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Chemdog #4 Feminized 20S / 80I 18% THC Evening
Critical Mass CBD 80I / 20S 7%/7% Anytime
Critical Purple Auto-Flowering 90I / 10S 27% THC Evening

What are the cannabis laws in British Columbia?Buy Marijuana Seeds in British Columbia

Ah BC, the cannabis capital of Canada. Here in beautiful British Columbia, cannabis has become widely accepted as part of everyday life, with countless people choosing this natural alternative to pharmaceuticals to address their pain, muscle stiffness, mood disorders, and spasticity.

In BC, residents take full advantages of the generous Canadian medical marijuana laws, which permit individuals to treat their symptom or condition with cannabis prescribed by a physician.

Update: New Cannabis Laws in Canada!

You’ve probably heard the news. As of October 17, recreational cannabis is legal across Canada! While there’s still a lot to figure out and a lot of people remain concerned, ultimately, people who are the age of majority are free to consume marijuana in their homes. But what about growing?

You can grow your own cannabis at home now! How cool is that? Specifically, anyone over the age of 19 is allowed to grow up to four plants (per household, not per person). There are some restrictions around this new rule, though. For instance, you can’t have your plants visible from a park, street, sidewalk or school. If you rent your place or live in a condo, you might also be restricted – they do have the right to do that. So make sure you check out the laws but – ultimately – happy growing! Get your seeds from Growers Choice today to start experiencing the benefits of natural medicine!

Find weed seeds in British Columbia

At Growers Choice, you’ll find 21 premium strains of cannabis seeds, all of them reliably feminized, which is great news for both the new and established cannabis gardener. Of our 21 strains, 11 are regular, seven are auto-flowering, and three are high-CBD, which means they contain very low levels of THC and do not cause a psychoactive high.

What does cannabis taste like?

Different cannabis strains have different tastes; in fact, the variation between flavours (in this case speaking of smoking or vaporizing) is so great, there is no one easy answer to this question. Many people who don’t use cannabis equate the taste with the smell they might catch walking by a house or car where someone is smoking marijuana, but if one is using low-quality cannabis the smell will be much less pleasant than high quality flowers like those you could grow at home from Growers Choice cannabis seeds.

Some cannabis strains, like Diesel, have a fuel-like taste, while others – like Blueberry Auto-Flowering – have a sweet, fruity flavour. Still others may have citrus, pepper, or “earthy” undertones that are more or less notable depending on how the bud is consumed.

When used in baking, such as the ubiquitous pot brownie, you often will not taste the cannabis at all, though again this depends on the strain used and the other flavours in the treat.


Compare Our Cannabis Seed Strains

Jack Herer 55S / 45I 18% THC Daytime
Jack Herer 55S / 45I 18% THC Daytime
Amnesia 90S / 10I 20% THC Daytime

Can I grow cannabis outside in BC?

In British Columbia, you can germinate your cannabis seeds and plant them outdoors. Though it’s not the ideal climate, since the plants are more used to dry, sunny locales, with a bit of effort it is possible to get an impressive yield from the right strains. Here are three cannabis seed strains that should do fine growing outdoors in BC:

  1. Cheese Auto-Flowering
  2. White Widow
  3. AK Auto-Flowering

You are legally allowed to grow your prescribed cannabis plants outdoors in BC so long as you follow the rules laid out by the ACMPR, which include being away from schools and playgounds.

Cannabis Seed Delivery in BC

With Growers Choice, you can have the perfect medical cannabis seeds delivered straight to your door, and be ready to start your indoor or outdoor home garden in no time (with appropriate documentation, of course). Once you have placed your order, we hand-select your seeds and carefully package them in medical-grade glass vials. The vials go into custom plastic cases that include an insert with helpful information about the strain (though you can always go to our product description online for more details). Your order will be delivered in a discreet, unbranded envelope or box, and reach you in about a week!

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