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Spruce Grove, Alberta

One of the largest cities in Alberta, Spruce Grove is only a few miles away from the province’s capital, Edmonton. In such a prime location, the city has become a focal point for arts and culture, thanks to a renowned art gallery and a community theatre. Just like the rest of Canada, residents here can enjoy legal cannabis for recreational and medicinal purposes. As the years have gone by, cannabis acceptance has continued to increase with more and more Canadian residents embracing the green stuff and loving it!

Whether you like to light up and enjoy an evening with friends or use medical cannabis for relief from various conditions, you’re covered in Spruce Grove. Before you purchase any cannabis, it’s important to understand the laws in Canada. Once you know that, we have a whole host of tips and info for growers of all skill levels. Let’s get started!

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The advantages of growing popular marijuana seed strains in Canada
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What should I know about recreational cannabis?

In 2018, Canada’s federal government approved recreational cannabis consumption for adults. That same year, the Spruce Grove City Council approved cannabis consumption bylaws, which set regulations in place. Regarding the possession of cannabis, the provincial government has legalized it for adults over 18. Right now, the sale of edibles isn’t legal at retail locations, but there have been promises that it will happen sometime in the future.

Under the bylaws, residents can only engage in the consumption of cannabis at their private residences. Smoking, vaping, or using cannabis in any form in public is strictly prohibited. Additionally, landlords can establish condominium bylaws that prohibit renters from possessing or consuming weed on their properties. The provincial government, under direction from the national government, allows adults to cultivate up to four cannabis plants at their home, but check your condominium bylaws before growing.

How do I get medical marijuana?

Medical proponents fought tirelessly to persuade the federal government to legalize medicinal marijuana, and they got their wish in 2001 when Health Canada established a medical marijuana program. At the time, patients could only purchase medical marijuana seeds to cultivate their own plants. Luckily, since then, things have changed and Canada has set up a more traditional system where customers can visit licensed locations to choose their favorite medical strains.

Compared to other places, medical marijuana patients in Canada have more leeway. For example, they do not need a medical card to get their favorite potent cannabis strains. However, they must first be diagnosed with a qualifying condition by a physician to purchase various marijuana products from licensed producers. Also, patients aren’t required to register with Health Canada unless they plan on cultivating marijuana plants at home.

What type of marijuana seeds are available?

Which level of grower are you? Novice, intermediate, or expert? That’s important because your level can impact your choice of marijuana seeds. Growers typically choose from regular, feminized, and autoflowering marijuana seeds to make their at-home cultivation a reality!

Regular Seeds

Regular weed seeds are a top option for experienced growers since there is a level of difficulty with them in cultivating customized strains. These seeds are in their natural state, so they have a 50/50 chance of yielding male and female plants. That allows cultivators to choose two fantastic strains and cross one male and one female from each to develop their own strain. These seeds are a top choice for cannabis breeders since cultivating a unique strain offers control over potency, terpene profile, and more.

Although regular seeds are awesome, Growers Choice doesn’t carry them. But, don’t fret, we have other great options to serve your cultivation needs!

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The obvious reasons for selecting high-quality feminized seeds
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Feminized Seeds

When you’re looking for some nice feminized seeds, Growers Choice has you covered! Through a feminization process, breeders have cultivated these weed seeds meticulously to remove male DNA. Consequently, you have a 99.9% chance of producing only female plants. For novice growers, these seeds are perfect for entry-level cultivation since they don’t have to worry about accidental cultivation or wasting money by throwing away unnecessary male plants.

Female seeds produce smokable buds that you can enjoy. Pincher’s Creek feminized seeds yield up to 650 grams of cannabis per plant, which users enjoy for its uplifting, focused, and euphoric effects. Plus, with its beautiful sativa effects, this strain is best enjoyed for daytime use for a burst of energy.

