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Surrounded by parks, forests, orchards, and vineyards, Kelowna is a picturesque city in southern British Columbia. Below, residents of Kelowna can learn more about general cannabis knowledge, seed varieties, popular strains, and gardening recommendations.

What is Cannabis?

Cannabis is a cannabinoid drug from one of three marijuana plants— Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis. Often referred to by a variety of nicknames such as weed, marijuana, or pot—this highly-coveted substance has been used for both its psychoactive and therapeutic effects for centuries. 

Seeds, specifically, are required to cultivate your own small garden for personal use. Each seed contains all the genetic information required to grow an entirely new plant. As such, the seeds you purchase will play a large role in the ultimate potency, and general quality of your cannabis plants. In short, a healthy seed improves the odds of a healthy plant.  

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Cannabis in Kelowna, British Columbia

Recreational marijuana laws in British Columbia state that adults age 19 and above may buy, use, possess, or grow cannabis for recreational purposes in British Columbia. They may also carry amounts of cannabis up to 30 grams (dried) in public. 

Additionally, growing cannabis is permitted in British Columbia, and therefore Kelowna. Adults may grow up to four plants per household for non-medial use. Residents of Kelowna can also obtain cannabis products through local, licensed dispensaries. Or, if they’d prefer to grow their own plants, can start the gardening process by obtaining high-quality seeds from a reputable establishment—either locally or through a highly-rated online seed bank. 

Typically, the best online seed banks will provide a broad selection of high-quality strains. Successful germination is key for any grower; therefore, it’s important to purchase from a bank whose seeds are backed by a 90% germination guarantee. Additionally, the bank should provide in-depth profiles for each of its strains —from its effects and characteristics to its flowering time, and more. 

Selection of Strains

There are numerous strains of weed seeds. If you’re entertaining the idea of cultivating plants within your residence, one of the first steps is selecting a seed strain that fits your unique tastes and preferences. There are many different factors to consider, as each strain will have its own unique set of characteristics. These include the strain’s effects, scents, flowering times, size, and more.

One of the best ways to whittle down your options is to get a sense of the following three strain varieties: indicas, sativas, and hybrid strains, respectively. You may find that one category appeals to you more than others.

The following three varieties of cannabis are some of the most popular today, yet the effects of cannabis from each variety can differ quite dramatically. Below, we cover the key characteristics and differences between sativa, indica, and hybrid strains.

Sativa Strains

Long-stemmed and elegant, the sativa plant has a number of distinct physical properties and cerebral effects. Its elongated leaves will typically have a serrated growth pattern and be fan-like in shape. Known for their energizing, cerebral uplifting effects, sativa strains are best suited to those seeking defined perceptions and a burst of mental clarity. Many report their thoughts are sharpened and their motivation is enhanced. Sativa strains can also be useful for boosting motivation and fueling creative thinking. A wide selection of sativa strains can be accessed here.

Indica Strains

Indica female plants are easily distinguishable by their short, compact stature and thick, wide leaves. When consumed, they’re known for a few hallmark effects: These include relaxing, physical properties and a pleasant sense of blissful heaviness—also known as “couch lock.” Typically, indica strains are ideal for the evening. In fact, some are so calming you may fall asleep. An excellent selection of indica strains is available here.

Hybrid Strains

Just as the name implies, hybrid strains contain a mixture of sativa and indica genetics, and therefore, a mixture of each plant’s respective qualities. Many hybrid strains will provide the mind-sharpening properties of a sativa combined with the physically calming properties of an indica.

While pure sativa and indica strains are available, the majority of today’s strains are considered to be hybrids. Typically, a strain will be classified as “indica-leaning” or “sativa-leaning” based on the specific ratio of indica and sativa lineage. For example, a strain with 70% indica to 30% sativa genetics is described as “indica-leaning.” Conversely, if the ratio is close to 50/50, a strain will likely be described as a “balanced hybrid.”

Types of Cannabis Seeds

While there are many cannabis strains in existence, there are just four primary seed categories. Below is a brief overview of these four varieties—including unique pros and cons and other distinguishing factors.

