing, hiking, and camping opportunities. Located near the ocean, Parksville experiences a coastal climate, which basically means that it’s perfect weather all year round! Summers are warm and dry and winters are slightly cooler with occasional rainfall. 

Marijuana Laws in British Columbia

If Parksville’s brief description didn’t have you preparing to move your whole family to British Columbia, the marijuana laws in the area just might. Recreational cannabis is legal in the province of British Columbia for anyone who is 19 of age or older. While recreational marijuana has the green light, users must adhere to possessing no more than 1,000 grams per household and 30 grams in public (feels doable). Marijuana is also available to medical patients who receive a tax exemption on cannabis products when they are approved for the Medical Marijuana Program. 

The cultivation of marijuana plants is available to everyone–though, medical and recreational growers are subject to different regulations. If users prefer to skip the growing and purchase their cannabis in person, there are over 100 dispensaries across British Columbia from which to acquire quality pot. We’re stoked on British Columbia’s love for weed!

Types of Marijuana Seeds and Strains

Both new and seasoned growers in Parksville can do themselves and their gardens a favor by learning everything there is to know about seed types and strains! Below, we offer a few of the most important basics you should know.

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Learn all about highly potent strains.
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Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds produce only female cannabis plants, unlike regular seeds which result in both male and female plants. While it might seem like a benefit to have both males and females, female plants are the only type that reaps cannabinoid-rich buds. Feminized seeds essentially make the cultivation process far easier for growers, since they are no longer required to search for, and chop out, the males, which is essential so they do not pollinate the females. Feminized strains are photoperiodic, so their flowering time is triggered by changes in the light they receive. 

Under the umbrella of feminized seeds are indica, sativa, and hybrid strains, each of which has different preferred growing conditions and characteristics. Indicas, like Cataract Kush, generally prefer cooler temperatures, while sativas, such as  9 Pound Hammer and OG Raskal, are usually partial to warm and sunny environments. 

Auto-Flowering Seeds

Auto-flowering seeds are feminized with a little twist. They have ruderalis genetics added to their DNA, which allows them to flower without needing light schedules. This is incredibly useful for growers who prefer to be a bit more hands-off or are altogether new to cannabis cultivation. They are also very durable and resilient, not easily succumbing to pests, diseases, or bad weather. While they are small in size, they are quick to grow, often going from seed to harvest far quicker than non-automatic feminized seeds.

Highly Potent Strains

Strains with skyrocketing THC levels, like Mac 1 Auto (27% THC) and Strawberry Banana Auto (25%), can be enticing to all users, with lots of potential benefits! But there can also be some downsides to extremely potent strains, including increased anxiety, very uncomfortable paranoia, dehydration, and truly frightening psychoactive experiences. To avoid these, we’ve compiled a list of dos and don’ts for newer users! These include the following:  

  1. Start Low and Go Slow: Take it easy! Begin with a low dose and wait for the effects to hit before reaching for more.
  2. Choose the Right Environment: This one is key. Use in a comfortable and safe environment where you feel relaxed and secure. The all-night rave in the woods might not be ideal.
  3. Have a Trusted Bud: Buddy systems were invented for a reason! Make sure you have a reliable friend by your side. 
  4. Stay Hydrated: Don’t sip, gulp! Marijuana can tend to dry the mouth and dehydrate the body, so don’t skimp when it comes to water.
  5. Avoid Driving: Come on, guys. Do we really need to mention this one?
  6. Know Your Limits: Be the cool kid on the dance floor, not at the bong. Go slow, and stop when you’ve had enough.

While there can be some adverse side effects, it’s not all treacherous! Potent strains can offer some righteous benefits, as well. Many users report being immersed in blissful euphoria, happiness, and a state of calm that only monks should be able to achieve. Potent cannabis strains can also enhance creativity, bestowing artists with an extra dose of inspiration and daring! As for these strains’ medicinal benefits, users claim that they have the propensity to alleviate pain, boost one’s mood, and increase appetite, although further research is needed in these regards. 

Cultivating Cannabis in Parksville, British Columbia

While experienced growers likely know the ins and outs of cultivating in Parksville, we’re here to give the newbies a few tips!

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The best tips and tricks for how to cultivate marijuana plants outdoors.
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Cultivating Outdoors

Parksville’s coastal climate is generally considered perfect for marijuana cultivation, as the city doesn’t experience much harsh weather.  A variety of strains would be thrilled to bask in its sunny summers, but growers might need to be a little more attentive if they plan on cultivating during the winter’s rainy season. 

  1. Efficient Seed Strains: Select cannabis strains that are forecasted to thrive in Parksville’s climate. Online seed banks, like Growers Choice Seeds, offer a variety of strains to browse through, each with its defined optimal growing conditions. This makes it easy for cultivators to determine which strains will thrive and which might not. 
  2. Purchase from Reputable Sources: It’s imperative to select viable, high-quality cannabis from trustworthy seed banks so that your cultivation efforts are not in vain. Highly-rated online seed banks, like Growers Choice Seeds, can be a great way to ensure your seeds are quality, the resulting plants are healthy, and your buds are as dense and resinous as can be. 
  3. When to Plant: Timing is crucial. Planting your seeds in late spring or early summer rarely goes wrong in climates like Parksville. This allows your marijuana plants to benefit from the long, sunny days of summer.
  4. Protection from Weather: Since Parksville experiences occasional rainfall in the winter months, it can be a safe bet to use a greenhouse or fabric row covers to protect your amazing cannabis plants from rain and potential mold. 
  5. Air Circulation: On the topic of mold, it’s important to make sure your plants get good air circulation so moisture does not build up, leading to mildew and nasty mold. 
  6. Most Importantly: Have fun!

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