Autoflowering Seeds

Do you want fast-flowering seeds? Autoflowering is your answer since these non-photoperiod seeds don’t depend on a light cycle to transition from the vegetative to the flowering stage. As a result, you can typically expect your plants to be ready for harvest after about 7-9 weeks of flowering. Additionally, growers can enjoy multiple harvests in a single season.

When you purchase from Growers Choice, you get the luxury of autoflowering feminized seeds that yield buds that you can smoke like Rainbow Kush autoflowering seeds. The flowers feature a range of bold colors, as well as a fruity, citrusy flavor that acts like a shot of coffee!

Difference Between Indica and Sativa

One of the most important questions that cannabis users consider is whether to choose a heavy-hitting sativa or a heavy-hitting indica dominant strain. Yes, the struggle is real!

Sativa strains are well-renowned for the surge of energy they provide to consumers. They offer upliftment and boosting properties that can help smokers enjoy more focus and concentration. Many types of sativa strains offer a sense of euphoria and can be used as a social strain when you’re having a get-together. Since you get that boost of energy, the best time of day for these strains is morning for some wake-and-bake action!

For deep relaxation, indica comes to the rescue! These strains are renowned for releasing tension and stress to help you kick up your feet and enjoy increased body relaxation. With an especially potent strain, you can use indica to reach unparalleled depths of couch lock for a Netflix and chill type of relaxing evening! As the cannabis smoke swirls around you, you’ll notice how you feel sleepier and sleepier, so add this to your bedtime routine for a restful night of slumber!

Power of Hybrids

Sometimes you just can’t choose between indica or sativa, so thankfully, hybrids are a reality, which comes in indica-dominant, sativa-dominant, and well-balanced options. You can also choose hybrids that slightly lean more one way than the other. For example, a bedtime/nighttime indica-leaning strain will deeply relax you but might also provide some energizing smoke before you fall asleep! 

Indica-Dominant Strains

Indica-dominant hybrid strains are the ideal way to relax and de-stress as a perfect nightcap. Although it’s relaxing, you still get some upliftment and focus from the sativa side. Platinum GSC offers a feeling of euphoria and relaxation in a pungent strain, equally used by recreational and medicinal consumers.

Sativa-Dominant Strains

A sativa-dominant can be just what you need when you want some energy and focus that is tempered by some relaxation and bliss. Raspberry Cough provides an invigorating cerebral buzz that helps users achieve clarity and enhanced focus with a tantalizing aroma that smells like fresh, ripe raspberries.

Balanced Hybrid Strains

When you’re looking for an uplifting relaxation session, you need the best of both worlds, which is a balanced hybrid strain. One easy-growing evenly balanced hybrid is Bay 11. This wonderful all-day strain is extremely potent, making it fantastic for medicinal users to experience uplifting, calming, and soothing effects.

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Growers Choice offers customers the top cannabis seed brands on the market
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How to Choose Quality Cannabis

If you’re looking to grow quality cannabis, spend a bit of time perusing original reviews from customers to make an informed choice. Since there are dozens of premium strains around, make sure you do your due diligence ahead of time to get the best weed seeds from a reputable seed bank.

An award-winning strain like Sensi seeds is a long-time favorite and has been viewed as one of the top strains for a reason. Sensi Star is a balanced cannabis strain when it comes to its aroma and taste. Overall, it’s a classic evening strain that’s perfect for a nighttime smoke!

Choose Your Seed Bank

As you search for seeds for sale, a name that you’re sure to come across is Growers Choice. That’s because we’re one of the best in the game when it comes to high-quality, cost-effective hemp seeds. Not only are our seeds premium, but we offer a germination guarantee, so you can feel confident that you are getting the best of the best. With our wide range of marijuana seeds, there’s a choice of strain for every grower.

On top of all this good news, we have a well-trained staff of customer service reps who are ready and able to answer your questions and address your concerns. Plus, you can count on our seeds to ship quickly and discreetly anywhere since we offer worldwide shipping. Between our great prices, a wide range of strains, knowledgeable staff, and fast shipping, there’s no other choice besides Growers Choice for a first-class guest experience!

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