  • Feminized Cannabis Seeds: Regular marijuana seeds have a 50/50 chance of producing male and female weed plants. Feminized marijuana seeds are bred to produce only female plants. As such, none will be pollinated, and therefore, will not produce regular seeds. Instead, they will center their attention on resin production and produce higher yields.
  • Regular Cannabis Seeds: Regular strains are ideal for the experienced marijuana grower looking to experiment with breeding entirely new strains.  While they tend to have a more affordable price, they may produce less potent yields than the feminized variety. Additionally, unlike auto-flowering varieties, they are not notably fast-flowering strains and will typically grow at the normal rate.
  • Auto-flowering Cannabis Seeds: Autoflowering strains are tough, resilient, and have a shorter flowering period. In addition, they’re famously low-maintenance. In fact, they don’t require any adjustment of their light cycles at all. They also don’t necessarily require pleasant weather, as they’re famous for thriving in less-than-ideal outdoor conditions. Finally, they are typically disease and pest-resistant seed strains. All of the aforementioned qualities make auto-flowering pot seeds suitable for both outdoor growers and beginners.
  • CBD Cannabis Seeds: CBD seeds are a popular choice for those who do not want any of the psychoactive effects associated with THC. CBD—the second most common cannabinoid found in cannabis—is said to provide mental focus and clear-headedness without mind-altering effects. Strains high in CBD have a variety of applications: Many find it helps alleviate stress and boost mood, while in general, high-CBD and low-THC female plants are fantastic strains for those seeking soothing properties.

Legalization of Marijuana in North America

Changing laws and attitudes towards cannabis have a number of benefits. Below, provide a glimpse into local laws and recreational cannabis culture.

Benefits of Legalizing Cannabis Medicinally and Recreationally

Through The Cannabis Act, Canada’s Government legalized and regulated the possession, distribution, product, and more of cannabis for adults in 2018. Canada was the first major industrialized country to provide legal, regulated access to cannabis for recreational purposes. More information is available here.

Legalizing both medical and recreational cannabis within Canada has provided relief for individuals with various medical conditions, and contributed to the economic growth of the cannabis industry. Other benefits include job opportunities, tax revenue, and a reduced strain on the criminal justice system.

Shopping for Cannabis Seeds Online

Whether you’re an experienced home grower or are simply intrigued by the world of gardening, an established, reputable online seed bank is one of the best ways to access a library of high-quality cannabis seeds. Grower’s Choice has earned a reputation for not only providing quality seeds that are backed by a 90% germination guarantee—but an extensive selection as well.

In general, a good online marijuana seed bank will provide an extensive seed library, discreet shipping, friendly customer service, excellent customer reviews, and plenty of educational information. This will include strain profiles, detailed germination guides, and information on the plant life cycle. They’ll also be backed by plenty of positive reviews, and make finding a cannabis seed strain simple and straightforward.

Finally, an online seed bank is an excellent way to ensure you can browse a truly extensive selection of strains. Having a wide range of options makes it all the more likely you can locate a strain that fits your exact personal preference. For instance, are you looking for the strongest strains? Or those with more moderate effects? Are you seeking a strain best suited to experienced growers? Or are you just learning to garden?  Are you looking for a strain with excellent yields? One that can flourish in limited space?

The list of potential questions goes on—but the bottom line is a reputable seed bank will allow you to zero in on your perfect strain in a simple, intuitive way. 

We recommend reviewing the following list and ensuring the bank you purchase from has the following qualities:

  • Affordable Prices on a Daily Basis
  • Premium cannabis genetics
  • 90 percent germination guarantee
  • Fast and discreet delivery
  • An excellent customer service team

  • Educational information including growing guides, germination guides, and in-depth strain profiles 

Strain Recommendations for Residents of Kelowna, British Columbia

Looking for a good place to start? The following list includes strains that are especially popular in British Columbia as well as Growers Choice cannabis seeds with similar qualities. 

Jean Guy Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Critical Kush Feminized Seeds

Bubba Kush Feminized Seeds

Gorilla Glue Auto-flowering Feminized Seeds

Cheese Auto-flowering Feminized Seeds

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